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Arrow Just The Workouts ~JULY 2021~*Everyone is Welcomed!*

July 2021

This month I'm keeping those high rep/low weight workouts in the mix from seeing some positivity these last 3 months as well as maybe doing more low impact stuff. Workouts will reflect how my painful joints are feeling on a day to day basis. (Arthritis flare-up got way worse after my Pfizer shots with excess inflammation, which I’m finally figuring out and dealing with that for the past 1.5 months… by now, the warmer temps would have eliminated the flare-ups normally). Also I'm keeping a log of my calorie intake (got away from it since January!). Meditation daily unless specified.

28- 1.5 hours Mow Max/Yard Work
29- YT Mady Morrison (15 Min. Booty Burn/Best Home Workout for your Butt/No Squats/Day 5); Mady (Yoga Morning Routine… - in German=10min.); Mady (Yoga Flow… - in German=17 min.); Mady (Back Pain Relief Stretches=10 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga (while playing Mady's Back Pain Relief Music <3)
30- KCM Home Gym Intervals (Elliptical/core work instead of weight work 1.20 miles; Heather's 10 Min. Standing Abs instead of KCM's weight work); Jari Love GER 1000 Hardcore (Weights only premix=35 min.); Extra stretching

1 - Yvette Fit #51 (60 Min. Moderate Impact Cardio Kickboxing); YT Mady Morrison (15 min. Booty Burn...); Mady (Back Pain Relief Stretches) Yvette's was so fun and it felt great working out with her!! I kept it all low impact with the kickboxing moves (and lots of KICKS which I loved). This was a good pick since it included maybe 1? bodyweight exercise holding plank. All standing otherwise until the 46 min. mark where I was all set to stop (where cardio ends) but my hip was feeling pretty good so I finished with Yvette with the floor core/ankle weighted booty work/core stability ball work. I added on Mady's Booty workout for a finisher which was great. That one pretzel-type move is really tough to lift your foot (and hands!) off the floor in pretzel position! So, that's why my obliques were so sore from Tuesday's workout!! I couldn't figure out what I did since I didn't do any core work! Added on her stretch which always feels fabulous.
2 - PT Day! Winsor Buns & Thighs; Michelle's Yin Yoga; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches); a few PT exercises
3 - KCM 30 MTF Cardio Pump (Interval Pump = 52 min.); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches 2 x) My favorite premix on CP which is a circuit of k/b then weights for each body part. I used 8's, 10's, & 12's today and did more reps than Kelly. I still had some kinks in my back, so I did Mady's stretch twice. That's better!
4 - HAPPY 4th!! Rest Day

5 - Olivia Lawson (40 Min. No Repeat Wrist Friendly All Standing Cardio HiiT Workout); Olivia Lawson (10 min. Inner Thigh Workout at Home//Tone, Tighten, & Lose Thigh Fat); Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches); Michelle's Yin Yoga I needed more of a w/u for Olivia's first workout so I did more w/u exercises while she stretched. This workout is great! Perfect for all standing work and this is truly HiiT with a :50/:15 format with some high impact and some low impact moves with :15 rests. I jumped on my rebounder for moves I didn't like or was iffy for my hip (i.e. those touch downs to the floor while putting a jump in, I just touched my step. Also the jumping on one leg, I alternated legs so it wasn't so much weight on my wonky hip). An excellent core workout as well! Added on her 10 min. inner thigh workout which was AWESOME and a great little finisher. The format is :40/:10 and there's about 2 min. of standing exercises (as a w/u) then all floor work. Unfortunately, Olivia forgets the side leg lifts on the R leg, so I added it on the end. Love what the title claims, but I highly doubt doing this workout would do what it implies (the latter part of the title anyway), no matter how many times it's done. But the floor work is very similar to Winsor B&T and I'm considering adding this workout in every week this month in place of B&T. (Getting a little burnt out on B&T!). Stretched it all out with Mady & Michelle. Great cal burn today!
6 - LITE Pyramid Pump (TS Upper Body & 6 Pack Abs #1 Premix=54 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga; Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches); Mow Max/Yard Work 1.5 hours PP is not my favorite weight workout...just too much up/down (at least this UB premix) and prep time (with the ball) and with so many weight changes. A very effective workout but not a favorite. I matched Cathe's weights for the first time (usually go heavier) but sometimes I added more reps if I was ahead of her pace. I also wore my 2# wrist weights, well... I guess I didn't actually match Cathe's weights then, LOL. (7#'s, 10's, 12's, & 14's).
7 - Yvette Fit #70 60 Min. Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing (42 min.); IDT (Easeful Journey - Mychal - 20 min.) I wanted a short, fun, low impact cardio workout and remembered this was a fun class that fit the criteria! Ending at the 36 min. water break, I FF'd to her IT band stretch (which was great but she doesn't hold them long enough for my liking. I skipped more k/b cardio, abs, & some weight work with 5# which I didn't need to do today since all were done earlier this week). I favorited Yvette's workout and need to remember it's a real goodie for low impact, k/b fun, and doesn't take a lot of energy. I've been feeling guilty not using my IDT sub, so this new class by Mychal was on the first page so I didn't have to look very far! This was a great gentle class - more restorative with lots of inner thigh and groin stretches. Includes wide leg fold w/ blocks under forehead, Deer pose, Frog pose, and Malasana (Yogi Squat). Perfect for someone with wrist and hip limitations. Great choice and my hips feel good this morning! <3
8 - Olivia Lawson (3000 Steps in 20 Min./Fat Burning Walking Workout @ Home); Olivia (10 min. Inner Thigh Workout @ Home/Tone, Tighten & Lose Thigh Fat); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); ETA: 1.25 hours yard work @ DS’ condo I wanted some easy movement before my PT exercises and this was great. Format is :50/:10 and sometimes I put in more steps throughout and added arms where she doesn't. I noticed she was off beat somewhat in this but she mentions she doesn't play the music while she filmed the workout. I haven't noticed this in any other of her workouts but it may be b/c it's a walking workout. It still made me sweaty and I got to do it barefoot. Adding on her Inner Thigh workout again (in place of Winsor B&T) and added the R side leg lifts at the end that she forgets and as always, I need to count the reps on each side.
9 - KCM 30 MTF Strong & Lean (Workout 1 - Weights only); KCM 30 MTF Sculpting Rx (Workout 2); Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches) S&L alternates using the BB, DB's, & Tubing for each body part (not much for legs) but I just used 10's & 12's DB's and the tubing. I did use the FW band for those side to side walks where your feet are in the tubing...I was barefoot and the tubing would not feel good! Added on Workout 2 of SRx which I love! I really like Kelly's creativity in this workout and how she includes so many standing core exercises. Today I used my 5's and 8's as there was an exercise where my hand was aching using the 8. I did the floor core work today too (usually skip it) but I had the time. Sweaty workout and I was in the FB zone for 43 min. today.
10- KCM Home Gym Intervals (Workout 2 - Using Elliptical, interspersing JNL Ab Shredder during the weight work); Five Parks Yoga (No Frills 20 min. Morning Yoga Class); Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches) Great elliptical sweatfest and using JNL core work throughout was awesome. Doing this core workout so often back in the day, I have it memorized, so I knew what exercises to do when getting off my elliptical. Worked great and to add to the "awesome" fun factor, I muted Kelly and put on my Switchfoot "The Beautiful Letdown" cd. It was timed just right that the song "On Fire" came on when I needed to c/d. Ha, probably will never happen that way again! I was planning to do a longer FPY class but my SIL was coming to use my gym so I randomly picked a shorter class and didn't have time to preview. It was very flowy but it felt so WONDERFUL to do power yoga again!!! (My body still had the remains of my Aleve PM last night, so it wasn't too awfully painful with my kneeling mats under my hands). Great class but she really didn't stretch much after she went to the floor, so I added Mady's stretch. Great cal burn today and got in cardio/core/yoga! Actually, I got in TONS of core work this week which is rare for me!
11- Rest Day Jessica Valant Pilates (10 min. Hip Stretches-Perfect for Tight Hip Flexors and Hamstrings); Mady's (Back Relief Stretches) Nothing new in JV's w/o that I haven't been doing, so that's good to know. This one was kind of echoey and a bit hard to understand her sometimes.

