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Arrow Just The Workouts ~MAY 2021~*Everyone Welcomed!*

May, 2021 Yay, ASAS is back in ‘da house!!!!

I'm still enjoying my high rep/low weights rotation, so I will be continuing on with that. I subscribed to Fitscope Studio (FS) for Elliptical/Treadmill etc. classes. ETA: I decided to just check out their workouts on YT...a check-in buddy pointed out that there are quite a few workouts on YT before I subscribe. Saved me some $$. Thanks again!

1 - Meditation; 2.33 Miles on Elliptical; Winsor Buns & Thighs; Michelle's Yin Yoga; 2.50 Hours spreading mulch at DS' place. Note to self: don't get on the elliptical before B&T! My legs were like jello to do all those leg lifts, etc! The yard work went quick since DS was able to help me today. Thankfully, we had just the right amount of mulch so we didn't need to go and get more. Another gorgeous day!
2 - Meditation; Fitscope Studio (30 Min. Elliptical #68 - Pearl); Five Parks Yoga (Recovery & Strength For Swimmers) I'm doing the FS 7 day free trial to check out some elliptical workouts. They have TM, cycling, airbike, rowing, yoga/stretch, Pilates, strength, tai chi, core, & virtual runs workouts as well and is similar to LM's platform. This one was an intermediate paced with a few HiiT intervals, but I was huffing/puffing! Very sweaty & fun with an awesome 80's soundtrack! 329 cal burn

3 - Meditation; FS (20 Min. Classic Rock TM Power Walk #57 - Pearl); Jari Love Get Ripped Express (Workout 2 - 37 min.); FS 20 Min. Dynamic Stretch (Nicka) Awesome workout today! Loved Pearl's TM class - power walking intervals with inclines 1-15 (hers goes to 12, so my legs got extra!) and choreographed to some good ol' rock-n-roll tunes - some Rolling Stones & Heart!! Really enjoyed revisiting Jari and will have to revisit some of her other dvds as well. I used 5's & 8's and got quite the workout - very fun! LOVED Nicka's stretch - uses a stretchie and includes lots of mobility-type exercises but some were new to me, so it was wonderful. Loved everything about my workout today!!! 437 cal burn
4 - Meditation Rest day I had an early morning hair appt.
5 - Meditation; FS (20 Min. Elliptical workout - Pearl); Jari Love Get Ripped in 6 (20 min. Workout 2=25 min.); 2.75 hours Yard Work/Mow Max I have DD's 2 cats in my workout area for a couple days, so I was kind of concerned slinging around the weights, so I made it a short one...(they don't know to stay away and leave me alone like my cat does!). I used 5's, 8's, & 10's...10's were very doable for the tricep track since she held the weights up for a rest while doing glute raises. Really liked this workout, too, even being so works legs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, but no core. Another gorgeous, gorgeous day for Mow Max...I kept finding things to do outside!
6 - Meditation; Winsor Buns & Thighs Knocked back by awful allergy issues today so I didn't feel like doing much.
7 - Meditation; FS (20 Min. Beginner Elliptical Workout (Meghan); IDT (Vinyasa-Less Vinyasa - Travis 31 min.) Feeling a little better today but going to stay indoors. Cleaned the basement - kitties are gone so now everything is clean again. This Elliptical workout was great but I made it my own by including the highest level of my elliptical (20) for her 9? level and used the 9 level as my recoveries. Good tunes and very sweaty! It's good to know I can make the beginner ones more advanced if I want. Travis' class was awesome with absolutely no vinyasas but were replaced with DDogs which were doable today for my hands so this was a good choice. This class has some balance, twists and holding postures....very nice. I really miss Travis and my regular yoga sessions! I hope this flare-up dissipates very soon. :/
8 - Meditation; Yvette Fit #110 Running/Walking Treadmill Workout (40 min.); Jari Love GR Express (Workout 1- 32 min.); FS (20 Min. Dynamic Stretch (Nika) Fabulous calorie burner today! LOVE that Yvette includes a TM workout on her site!!! It includes sprints/walking 2 min. intervals; 1 min. intervals doing the same speeds, than incline walking intervals to the end. LOVED IT! I am so rusty on my speed walks so my speeds were no where near Yvette's, but my knees are feeling ok now, so that makes it up for it! My speeds were 5.0/4.4 for the sprints/walks and 4.2/3.6 for the incline work, going up to 10 incline. Feel so accomplished after that! Added on Jari's workout and liked it a lot too. Instead of p/u's, I did thousands of reps of chest flyes, LOL, and used 5's (w/u), 8's and 10's for the rest. I was so wanting to drop down to the 8's for the reverse flyes at the end, but seeing I only had a few more minutes to go, I hung tough with the 10's. Added on Nika's stretch which felt great. 651 cal burn
9 - Meditation Rest day

