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Old 01-20-13, 03:40 PM  
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One more vote for Mary, she is he best. You won't be disappointed.
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Old 01-20-13, 03:48 PM  
Jacqi A
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Originally Posted by paideiamom View Post
...There are numerous (some would say too many and too iterative and too redundant) threads on how great she/Total Fitness is...
Mary is the best!
(I always post to these threads)
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Old 01-20-13, 03:56 PM  
Join Date: Jun 2004
I only buy from Mary anymore (unless an impulse Leslie buy at Target or Walmart). She has helped me deal with Beachbody on several purchases.
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Old 01-20-13, 04:18 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2011
Mary/Total Fitness dvds is the best! I buy most of my dvds from her and all beachbody products. Very professional, best customer service in the business.
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Old 01-20-13, 04:29 PM  
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Mary is the best!! I only order from her unless she doesn't have an item!. Everytime you order from her you earn points. Every dollar is a point. 30 points is a dollar off. I earn & use my points. If I have a special request she follows it & answers questions quickly.
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Old 01-20-13, 04:50 PM  
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Another vote for Mary!!!
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Old 01-20-13, 04:54 PM  
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Just ordered from her yesterday! Got Christi Taylor's new one, plus an old one from her I didn't have. Used some points I collected and got $9 off my order, plus the 10%. Mary is truly awesome!
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Old 01-20-13, 05:01 PM  
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Originally Posted by laurajhawk View Post
Totally awesome and incredibly amazing and you get your DVDs REALLY REALLY FAST and be sure to sign up for the loyalty program because once you've shopped with Mary you never want to shop anywhere else.
She has a loyalty program? I have to sign up for that!
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Old 01-20-13, 05:02 PM  
Irish Eyes
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I love Mary and order from her quite a bit BUT I do still like to support Collage and give them some of my business. After all, competition is a healthy thing and can only benefit us, the consumers, right???
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Old 01-20-13, 05:04 PM  
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Agree with everyone else.Great service!
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mary crowder,

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