12- Yvette Fit #123 (60 Min. Stability Ball Kickboxing Bootcamp); Mady's (Back Pain Relief Stretches-2x) Now what was I saying about Y's workouts not being very challenging lately? Scratch that! This was non-stop cardio and plenty challenging for my limitations and so much fun! She uses a Stability ball for the cardio and core work (TONS of core work!) and I tried to keep it low impact but I was having so much fun and did the high impact version probably more often than I should have. She works shoulders with 5's, 8's, & 10's and sometimes combining it with core and leg work. That one exercise - sitting on the ball with outstretched arms holding weights and lifting one leg off ball - holy!! Great balance work! I recognized quite a few Cathe moves in this one (more than usual) but no complaints, as I loved the ones she chose!! Great cal burn today! This w/o deserved Mady's stretch done twice, LOL.
13- Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Wrist Friendly All Standing HiiT Workout/No Repeat/No Jumping-actually 36 min.); Olivia (10 Min. Inner Thigh Workout At Home/Tighten, Tone & Lose Thigh Fat); Mady's (Back Pain Relief Stretches); ETA: 1.0 hrs Mow Max/Yard work trying to miss the spotty showers-I did! I really liked Olivia's workout and was perfect for my hip & wrist issues and was a sweaty one...not HiiT, just intervals with a :50/:10 format. On a few side lateral moves, I added my FW band. Love these all standing cardio workouts! Today during her Inner Thigh workout, I grabbed my FW band for the leg press out-type moves. Felt great to stretch it out with Mady from all those standing donkey kicks in Olivia's workout!
14- Cathe Perfect 30 (Mosh Mosh UB/LB premix=54 min.); Jessica Valant (Hip Pain Relief 10 Min. Exercises for Hip Pain!); Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relef Stretches) I liked this Jessica a lot more and the volume issues were much better. I could hardly lift my wonky leg with my foot pointed down!//My laptop charger bit the dust, so I am posting less often as possible until my new charger comes, since I hate typing on my iPad!
15- Cathe P30 (Mobility), Travis’ Short & Sweet #1 Sometimes more flowy yoga practices are better for my hip/hands when there’s not much posture holding. Missed this DVD so much!
16- KCM 30 MTF Build & Burn (KB/k/b Fusion); Cardio Core (Cardio Core with UB intervals); Jessica Valant (Hip Pain Relief…); Mady (Back Pain Relief stretches) It’s been since 2018 since I did this KCM!!! My fav w/o of this set is the KB/k/b and it didn’t disappoint today although is a little too short for my liking. Adding on the CC premix was perfect for my limitations right now and doing the UB mixed in was great! I didn’t think much about the UB as a stand alone w/o when I did it previously, but filling in with the cardio was the ticket to not have so much downtime. Loved it! Awesome little dust bunny today!
17- Yvette Fit #117 Poolside Cardio Core Lower Body Workout (37 min.); P90X3 (Dynamix); Mady's (Back Pain Relief stretches) Yvette is poolside and doing this from my iPad and the excruciating noise of the CRICKETS that were picked up on the mic(!)...Ugh, well, I just had to mute the whole thing, play my own music and follow along. Ended up stopping at the 37 min. mark where she takes a break. I was agitated so stopping was a good idea b/c I LOVED revisiting Dynamix!!! Such a great workout---and was totally reminded after having done Cathe's Mobility so often, how many exercises are similar....Dynamix is more flowy and Cathe's is more static stretches but very similar exercises. And Tony is just a hoot! I always sing along with him during the Polka Stretch (or whatever he calls it) and am smiling a lot and he managed to put me in a good mood./I thought I'd try the chiropractor today and he cracked both hips & my upper back which made me feel wonderful everywhere but still the hip pain is present (wasn't planning on a miracle here)! I'm still hoping it subsides with the help of all these PT stretches and a cleaner Mediterranean diet.
18- Rest Day