10-Meditation; Elliptical (10 min. w/u); LM Body Pump #89 (55 min.); 20 min. stretch on my own One of my favorite BP's! Great total body burner...I used 10's, 12's, & 15's. , “Radioactive, Radioactive”... Love that song and been singing it all day!! 421 cal burn Feeling the muscles later... Thanks, ASAS, hope you get to feeling better, too, from the allergy misery!
11- Meditation; Yvette Fit #6 45 Min. BOSU Work; Heather Robertson 11 min. Abs Workout//No Equipment//No Repeats; Mow Max/Yard Work (1.5 hours) Yvette's was a very fun class but my allergies were evident so I didn't have much energy. It was fun to workout with the BOSU again - I don't know how I missed this one. I really liked Heather's core work...all done on the floor which was nice after Yvette's class. 382 cal burn
12- Meditation; LM Body Pump #115 (45 min.); 2 hrs. Yard Work at parents’ Loved this BP! It was like a Zoom-like class with the instructor on stage. Loved the shoulder/lunge track. This class hits it all - chest, back, legs, bis/tris, shoulders, and core in 45 min. Just enough to not seem overkill and it was easy to go heavier—I used 12’s and 15’s for all. 211 cal burn// Nice day but a little chilly...when will it warm up? And since I was outside a lot, allergies will be even worse tonite. :/
13- Meditation; YT Olivia Lawson (5000 Steps in 30 min. Walking Workout @ Home/Calorie Burning Super Sweaty Fast Walking), [wow, what a mouthful!]; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility); Winsor Buns & Thighs; 3 hours planting flowers/plants I didn't feel like doing much jumping today, and I really enjoyed this low impact walking workout...good music and she does move quickly! There's only 1 rest break at the 15 min. mark (you could make this 1 or 2 workouts) and she does quick arm movements as well. I used my egg-like weights and my arms really got worked; I had to drop the weights a couple times. No cute kitties in this, but I did really like her pace for a walking workout. (I don't have a watch that I'm willing to wear to count if there are actually 5000 steps, but I did get sweaty!) 291 cal burn//Beautiful day for yard work--glad I got the planting done!
14- Meditation; Elliptical (23 min. - followed along with an audio workout with my music - 1.60 miles); LM Body Pump (Remix 45 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Study Break Yoga for Remote Students & Workers=20 min.) Great elliptical workout w/ 6 intervals and for the c/d, I went backwards. BP was just ok for me...the music wasn't great and there were too many flashing lights in the background. So shocked it didn't bring on an allergy headache! I kept it lighter today...10's & 12's and the occasional 15's. Erin's class wasn't a favorite either....I would have liked more floor stretches. But it was filmed outside with beautiful palm trees in the background. What a contrast from the LM background, LOL. 437 cal burn
15- Meditation Rest day My great nephew was in town and I wanted to see him (it's been over a year!) and right during my workout time, but it was SO worth it! He is the cutest (and smartest!)
16- Meditation; Yvette Fit #99 60 Min. Boxing Bootcamp; YT 15 Min. Full Body Stretch (Mady Morrison) Great workout today! This class is favorited so I knew I loved it! Boxing cardio with bodyweight moves till about 1/2 way, then light weight/high rep shoulder work (5's, 8's, 10's) then at the 55 min. mark, ankle weights are used for more standing work and floor work. But instead of the ankle weight segment, I hopped on my Elliptical for .50/mile for a "finisher" which worked great to get in some elliptical time plus adding a little variety into my workout as well!//Great stretch mentioned on GD with lots of mobility & flexibility exercises. 470 cal burn

