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Old 04-26-21, 12:30 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
Better results from mixing it up or following a program?

Do you get better results from mixing things up or following a set rotation? Thanks Im advance!
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Old 04-26-21, 01:44 PM  
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I just posted something similar maybe a month ago: I came to the realization that I get much better results following a program.

I have spent most of my time mixing it up with my own DVDs (I'm also advanced) and getting nowhere.

After Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession, it dawned on me that the only time I've slimmed down, firmed up, really gotten physically stronger, and really seen an improvement in my cardio endurance was when I did Brazil Butt Lift years ago, then 21 Day Fix Extreme Real Time back in December 2020 and then 80 DO this year. I'm doing 6 Weeks of the Work now and then will follow it up with 9 Week Control Freak (off the wall version) when that gets fully released.

I might just spend this year doing programs.

My overall eating habits have not changed, so it's the workouts.
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Old 04-27-21, 08:25 PM  
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Though I mentally enjoy mixing things up, time & time again I've gotten better results by following a prescribed program. Applies to hiking, strength training, and I really noticed it with yoga.
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Old 04-28-21, 03:03 AM  
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For me, the key is loosely following a programme.

I discovered I do best with numbered programmes, like RKS, which had workouts 1-30. I do them in order, but not necessarily on their schedule. I'll take a day off or do something else as necessary for my schedule, how my body feels, or just to give myself a break from one instructor. But then I go back to wherever I left off, and keep going until I've done them all.

That gives me the perfect blend of a structure (I know what's next on deck), and the feeling of progression, which is important for my motivation. But I always give myself permission to take a side detour and come back to it.

I'm currently on that kind of pause from Caroline Girvan's EPIC as I irritated my shoulder from too many pushups & overhead snatches. But when I get back, I'll pick up from workout 38 and keep going at whatever pace, until I get to workout 50.

I'm in the best shape of my life.
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Old 04-28-21, 06:23 AM  
Joni O
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I've never followed a program, per se. I do follow a set routine so I know what "type" of workout I'm doing the next day. I started this way back with The Firm 90-Day Rotation and their many other rotations. If I'm forced to do a particular workout that I don't feel like doing that day, I don't enjoy it and it makes me crabby. I also allow myself some leeway. For example, today is a weight day but I don't have time to do weights after my online Essentrics class today, so I'll do weights tomorrow when I only have my morning walk scheduled. Keeps me motivated and not dreading any particular workout. Being consistent because I enjoy what I'm doing works for me!
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Old 04-28-21, 08:28 AM  
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Location: New York
Following a program. I can't be expected to push myself as hard as someone else will.
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Old 04-28-21, 09:01 AM  
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If I get up and do any exercise I think I have done a program!!! 😂
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Old 04-28-21, 09:13 AM  
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Old 04-28-21, 11:36 AM  
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the key is being accountable, which drives consistency. if you're new to "what needs to be done" then it's educational to follow a prescribed rotation to learn.

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Old 04-28-21, 01:24 PM  
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Originally Posted by DCW View Post
If I get up and do any exercise I think I have done a program!!! 😂
Me too! I am consistent & workout pretty much every day, but I love variety. Unless I am teaching a class, I rarely plan my workouts ahead.

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programs, results, systems

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