19- YT Body Pump 117 (53 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief stretches I am no longer subscribed to LMOD, so I found this on YT...(Jsonchiew channel)...he must be a former LM instructor since it was REALLY like a LM Pump workout with (loud, great) music and superb cueing. He even includes the track list. There's only one other workout posted, so I'm hoping he'll do lots more. Excellent Pump workout!
20- KCM 30 MTF Home Gym Intervals (Combined w/o 1 & w/o 2; Bonus Abs = 55 min.); Jessica Valant (Hip Pain Relief...); Mady's (Back Pain Relief stretches); Michelle's Yin Yoga Today I decided to use the TM in place of the elliptical and with leg/hip pain, just walked really slow but upped the incline to 10-15. It felt awesome! In place of Kelly's weight work, I did standing abs via Heather or JNL (or KCM. That was the first time for trying her Bonus Abs)...I hope to remember these exercises to replace weights during this workout! Love making this workout work for me. Good cal burn today.
21- Rest Day Went grocery shopping early and thought my hip could use a rest.
22- SS Shape It Up; Michelle's Yin Yoga All this SS talk and felt compelled to pull out one! This is such a great total body workout! I used my wrist weights for all (that initial standing work with a lot of unweighted arms was a great burner). I used 3's, 5's, & 8's + my 2# wrist weights & ankle weights (for the floor work). I was planning on stopping at the floor work, but kept going....I was reminded of the great PT lower body exercises that are included in this. My poor hip/leg was really protesting so I took the ankle weight off for most. Funny, I could go on and on with the other leg/hip! I do this w/o with no music (play my own pretty loud) so most of her annoying breathing is muted. Great dust bunny workout today!
23- My own w/u; Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Fun & Sweaty Indoor Fast Walking Workout/Burn over 300 calories/2 miles-no c/d); Olivia Lawson (10 min. Inner Thighs Workout); Jessica Valant (Hip Pain Relief) I LOVED Olivia's workout!! So fun and so sweaty is right! I sweated more with this w/o in 30 min. than I did yesterday's 78 min. workout (granted SIU isn't a true cardio workout...but still). There is little w/u, so I did my own and I skipped the c/d stretch, so not sure how thorough that is. I really enjoyed this class...she really moves!! And so many arm movements - my 1# wrist weights were plenty!! I did burn 338 calories, but that was after all my add-ons. Still a fantastic (can be barefoot) workout to get some easy cardio in to start your day!
24- Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); IDT E-Motion (30 min. - Byron); 30 min. yard work while DS mowed for me Cathe's stretch felt so great today and while doing her quad stretches, I realized I am still super sore in the quads from SIU floor work on Thursday!!! Byron's yin-like class was mostly floor stretches which felt great today, although I could have done without his comment while we were standing doing a backbend: "Touch the nipples to the sun"...ooookkkaayy.... I am really enjoying my music-only stretches lately! :0)
25- Rest Day

26- Heather Robertson Glow Up Challenge//Day 4 Upper Body Tone & Sculpt Workout=47 min.; Heather Robertson Sculpted Upper Body/Dynamic & Isometric Workout (sans w/u=35/40 min.); Mady's (Back Relief Stretches) I totally LOVED this Heather Glow Up workout!! This is a superb high rep/low weight workout that is no-nonsense, straight up upper body workout!! Maybe I liked it so much b/c it is all standing until the last circuit - then she does floor chest, tricep, and back work. There is also some plank work earlier but I held forearm planks; and for the Renegade rows, I did standing regular rows. The format is :40/:10 with 2 UB circuits x 2 rounds; Heather uses all 5's; I used 5's & 8's (mostly 8's but 5's for most of the shoulder work) and next time probably could use my wtd. wrist weights as well. It really didn’t seem repetitive for having 2 rounds since there is so many different exercises. Adding on her Dynamic workout really gave me that UB fry-out session! I really like this workout too - 2nd time for this one and remembered it was good. I used 8's but had to drop to 5's for those Tricep Squeezes, holy! as my arms were toast by then. Some exercises were in the first workout also but what a total burn for the UB! This is a :30/:10 format x 3 Rounds w/ 8 Supersets and a great stretch at the end, but I still needed Mady's back stretches for more. Fab Fat Burning workout and high calorie burn for very little cardio!
27- Yvette Fit #26 60 Min. Kickboxing/Heavy Legs Workout; Heather Robertson (Inner & Outer Thigh Toning Workout//Low Impact, No Equipment - 19 min. w/o w/u); Mady's Back Relief Stretches
Jane, you had me at "a moderate Yvettte and lots of kicks!" This was a fun one! It felt good to use heavier weights than I had in a while. First half is more higher impact than the second half (which I appreciated) and loved the many kicks. My acid reflux was acting up (thought enough time had passed with breakfast and my hair appt., but obviously not). :/ There was one move in there I wasn't quite sure about her "looks" like a side lunge but Yvette mentioned working the quads while pulsing her 15# weight...? I just did side lunges with the 15 to the opposite ankle. (I need to work inner thighs more than I do quads). ;0) Anyway, a sweaty one for sure! Heather's was a great little finisher...some functional fitness, some PT, some holding poses all wrapped up in an effective non-weighted inner/outer thigh workout. Loved it! Format is :30/:10 but there is no countdown clock which I sorely missed! Mady's stretch to stretch it out. Side note: Usually I don't do a workout on hair day, but I needed a good calorie burn for our 36th anniversary dinner out tonight. My cal burn was over 500, so ding ding!
28- Travis's Short & Sweet #2; Jessica Valant (Hip Pain Relief...); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches; Michelle's Yin Yoga Short & Sweet it was!
29- Cathe Live #290 Total Body Fit (56 min.); Mady's Back Pain Relief Stretches This class is AWESOME!! This is all weights - no cardio and Cathe is by herself but in this one, it didn't seem much to matter to me. Only the 2nd time for me...not sure why and last time was in 2020. I LOVE the format of giant sets of these 3 Rounds: Legs, Shoulders, Bis; then another round of Legs, Tri's, Core, then another round of Legs, Chest & Back. So, Legs get worked and HOW!!! This is a very thorough (pretty high rep) total body workout and I love how Triceps get really worked directly AND indirectly. She uses hand weights, barbell, and a resistance band. I used 10's, 12's, 15's, 25, and 25 KB (sumos), wrist weights and the band. It is one of her best Live total body workouts, IMO, when you have an hour to spend on every inch of your body!
30- Mow Max/Yard Work 1.5 hours And this was plenty! Hobbling afterward. BUT, early today I thought I would go to the walk-in Orthopedic place to have my hip x-rayed to make sure the pain was nothing more than a flare-up. The Dr. said my hips look great! So I am very thankful for that!! My lower back has somewhat of an issue: "Anterolisthesis of L4 on L5" which in turn is causing my pain in my hip/leg. He didn't think it even needed addressing or further treatment - just take it easy doing workouts that focus on that area (D/L's/heavy lifting, etc). I was very happy with that answer! Also, another reason I was so glad I went is that he confirmed my theory about my flare-up getting worse after my Pfizer shots. He had 20 or so patients that experienced the same thing. I comically mentioned, "well, I'll probably start feeling better and then it'll be time for the Pfizer booster and it'll start all over again!" He said "probably!" :/ Ugh. Sigh.
31- Olivia Lawson (Fat Burning 30 Min All Standing HiiT Workout/No Repeat/No Equipment); Olivia (10 min. Inner Thigh Workout...); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); Mady's (Back Pain Relief Stretches)