17- Meditation; X-10 (w/u); YT Olivia Lawson 40 Min. Full Body, No Jumping, No Repeat HiiT//Fat Burning Workout; LM Body Combat #80 30 Min. ; Five Parks Yoga (Neck & Shoulder 10 Min. Yoga Class) Olivia's class was low impact, has great music, and the format of :50/:10. She reminds me a lot of Heather and has the same set-up with the next exercise shown in the corner and the music sounds like something Heather would play too! I do appreciate Heather's warm ups included, as this didn't really have a w/u, but she has other workouts specifically for w/u's and c/d's. This class looked pretty easy upon preview but it is deceivingly harder as you progress. Bodyweight cardio with intensity bursts but I wouldn't call it HiiT - more like intervals. Very sweaty! BC was great the 2nd time although I found it hard to follow in places due to the cueing which was an issue the first time I did it also. But the filming def makes up for it---Dan & Rach are on a platform with beautiful surroundings of water or mountains and sometimes with voice-over or live cueing. The camera pans all around the instructors sometimes changing backgrounds. Very different than the dark, stage-like classes, but probably just the Body Combat ones can be filmed outdoors since they don't include any equipment. This class was fun with powerful moves and fun music. Erin's stretch was divine! I stretches the shoulders really well and includes neck stretches and fish pose. It'd be great after an UB strength session or cardio that focuses mostly on upper body. (My neck and upper back always feel tight after these BC workouts and this felt great afterward!) 447 cal burn and a really great FB workout today!
18- Meditation; Elliptical w/u (5 min.); LM Pump #113 Upper Body (35 min. minus stretch); Olivia Lawson (10 Min. UB Dumbbell Workout at Home/No Repeats); Elliptical 20 min. Audio w/o (as finisher#2); Five Parks Yoga (Neck & Shoulders 10 Min. Yoga Class) This seems like I did a lot today, but (1) they're really short workouts, and (2) it's raining (again!) and no where to go or yard work to do, LOL. Pump was great - works back, chest, tris, bis, and shoulders. I used 5's, 8's, and 10's and kept things lighter today but added on Olivia's 10 min. UB workout as a finisher. I used 8's & 10's and she works back, shoulders, bis, tris and chest usually doing 16-20 reps (she does less). There are 11 exercises with a :05 rest between exercises and done for :50. Arms are pumped! Finisher #2 was 20 min. on the elliptical - love this audio workout for a quick kick butt HiiT session! And once again, I added on Erin's great UB stretch - esp. after an UB weight sesh! 420 cal burn (71 min. in the FB zone--woo hoo!)
19- Meditation; Winsor Buns & Thighs; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) I did tons of errands and an early morning appt. I had to take the parents to.
20- Meditation; Jari Love (Slim & Lean); 1.5 hours yard work/Mow Max Instead of the one legged squats, I did Cossack Squats (lots of Cossack Squats!). UB & LB burnout! 257 cal burn
21- Meditation; Yvette Fit #9 45 min. Step Aerobics; Elliptical (20 min HiiT Audio w/o); Perfect 30 (Ext. Stretch); Michelle's Yin Yoga Felt so good to sweat it out with Yvette! I used my step mat in place of a step today and it worked great. I tried to ramp up the moves a bit with more arm movements (this is when I need those wrist weights!), and got some great sweaty, steady state cardio today. Hopped on Elliptical for now a little HiiT work (and again, I need those wrist weights!) I really need to find another Elliptical w/o I love as much as this one!! ;0) I still needed a little more stretch after Ext. Stretch and nothing stretches out my lower body as well as Yin Yoga!...503 cal burn
22- Meditation; Heather Robertson (Total Body Stability Ball Workout- 33 min.); Heather Robertson (Yoga Inspired Full Body Workout//No Equipment//No Jumping - 32 min.) I was missing my Heather girl, but this Stability ball made me think twice if I really wanted to do one of her workouts! I found it super hard!! Two rounds of the same exercises with a :40/:20 format, so at least HR gives you time to get into position--and you'll need it! Lots of 1 legged balance work with the other leg on the ball, hamstring roll-ins, and lots of pikes on the ball - ugh! I guess I should be keeping at it to improve, but I didn't want to pull something in my back either! (Years ago while doing straight leg pikes on the ball, I hurt my back, so I am very leery about repeating them. I can do bent legged pikes - no problem, so that's what I did today). If that is not bad enough, she repeats them all again - ugh! And, how does she manage to make all these exercises look so easy?? (Reading the comments below the workout, made me feel a little bit better about myself, LOL!). Luckily, I enjoyed her yoga-fusion workout a lot more! I still had to modify some moves for my hands and all the exercises are repeated again with the :45/:15 format, but this one didn't have that dread factor for me. Loved the Low Lunge exercise - wow, what a booty burner! Will do this one again but the stability ball workout, um, most likely not. haha N/A cal burn - I did these upstairs and forgot to strap on my HRM.
23- Meditation Rest day 1.25 hrs. Yard Work (helped DH clean up the thousands of "helicopter" seeds and trim a bush). Back to church for the first time since March '20! Felt sooo good! <3