Note: I am having laptop/battery? issues again, so if I go MIA, you'll know why! We think the battery is either defective or my laptop is on its' last leg....hope it's the battery!!!
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~~~ JULY ~~~

“If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results” (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

1 - Mostly a "rest" day not counting my day at the office; Yoga With Bird 20 Minute Restorative Yoga for Stress & Emotional Relief; 3,822 steps.

2 - LWR Summer Ready Challenge Day 4, Beach Cardio plus 7 Minute Glutes; walk around neighborhood; 7,482 steps.

3 - LWR Summer Challenge Day 5, Beach Cardio plus 8 minute full body sculpting; heart openers, hip stretches and inversion; 1.5 mile beach walk; 9,183 steps.

4 - The usual stretches and a nice beach walk; 6,828 steps.

5 - GYM for 15 recumbent bike, 55 minutes weight machines, 15 arc trainer and 15 treadmill; 5,549 steps.

6 - Nothing formal - too hot; 3,805 steps.

7 - LWR Summer Challenge Day 6, Beach Cardio plus 7 minute arms and abs workout; 5,811 steps.

8 - Nothing formal; 4,393 steps.

9 - Post-Elsa garden cleanup; Winsor Dynamic Sculpting Circle; 5,109 steps.

10 - Yoga With Bird Restorative Yoga for Stress; 4,304 steps.

11 - GYM for recumbent bike (45 minutes) and a quick trip through the weight machines; 5,496 steps.

12 - Walk around neighborhood; 6,314 steps.

13 - Ten minute lower body strength routine on Obe (WW app); beach walk; Yoga Booty Ballet Abs 2; 5,752 steps.

14 - GYM for 15 recumbent and 45 weight machines and dumbbells; 4,405 steps.

15 - GYM for 20/15/15 of recumbent/elliptical/treadmill; 4,866 steps.

16 - Bellyfit Shakti Warrior Free Flow; 5,028 steps.

17 - Nothing formal; 4,008 steps.

18 - GYM for 15 recumbent and 50 total body weights; 4,553 steps.

19 - LWR 10,000 Steps Walking Workout; 60 minutes gardening cleanup; 6,806 steps.

20 - Lee Holden Qigong for Healthy Digestion; GYM for 15/15/15 recumbent, elliptical and treadmill, plus 20 minutes weights for inners, outers and shoulders; 6,562 steps.

21 - Sarah Beth Yoga Deep Stretch Lower Back; 4,921 steps.

22 - Nothing formal; 4,065 steps.

23 - Rest day (cataract revision surgery); 2,631 steps.

24 - Meditative beach walk; 4,483 steps.

25 - KCM Muscle Up, workout 1; 3,803 steps.

26 - Good morning! I needed a gentle, stretchy day - my upper body was so sore from Monday's KCM workout.

27 - 20 minute lunch walk; Staycation Yoga Stretch Yin Yoga by our own Toaster (YogiBethC); 5,862 steps.

28 - 20 butt bridges; 20 minute lunch walk; Tracey Mallett Pilates Super Sculpt, Oblique & Buns Sculpt; 6,203 steps.

29 - KCM Muscle Up, workout 2 (lower body and arms); 4,433 steps.

30 - Nothing formal; 3,364 steps.

31 - Nothing formal; 3,260 steps.
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Last week of my 4-Week Clubz rotation!

28- WW Ultimate Dance Party: Cardio Club. CC was a fun workout! I found a cheap used copy from eBay, thanks T2B for the recommendation!
29- Clubz: Cardio Phase 4 + Si6: Slim & Limber. It is so hooooot here I worked out in the evening, it was impossible to do it earlier.
30- WW Ultimate Dance Party: Cardio Club + Si6: Slim & Limber.

01- Clubz: Recovery 2 + 10 Minute Stretch (My Own).
02- Masala Bhangra: Back 2 Bollywood + Si6: Slim & Limber. B2B was fun, but those basic steps did really burn my shoulders, I had to stretch them out after every block, there were three men in this one, one of them cried more than Sarina lol, nice energy.
03- Clubz: Power Phase 4 + Si6: Slim & 6pack + Slim & Limber. PP4 was HARD, segments 1 and 3 were the same (no other workout had the same segment repeated, so I was surprised), so it was a bit dreadful since it was hard, also segment 1 ended with burpees and segment 2 started with another burpee variation, that was not nice , my legs and shoulders were on fire. Anyways, I am done with my rotation! Wooohooo I tried every workout from the set, there were some I liked more than others. If I ever do today's workout again I will only do S1&2. S&6P was hard too, my Abs were screaming for mercy (I now remember why I don't do it often!), but I kind of liked it, I wished she worked the back too though.
04- Rest day. And thanks God, 'cause I am so sore today. T2B: the material in the middle of the sticks feel a bit sticky, I like using them though. Do you have Zumba sticks? Maybe those would work better, I like the padded area of them much better. I still need to try the other two workouts on the set, I liked the music of the second workout upon preview the most, they all look good though.

Active Recovery Week:

05- Active rest day. Outdoor walk with the family.
06- Josée Lavigueur: La santé par l'étirement.
07- Shopping walk // WW Ultimate Dance Party: Easy Grooves (in the P.M.) + Si6: Slim & Limber. AMD, I finally spent my birthday money
08- Trudie Styler: Cardio Dance Flow + Si6: Slim & Limber.
09- Trudie Styler: Core Strength Pilates.
10- Trudie Styler: Cardio Dance Flow + Bonus Foam Roll Stretch.
11- Rest day.

Killer Body Rotation

Week 1:

12- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1 + Perfect in Ten Stretch: Hips & Legs. I liked KB&T a lot, nice workout! I only used 8s for the deadlift, and one 8 for the second round of plies calf raiser, I also thought to use 1lb ankle weights for the floor work, but didn't, then regretted it since the floor work which was circuit 3 was easy, so I put them on for circuit 4, next time I will put them for circuit 3 and 4, I also used my bosu for glute bridge, mountain climbers and plank to low squats, I thought it was a fun workout, circuit 1 was the more challenging for me, and circuit 3 the easiest, all in all, I enjoyed it all, and I was dreapping sweat.
13- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 1 + Perfect in Ten Stretch: Upper Body, Back & Hips + Hips & Legs. KA&B was fun and sweaty! I used a pair of 3, 5 and 8. I used 8 for rows, concentrate curls, and the first round of bicep to hammer to reverse curl combo, second round I dropped to 5s, for the rest I used 3s for shoulders moves and 5s for the rest. Again I used my bosu for one arm burpee, I didn't think I could do this, but I gave it a try and it wasn't that bad using the bosu, I also used it for plank jacks.
14- Disco Abs: Get Funky Cardio + XTFMax: Stretch. GFC was so much fun!!!!! I bought two Disco Abs DVDs after seen Dancing Queen doing them so much, I remembered a thread here about them saying they were good and fun, I agree! I love XTFMax Stretch because it holds the stretches for long, it is nice and relaxing, just what I needed.
15- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1 + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. Again, I did circuit 1 and 2 as last Monday. But, this time, I used the 1lb ankle weights for circuit 3 and 4 as planned, and it was definitely more challenging.
16- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 1 + Perfect in Ten Stretch: Upper Body, Back & Hips. I upped my weights for a couple of exercises, and kept the rest the same, still used my bosu for the one arm burpees and the plank jacks combo.
17- JM's Killer Abs Level 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber. KA was fun and sweaty and very doable. I used my bosu for the plank jacks to moguls combo, and plank knee to elbow combo, I also used my sliders for the plank to pike exercise since my shoes are not slippery at all. I literally fell down in the first round of static lunge with crunch, after I fell she said don't forget to separate your feet to not fall... I was like... it is too late Jillian! Why didn't you tell me before?!
18- Rest day.

Week 2:

19- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1 + MMWB: Short and Sweaty + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. I killed my workout today, I did the whole first circuit weighted, I used 8s for everything except for deadlifts which I upped to 12s, I also could hold my one leg chair squat without dropping my other foot at all, again I used ankle weights for circuit 3 and 4, I then added in a 10 minute walk, followed by a good stretch. Feeling stronger today.
20- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 1 + Step 360: Cardio Explosion + Pi10 Stretch: Upper body, Back & Hips. Upped my weights a bit today, 1 used 12 for one arm row and side lunge with one arm concentrated curl, 3s for chair squats with lateral raise and punch pull, 5s for triceps (she does a lot of reps in this one), lying shoulder extension to chest press (I am scared to go heavier on this one because of my shoulder) and crunch chest fly to triceps overhead extension combo, I used 8s for the rest, even for the three way curl combo which I had to lower my weight last week for the second round! I used my bosu for the 360 cardio workout, which was only 10 minutes long, and followed it with a good stretch.
21- Disco Abs: Get Funky Cardio + XTFMax: Stretch.
22- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 1 + XTFMax: Stretch. I used the same weights than last Monday.
23- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 1 + Pi10 Stretch: Upper body, Back & Hips. Upped my weights for two exercises today: lying shoulder extension to chest press and crunch chest fly to triceps overhead extension combo, used 8s instead of 5s for both, I also increased my push ups for both rounds and they are done after the one arm burpees! I kept the weight for the other exercises the same as last Thursday.
24- JM's Killer Abs Level 1 + Totally Cool Step 2 (25 mins.) + XTFMax: Stretch. Two weeks of level 1 completed! I tried TCS2 to see how long I could go this time just for fun, the first time I tried it years ago, I got lost in the warm up and I never tried it again until now... Well, I did the warm up this time just fin! So, I kept going, I stopped it at ten minutes, and watched the tutorial for the first three combos, and went back again from the beginning, and did again for 15 minutes, it wasn't perfect, but I got some of the steps right, there is hope! The music is great in this one.
25- Rest day.