24- Meditation; Elliptical - 1 mile mostly steady state but a couple HiiT intervals as a w/u - wearing my 4.4# (total) wrist weights; Jari Love (GER 1000 - Complete workout - 60 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Neck & Shoulders 10 Min. Yoga Class) Wow, last time I did this Jari was in 2016!! Seemed waaaaayyy harder today. Could've been b/c I used my wrist weights ---they make everything so much tougher (there are so many unweighted arm raises in this and I was only using 5's & 8's)! I also used just my topper and got a great workout. I like how so many levels are shown in this - however, I was at my own level between Laurie & Kirsten. This workout has so much repetition....usually Jari's do but it was really noticeable to me in this one. A wonderful metabolic workout but one I won't do often b/c of that. Also, there are no breaks between the blocks of stretches or rests. My neck/shoulders were really tense after this, so Erin's class to the rescue! I guess my wrist weights will be ok...I don't like how they keep sliding down my arm when I get sweaty (and they are on the tightest setting. Why don't they extend the velcro further?). 634 cal burn
25- Meditation; Yvette Fit #113 30 Min. All-Out BOSU Workout; 15 Min. Full Body Stretch/Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility, & Relaxation (Mady Morrison); Mow Max/Yard Work 1.5 hours Yvette's class was really a fun one and I 'favorited' it! Good one for when short on time; used as an add-on, or just a recovery day workout. Very basic moves on the BOSU but still fun! Side note: my shoulders/upper back are so sore today from yesterday--holy hannah! Great recovery day workout!//I am so relaxed by the time Mady's stretch is the music too! 239 cal burn. I ended up returning my new wrist I wore my "old" wrist weights and they worked so much better! (They have the thumb hole and then wrap around my wrist, so no sliding up/down. I didn't try them for awhile since I thought they would make my thumb pain worse but my thumb isn't the problem (right now)... I guess I was excited by the purple color of the new weights...ha, gray is good enough if they still work fine! ETA: just thought of this: I won't be able to wear my lifting gloves with these weights....aye yi yi! Back to square one!//It's so great that I can return Amazon items at Kohl's now & don't even have to box it up! of course I had to browse while I was there. New shirt for my closet, LOL! :0)
26- Meditation; YT RC Fitness Official (Live Cardio Kick/Tribute to Pit Bull/1 Hour); Elliptical 15 min. HiiT; stretch ETA: 1 hour yard work at the parents Not a good workout day for me...I made it thru to 24 min. of the RC workout...I really liked the exercises but not sure about that one instructor...and the whooping, yikes! :0 Then I got interrupted and after that I didn't want to do much else! Hopped on the elliptical and stretched it out and called it a day. 287 cal burn
27- Meditation; Winsor Buns & Thighs; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility)
28- Meditation; Yvette Fit #114 70 Min Step/Bodyweight/Kettlebell Class; Michelle's Yin Yoga I had this scheduled for today and was happy to read Jane found it fun too! Loved it and may even be one of my favorite KB class of Y's. Starts off with a whammy---burpees done right out of the gate! :0) I used my topper and weighted wrist weights but missed my lifting gloves esp. when my hands started getting sweaty holding onto the KB! Sometimes I think it made it a lot harder with no risers for all those bodyweight moves!! But it has such a FUN-filled energy about it - the class participants were really enjoying themselves (more talkative/laughing than usual) and I liked that. (So happy for Claudia - finally got that boy!) I didn't do one single j.jack....I either did fast feet on the step, jump rope, or high knees. Those TGU's were so much harder on one side than the other! Awesome class! 578 cal burn
29- Meditation; Elliptical (20 min. HiiT Audio workout); TM (25 min. Interval/Incline workout); Michelle's Yin Yoga; 2 hours cleaning windows inside & outside This cardio session was great---knowing I only "have" to do 20 min. on each machine so no dread. Beautiful day but pretty cool...I usually do the windows earlier in the year but this time I waited till *most* of the rain was done....hope my logic works so they remain clean! 447 cal burn
30- Meditation; Rest day 2 mile walk outside; 45 min. yard work

31- HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! And thanks to all who serve/served our country!
Meditation; Yvette Fit #91 30 Min. Chest/Shoulder/Triceps & Abs Circuits; Cathe's ICE MM (Bi's) & Stretch; played "Bags" in the back yard after our cookout with the family
Second time for this workout with usually four sets of shoulder, chest, and tricep work with an ab exercise done after every weight exercise. Lots of up/down but I enjoyed it for something different from Yvette. I added on Cathe's Muscle Meltdown Biceps doing all sets. In Y's workout, I used mostly 10's, 12's, & 15's and usually 15-16 reps. 261 cal burn

It took a few tries, LOL, but I FINALLY found the 2# wrist weights I was wishing for!! I just wanted something simple with no extra pieces that slipped over my hand with no velcro and they're nice and colorful. These are perfect!! From and paid with a GC, well, all but $.86!
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Hi everyone!
ETA: AMD & Bex thanks for the warm welcome!

I will try to stick to a 6 week KettleWorX rotation which is three times a week, and add Zumba or other form of cardio in, let's see how it goes!

26- KetteWorX: Resistance L2 Week 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber.
27- Zumba Transformation: Cardio Party + Si6: Slim & Limber.
28- KetteWorX: Core L2 Week 1 + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex.
29- Kathy Smith: Fat Burning Walk (YT) . She got me sweating with this one. I barely break a sweat with Leslie.
30- KetteWorX: Cardio L2 Week 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber.