Week 3:

26- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 2 + Stretch Max: Stability Ball Stretch. L2 was HARD!!! And I only used 5s. There was a lot of work on one leg, and plyo moves, the good thing is they were done at a control pace; she also did a single leg bridge on the chair, with leg extended, then she said you should be getting a cramp right there in your hamstring, well I can confirm that for sure, I was glad when the workout was over.
27- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 2 + Totally Cool Step 2 (15 mins.) + Stretch Max: Resistance Band Stretch. Another tough workout, very good, but not fun as L1, at least for me. I had to modify one exercise, bicep curl to superman, how can you curl in superman position?? It was impossible for me, I just did regular bicep curls with my 8s. I used 3s, 5s and 8s on this one.
28- Gilad's Step Aerobics + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex.. SA was awesome! Fun and challenging without complicated steps, thanks Gilad! I used a 6" step, great workout! This is my first Gilad DVD, and I just got it today.
29- JM's Killer Buns & Thighs Level 2 + Ariel Shepley's 16 Minute Stretch Flow to Open Up Tight Hips. Great combo! I used my 10lb weighted vest for the first circuit, which consisted of fast squats, surrenders, sumo squats (I also grabbed a 6lb soft medicine ball for the second round of sumo squats), single leg squat to knee up, and jumping squats (three hops back and forth), I used the 6lb med ball for the statue of liberty move which also worked my grip (last time I used a 5 pound db), and I also used the WV for the knee up to reverse lunge on the high step, I used my bosu for the single leg burpee, but did the regular version for the burpee to superman extension, tough workout, as last Monday, I had to pause a couple of time to take a breather and shake those legs !
30- Unplanned rest day. Fell asleep at around 6 - 7 a.m.
31- JM's Killer Arms & Back Level 2 + Killer Abs Level 2 + XTFMax: Stretch. Killer combo! I got both done since I wanted to be free tomorrow. Today I used my Workout 180 for the first circuit, so I put my dumbbells on it, did the burpees to row, plank with triceps extensions, kneeling bicep curls (my modification for the superman to bicep curl combo), and dips, it was still challenging, but less dreadful. I did better today with the bear crawls and crab crawls. KAL2 was fun! I used some other equipment (like: one clubz, mini stability ball and my Corebar, plus light hand weights ) than just dumbbells, still did the same movement, it was fun adding in other fitness toys. Done with week three!
01- Rest day.
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July~ my favorite month

I’m going to attempt a rotation ~ Epic Heat. I’ll probably add in some extra cardio/core days but I’m going to try to stay somewhat on track with the way Caroline has it set up. Seems like the workouts run about 30-40 minutes w/o a warm-up so I’ll have time to add in some cardio or yoga or not if I don’t have the time.

1. Rest I planned to start after I got home from work today but I unexpectedly had a really hectic day and I was just too tired.
2. Yvette Fit #119 Cardio/Plank (25 min) + EH Uncomplicated Complexes Legs (1)
3. EH 9 min full body warmup and Superior Shoulders (2)
4. Yvette Fit #102 45 min All out Kickboxing My legs are still totally sore from Friday’s workout so I’m hoping this loosens everything up. I definitely had to squat a lot shallower today.
5. Imax 4 w/u and segments 1-5 + Epic Heat day 4 Full Body Fuse Today should have been day 3 which is another lower body workout but I’m just starting to be able to easily pick up things I dropped so I thought I’d switch days around. I did Imax 4 (2 risers) since I needed my step for EH and it was a good choice, not particularly hard but sweaty. I was pretty impressed with today’s workout. Caroline really packs a lot in in 35 minutes. Upon preview it looked repetitive but it moved quickly. The exercise structure is 40 sec/20 sec/40 sec/20 sec rest. The two 40 sec exercises are the same. Starts off standing with a hip band, moves into hip trusts that repeat four times. I only used a weight for the first round. Upper body was tough, renegade rows and staggered push-up burpees with a swing. Chest press, tricep push-ups, I did those on my knees! She really burns you out. Funny how much of a cardio factor the upper body part of the workout had, probably because she loves those burpees so much.
6. W/U Yvette fit #122 10 min + EH day 3 Depleted lower body + Lilly Sabri Hourglass waist and Abs
7. Rest
8. Rest
9. Epic Heat day 5 Burpee HiiT w/ an added warm up I had to take the last two days off, but it’s always hard coming back from those two days off in a row. I really didn’t feel like working out this morning but I sucked it up. For the curious this workout is as terrible as it sounds. Caroline does a pairing of two exercises, the second one has a burpee added on somehow. Every 5th exercise is thrusters. All done 30/15. Yes there’s some easier ones mixed in, I could do the walk out push ups with the jump all day but there’s also kick out burpees and mogel like ones too.
10. EH Day 6 Chest and Triceps
11. EH Day 7 Legs
15. Nikki Carlson Hype and Tone
16. Yvette Fit #25 Cardio Kettlebell Work
17. Yvette Fit #101 Metabolic Cardio & Bodyweight Blast!!
18. Barlates HiiT Combinations and HiiT Arms and Abs
19. Rest
20. Yvette Fit 125 – 60 Minute – Killer Cardio/Strength/Core Workout This was different than Yvette’s usual formal, she called this a 3-2-1 workout. 3 minutes of cardio-six 30 sec exercises, 2 minutes of strength- one minute of 2 exercises, and 1 min core exercise. This exact circuit is repeated once and that makes a block. There are 3 blocks. Extra long stretch at the end. The workout itself goes to 59 minutes w/o the stretch. I really loved this workout, it felt really tough, especially that first block that had thruster moves in the cardio and strength sections. The strength is very metabolic and keeps the heart rate up there. There’s core exercises in the cardio too, some things blend together. AnMrsDe Yvette does your one leg up on the stability ball.
21. Rest
22. Rest
23. Gilad Step and Tone w/u and step portion + Heather Robertson 6 pack standing abs In the spirit of Slim Series and light weights I tried this newly acquired Gilad dvd. I think I did a Gilad workout once before, in the 90s, and I think he was on tv then. I remember thinking it was corny even back then. I’m 90% sure he did an air guitar in it. The rave reviews on GD pulled me in so I thought why not. It was expectedly retro, but I didn’t really notice the music which is a good thing. It reminds me of of an Leslie vhs I had that she wears weighted gloves, but I would use 3lb hand weights. It’s like the step version of that workout. I used an 8 inch step and 4 lb hand weights but I did drop to 3lb when he puts all the upper body together. Very basic step moves but somehow I had a little trouble following them because he step switches the lead every time and I’m just not used to that. It’s a solid low impact workout. I wasn’t really interested in the ab portion or lower body so I did this Heather which really had a slim series feel. A little repetitive but I liked it.
24. Yvette Fit #26 – 60 Minute – Cardio Kickboxing/Heavy Legs I’m going to call this a more moderate Yvette. Not a lot of high impact but there were actually a lot of kicks in there. I used the same weights as Yvette. It was still nice and sweaty.