01- Rest.
02- Leslie Sansone: 1 Mile Happy Walk (YT) + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex.
03- Body Beast: Total Body + DIY Stretch. I was supposed to do a KWX wo today, but since my foldable weight bench arrived yesterday, I couldn't wait to give it a try! So far so good it, it has 4 back position and is well padded, looks sturdy too. It arrived the next day after ordering and I got it on lightning deal for $50 less, free shippin, 0 tax, I wasn't going buy a bench right now, but I couldn't pass such a deal, now I don't need to bring my full step and gazillion of risers upstairs every time I need a bench for my workout. I cut it short on the stretch, since my home made burger and poutine were ready and I was hungry lol, and it is better to eat it hot, right?!
04- KetteWorX: Core L2 Week 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber.
05- Zumba Transformation: Cardio Party + Si6: Slim & Limber.
06- Unplanned rest day. Bad night sleep.
07- Unplanned rest day. Knocked back by bad allergy symptoms. AMD glad to read you are feeling better! You are killing those elliptical workouts.
08- KetteWorX: Resistance L2 Week 2 + DIY Stretch. Feeling better today, so I got it done.
09- KetteWorX: Core L2 Week 2 + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex.
10- Zumba Incredible Results: Zumba Step. It was fun, but I need to practice it more. I got my weighted bracelets today and I used them with Zumba, I like them, they are great! // Thanks AMD, it has been under control these past days, and I hope it continues that way, I agree it is a misery when it hits hard. T2B, what is CL and Keoni, I am curious! I have never tried Zumba Advanded, was it fun?
11- KetteWorX: Core L2 Week 3 + Si6: Slim & Limber. T2B, thanks for letting me know, I was trying to figure out what it was! Glad you enjoyed Zumba Advanced! And thanks for the channel recommendation, I just checked and it looks great, I will definitely give it a try! Workouts look fun and great energy! He and his mom are good dancers. AMD, I just read your post, I had low energy too (allergy symptoms were back), I was supposed to do Resistance but did Core instead. I need to check Ivette Bosu workouts.
12- KetteWorX: Resistance L2 Week 3 + Si6: Slim & Limber.
13- Zumba Exhilarate: Activate + Si6: Slim & Limber. I used my weighted bracelet again and I felt a little extra burn, I love them!
14- Rest. AMD, good job on getting the planting done. Bex, I have several Tonique that I got when there was a big sale, I haven't tried any yet, but your post make me feel like I should give a try soon.
15- Unplanned rest day. I had headache all day long.
16- KettleWorX: Cardio L2 Week 3.
17- Unplanned rest day.
18- KettleWorX: Resistance L2 Week 4 + DIY Stretch.
19- HHA: Rokin' Abs + S16: Slim & Limber. I need to make a note on Rokin' Abs, it has burpees and I totally forgot about it! After a few I grabbed my Bosu and that was much better.
20- KettleWorX: Core L2 Week 4 + DIY Stretch.
21- HHA: Hard Body + Martine Dance Body: Standing Stretch. It is incredibly how 1 pound with non stop movement start to feel quite heavy! I thought my arms would have off, but it was fun.
22- KettleWorX: Cardio L2 Week 4 + Si6: Slim & Limber.
23- Rest.
24- KettleWorX: Resistance L2 Week 5 + DIY Stretch w/Bosu.
25- KettleWorX: Core L2 Week 5 + Zumba Transformation: Flat Abs + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. First time doing Flat Abs, I liked it, I used my weighted bracelet for a little extra burn.
26- Corebar: Foundation + FéFit: Stretch Flow 1. I got my Corebar system today, ordered from ebay, nice workout, not too challenging but got me sweating, I just wished it was longer. SF1 was great, I love this one and I haven't done it in a while.
27- KettleWorX: Cardio L2 Week 5 + FéFit: Stretch Flow 1.
28- Crunch: Fat Blaster The Next Step + Corebar: Core & Mobility + Si6: Slim & Limber. TNS was harder than I thought, I was getting lost right in the warm up! Next combos too, I did end catching up some, need to do it more, I still thought it was a fun workout. C&M was good too, it starts with dynamic stretches followed by static stretch, each done for a minute, great little workout!
29- Crunch: Fat Blaster The Next Step + Corebar: Cardio & Core + Si6: Slim & Limber. I did much better this time with TNS, phew! It is a fun workout! C&C was good too, my obliques are a bit sore today.
30- Rest.
31- KettleWorX: Core L2 Week 6 + DIY Stretch.
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✨✨ May 2021 ✨✨

Hooray! Welcome back AsSweetAsSugar!

Focus: Heather, Caroline, KBs and Yoga

1 - Cardio Coach vol 4 (on elliptical), Heather Robertson's Abs & Booty Band Workout (Abs section only). pm Travis Eliot's 30 min Yin Yoga Relax & Restore. This time I had all the tracks on my phone, so I cruised through the Cardio Coach workout, crushing all 3 challenges. I was literally dripping sweat on the elliptical but very proud of how far I've come. Later in the evening, I felt I hadn't stretched enough, so I tried one of Travis's YT practices. It was a far more relaxed practice than I expected, but it worked since I was doing it before bed.
2 - Precision Kettlebell's Kettlebells & Cardio Workout 10.5, Heather Robertson’s Abs & Booty Band workout (Booty Band portion only), Growing Annanas’s HIIT It Harder Day 7 - 15 min stretch. This Precision KB workout was absolutely perfect for me - a challenging sweat-fest and I loved every second of it. Afterwards it felt satisfying to do the 2nd half of Heather's workout for a total LB burnout. And then a third winner with Growing Annanas’s 15 min stretch, which was nicely sequenced to be very time efficient. In general, I like Anna's stretches and this was one of her better ones. So a triple play for my workouts today!
3 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Travis Eliot’s Power Yoga Equanimity Digital Yoga Retreat Day 1. I'd been meaning to try Travis' live classes for a long time, which he put on line last year during the pandemic. Well, you know how he starts the practice in child's pose and reminds you that if it's ever too much, child's pose is always there for you? By 50 mins in, child's pose and a bit of a rest was right there, waiting for me! Although it was tough, I'm glad I did it, because I managed to keep up for 90% of the class. Now I know, and when I'm feeling strong again I might try another one.
4 - Rest. Didn't plan my day well enough, time got away from me.
5 - Heather Robinson's Upper Body Strength + Arm Toning, Full Upper Body Workout // Toning + Strength. First time trying a pure upper body workout since I irritated my shoulder. I matched Heather, which meant moderate weights (mostly 8 and 10lbs) and everything seems ok. Will give it a few more days and then hopefully jump back into EPIC.
6 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Cathe LITE Pyramid Pump Lower Body, 6 Pack Abs #1. Suddenly I was in the mood for Cathe, so I broke the seal on LITE. A breakthrough for me - first time I've ever matched Cathe weight for weight, rep for rep. And renewed respect for the Catheletes, because I know this is one of her easier workouts! In terms of intensity, it was about the same level as EPIC (with my weights, not Caroline's) but basically no rests between sets, so my hands were struggling. But feeling very proud of myself.
7 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Travis Eliot’s Yin Yoga Paradise. Really tired, but managed to talk myself onto the mat for a half hour of yoga. This was a very calming practice, more of what I was expecting from 'Relax and Restore'. It's good for me to experience how twitchy my brain is when faced with just sitting still in a posture.
8 - Rest. Almost made it to an evening workout but fell asleep.
9 - Rest. Darn it, I hate seeing 2 rest days in a row in this check-in, but I ended up working on Sunday and the time just slid away.
10 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's Kickass Kettlebells Day 2 - Complexes, Lauren Eckstrom's 20 Min Slow Flow. Easing myself back into Caroline with her KB workout. It took me a while to get into this one, with the first 2 blocks I wasn't feeling the love. But then I started sweating and enjoying the movements more and ended up happily swinging away in the finisher. I'll try it again when I'm in a better mood. Lauren's practice definitely wasn't for me. It might be the first time I've just Joni-O'd a yoga practice after 12 mins, and just finished with my own freestyle floor stretches.
11 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). After a whole afternoon of meetings in Chinese, my brain was toast. I biked home, got dinner, went to bed.