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Here we go ~ July 2021

1 Rest Day
2 Stephanie Huckabee - Powerfit Harmony - Sculpt: Strong Push - 20 minutes
3 Stephanie Huckabee - Powerfit Harmony - Cardio: Move It! - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - Hip Pain Routine - 20 minutes
4 Stephanie Huckabee - Powerfit Harmony - Core: Body Balance - 20 minutes
5 Stephanie Huckabee - Powerfit Harmony - Sculpt: Strong Pull - 20 minutes
6 Therapy Exercises; Walk at Home - Classic Miles - Session 2 with Celina - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant - Scoliosis Exercises and Stretches - 18 minutes
7 Therapy Exercises; Walk at Home - Walk, Run, Lift - 1 Mile - 20 minutes; Jessica Valant - Beginner Ab Workout - 10 minutes
8 Therapy Exercises; Walk at Home - Walk, Run, Lift - 3 Miles - 45 minutes; Jessica Valant - Pilates for Scoliosis #1 - 13 minutes
9 Goof Off Day
10 Therapy Exercises; Walk at Home - Miracle Miles - 1 Mile Walk - 20 minutes & Steel City Arms - 10 minutes; Jessica Valant - Pilates for Scoliosis #2 - 17 minutes
11 Senior Shape - Pilates Mat Workout - 27 minutes; Therapy Exercises
12 Therapy Exercises; Walk at Home - 1 Mile Walk with Dr. Natalie Plus Yoga - 25 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners
13 Goof Off Day
14 Pahla B - June #1 MetCon workout - 25 minutes
15 Pahla B - June #2 Cardio workout - 24 minutes; Therapy Exercises; Jessica Valant - Pilates for Scoliosis #1 - 13 minutes
16 Pahla B - June #3 Walking with Weights workout - 25 minutes; Therapy Exercises; Jessica Valant - Gentle Pilates Workout for Beginners - 20 minutes
17 Pahla B - Weights for Women Over 50 - 25 minutes
18 Pahla B - Weight Loss Toning - 22 minutes; Jessica Valant - Scoliosis Exercises and Stretches - 18 minutes
19 Rest Day - under the weather
20 Vacation
21 Vacation
22 Vacation
23 Rest Day (from the vacation)
24 Workout Hotel - Pilates Sculpt (Full Body Workout) - 20 minutes
25 Pahla B - June #4 Standing Ab Workout - 25 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates for Back Strength - 10 minutes
26 Pahla B - June #5 Cardio Workout - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant - Basic Workout for Low Back Pain - 14 minutes
27 Pahla B - June #6 Weights Workout - 10 minutes (Joni O'ed it about half way through; Jessica Valant - Beginner Weight Workout - 24 minutes & Scoliosis Exercises & Stretches - 17 minutes
28 Walk at Home - 2 Mile Fast Walk (Special Cut from Miracle Miles set) - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates for Back Strength - 10 minutes; Happy Yoga - Chair Yoga - Full Body Stretch - 12 minutes
29 Nothing
30Walk at Home - Walk & Tone - 14 minutes; Jessica Valant - Power Leg Workout - just 1/2 of it, Balance Exercises - 16 minutes & therapy exercises
31 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Penny (7/29/21) - 30 minutes; Jessica Valant - 10 Minute Pilates for Beginners & Therapy Exercises; Happy Yoga - Chair Yoga - Total Body Stretch - 13 minutes

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✨✨July 2021✨✨

Focus: Caroline, Strength, KBs, and Yoga!

1 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Mr & Mrs Fitness 5 Min Warmup Full Body + 5 Min Warmup Glutes & Legs, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Day 47 Leg Day, Jan Chuan's How to Stretch After Leg Day. Wowza. When I finished my glutes had actually gone numb. But very proud that Caroline was using 10kg and I was using 6kg, plus a super-strong booty band.
2 - Lauren Eckstrom's The Trifecta Power + Yin + Restore. My balance was particularly bad during the power yoga section but for once I didn’t blame myself, I just kept going. The combination was a really restful slide into sleep.
3 - Rest. Had a busy day, culminating in a black tie gala dinner. I was feeling so pleased with myself because I wore a formal beaded sheath that I bought 20 years ago, and I looked and felt fabulous.
4 - Bike Ride (1.5 hours total), Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Minute Warm Up Upper Body , Caroline Girvan’s 5 Min Full Body Warm Up, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 48 Upper Body Workout, Sydney Cummings Transcend Day 13 20 Minute Upper Body & Neck Stretch. My pushups felt weak but then again, Caroline started us off with a 45 second super slow pushup, which was incredibly challenging. After that it was, on the bench, on my knees, with breaks - whatever I could do.
5 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Eoin Finn Blissology Friday Practice (Full). I didn’t realize this was the ‘fitness’ practice, since I was originally looking for something relaxing. But it wasn’t too strenuous and the slower speed was a nice change of pace from Travis.
6 - Bike Ride (45 mins total), Mike Dovananik's Quick & Fun Dynamic Warm Up, Caroline Girvan’s 5 min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 49 Full body Strength and Stretch Workout. Bodyweight circuits are always tough, but I was very glad this was only 40 mins and came with a built-in stretch. The final one is coming!
7 - Bike Ride (45 mins total), Eoin Finn Blissology Thursday Practice (Full). Much as I wanted to get to the EPIC finale, my shoulder was feeling wonky and I know that once the music kicks in I'm going to want to go for it. So I picked Eoin's more restorative practice and then added shoulder-focused foam rolling and my own stretches at the end.
8 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). Super tired, early bed!
9 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). Still tired.
10 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). Shanghai is very very hot and I was biking through it.
11 - Rest.
12 - Bike Ride (45 min total), Caroline Girvan’s 10 min Cardio & HIIT Warmup, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 50 Full body HIIT, Slim & Limber. I finally did it!I was curious to see whether I'd feel emotional, and the answer is not really. Probably because I've wandered through this rotation so slowly. But I did feel a rush of pride. There were several moves where I looked at Caroline and thought, how the **** am I supposed to do that?!? And then I tried...and I could! I've gotten so much stronger and that also makes me proud.
13 - Rest[/COLOR].
14 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
15 - NourishMoveLove's SplitStrong Day 1 - Legs & Back. I liked that it included a good mobility/warmup that was matched to the workout. I struggled a bit with what weights to grab for each move. And the workout itself - it was ok. Not that hard, compared to Caroline. Nice to get something in when I only have 30 mins, but didn't give me that much of of a feeling of accomplishment.
16 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
17 - Bike ride (45 mins total). Heather Robertson's Glow up Challenge Day 1 - Full Body HIIT, Mike Dovananik's Cool Down & Stretch, Caroline Girvan's 8 Min Abs Workout with Dumbbells, Jessica Valant's Shoulder Workout. Really enjoyed Heather's HIIT, which used relatively light weights (I matched her recommend 5lb and 10lb), but definitely brought the intensity. Although her delivery format is similar to Caroline's, I feel like it's lighter weights & higher rep, and it feels different on my body. It certainly wouldn't hurt for me to do the shoulder workout regularly, but it's aimed at rotator cuff injury rehab, which I don't think is my problem. I'll keep looking.
18 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
19 - Bike ride (45 mins total), Precision Kettlebells' Follow Along Kettlebell Strength Workout 17.1. Nice steady heavy KB moves, nothing fancy but a thorough workout. For the first time I really wished I had something heavier than a 12kg KB. Would have been nice to have a 16 kg for the lower body squats and deadlifts.
20 -Bike ride (1 hour total).
21 - Rest.
22 - Rest. At the annual retreat with my entreprenuer's group. Sort of a vacation, so I'm going to just get whatever exercise fits into my schedule and not stress about it.
23 - Short hike in the hills around Tonglu, Heather Robertson's Glow Up Challenge Day 2 - Cardio & Abs, Cathe Stretch Max 2 (the one with the band). I loved this workout, really fun cardio but with no dread factor. And I could feel it in my core the next day.
24 - Rest.
25 - Rest. Drive back to Shanghai into a (waning) typhoon. Interesting day.
26-31 - A few Bike rides but rainy and lots of work so no workouts.
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1. Rest
2. Cathe Low Max
3. Bike ride 30 mins
4. Rest
5. Walk 1 hour
6. Rebounding 20 mins, Bike ride 30 mins
7. Rest
8. Mountain bike trail ride
9. Rest
10. Mountain bike trail ride
11. Mountain bike trail ride - If these trail rides don't get my legs in great shape then nothing will at this point. I am hoping this new hobby starts to get easier as I build leg muscle and cardio endurance. I feel like I am learning so much new stuff at one time that it's a little overwhelming.
12. Rest
13. 30 min bike ride
14. 1 hr walk
15. Rest
16. Mountain bike trail ride
17. Rest
18. 1 hr walk
19. 30 min walk and 20 min bike ride
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July 2021

1 - Jessica Valant Hips and Donovan Green
2 - Jessica Valant Hips
3 - Jessica Valant Hips and Liift4 Chest & Triceps
4 - Jessica Valant Hips, Turbo Barre and Donovan Green
5 - Jessica Valant Hips and Liift4 Back and Biceps
6 - Jessica Valant Hips, Turbo Barre and Donovan Green
7 - Jessica Valant Hips and Liift4 Shoulders
8 - Jessica Valant Hips
9 - Jessica Valant Hips
10 - Jessica Valant Hips and Liift4 Chest and Triceps
11 - Jessica Valant Hips
12 - Jessica Valant Hips
13 - Jessica Valant Hips
15 - Jessica Valant Hips and Cathe Upper Body
16 - Jessica Valant Hips
17 - Jessica Valant Hips and Cathe Upper Body
18 - Jessica Valant Hips
19 - Jessica Valant Hips and Cathe Upper Body
20 - Callanetics Lower Body
21 - Callanetics Lower Body and Cathe Upper Body
23 - Callanetics Lower Body and Cathe Upper Body
24 - Callanetics Lower Body
26 - Cathe Upper Body
27 - Side Lying Pilates
28 - Cathe Upper Body
29 - Callanetics Lower Body
30 - Lake Day with the girls
31 - Cathe Upper Body
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After a few days of making not-so-wise food choices and being out of town, it's time to get back on the wagon. I will continue with Caroline Girvan's Epic Heat and throwing random cardio days in the mix.

1. nothing
2. nothing
3. nothing
4. Hamstrings, Back and Glutes; Calves and Quads
5. Tri's and Lats; Full Body Circuits
6. Spin with Lars #6 60 min ride
7. Legs and Glutes
8. nothing
9. RI:ID Tabatas 40 min ride
10. Arms, Chest, Back, Shoulders
11. Full Body Pyramids
12. Shoulders
13. Time 2 Train #1 35 min ride
14. Legs
15. nothing
16. Arms
17. Cycling Sophie 60 min ride
18. Full Body Giant Sets
19. nothing
20. Chest and Tri's
21. Glutes
22. Full Body
23. Quads and Calves-kept lunges and squats body weight as I deal with some knee pain
24. HIIT
25. Arms, Shoulders, Back
26. nothing
27. Superset Legs
28. Pushups
29. nothing
30. Full Body Complexes
31. Hiit EMOM

That completes Epic Heat. In good time too as I am feeling beat up. Looking back on this month alone, I didn't put in many cardio only days, but took more lazy days. I guess I wasn't feeling it this month. One knee has been very stiff and a little swollen for at least the past 2 weeks. I had to do some modifications because of it, but I at least made it to the end.
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just the workouts

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