12 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Tonique 2.2, Swiss Ball Abs & Core Phase 1. First time I've tried this Tonique, and I think the name she gave it, Cardio Sculpt, is pretty accurate. It was definitely high intensity cardio, with both lots of jumping and lots of lunges. I took a short sweat/water pause between each section, and went at my own pace, but found it very do-able. I've had the Adam Ford series on the ball for ages, and finally just felt like trying it out. Phase 1 was definitely beginner, although it does take a special focus to maintain balance on some of the of the moves. I'm not sure it's worth learning that when there are so many other Bosu exercises that target the core the same way but don't carry the risk of falling in a heap.
13 - Bike Ride (1 hour total), Fightmaster Yoga Fun-loving Full Body Yoga Stretch. Just discovered this YT channel and I really like her style. I know her voice isn't for everyone, but I find it soothing and encouraging. The practice was good for tired day but would be better as an add on when the muscles are warm.
14 - Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's Beginner EPIC Day 2 - Upper Body, Caroline Girvan's 20 Min Solid Arms & Shoulder Workout. On a long weekend getaway, and the hotel gym is pretty basic. Caroline's UB bodyweight workout is awesome and showed me how far I've come. After that, using 2.5kg dumbbells for the arm moves was just fine.
15 - Mountain bike around the tea plantations (35 mins), Caroline Girvan's Strong & Lean Series Day 3 - Glute & Hamstring. The Strong & Lean series are all bodyweight and look easy to do in a small space, so I went for one of the 2 LB workouts. The other one, Quad Focused Leg Workout, had Bulgarian split lunges and I just couldn't summon the mental fortitude for those today. As it turned out, this is a slow steady mat workout, and by Caroline's standards, quite easy. Certainly hits the glutes from all angles but not as tough as Tonique mat work. A good choice for a mid-afternoon workout, because maybe there will be dancing tonight.
16 - Rest. Chilled and socialized with the group before traveling back to Shanghai.
17 - Bike Ride (45 mins total), Caroline Girvan's Cardio & HIIT Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Day 35 Tabata Style HIIT, Heather Robertson's 15 Minute Booty Band Workout for Strong Glutes, Mady Morrison's 15 Min Full Body Stretch for Flexibility, Mobility & Relaxation. Decided it's time to jump back into EPIC, and trying this workout showed I'm at the same level or even stronger than I was when I did it 2 months ago. I'll still mix in other workouts but I'll aim to finish EPIC in June. Afterwards used Heather's workout with a heavy band for a real burner! Thanks to AnMrsDe for the recommendation, and also the stretch routine from the GD thread. I really enjoyed this one and will add it to my favorites.
18 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
19 - 30 - Rest. Busy with work and struggling with the 2021 languer of 'isn't this over *yet*?!?" So, working out had to pause because I. Just. Couldn't. Did manage to maintain regular bike rides in my commute, but hoping to hop back in, starting tomorrow (Monday) night.
31 - Bike Ride (1.5 hours total), Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's We are 1 Million Full Body Calisthenics, Growingannas' HIIT It Harder Day 21 Full Body Stretch . I'm so happy for Caroline, and this bonus workout was a good way to get back in. Not the toughest, although I can’t imagine doing it after a HEAT workout. I especially liked the challenge of the 2 mins on-the-toes sequence as a finisher. My feet need the workout, so I should add that on to other workouts.
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~ May ~

~ ACHV Peak
~ Pilates/Yoga

~ Sarah - Seated Chair Yoga | Core & More in Under 15 Min.
~ 2 mile walk

~ ACHV Peak - Full Body Tri-set Workout bands
~ 2 mile walk

~ Hannah - Waist Toning ABS PILATES WORKOUT
~ 3 mile walk
~ Sarah - chair yoga

~ ACHV Peak - Full Body Superset Workout bands
~ 2.5 mile walk
~ Sarah - chair yoga river waterfall

~ Hannah - 10 Minute Fine ABS Pilates Workout
~ 3.0 mile walk
~ Sarah - chair yoga ocean sunset

~ ACHV Peak - 15 Minute Resistance Band Upper Body Workout
~ 2.5 mile walk
~ Sarah - chair yoga Golden Sunset

~ 1.5 mile walk
~ Sarah - chair yoga peaceful woods

~ 1.5 mile walk
~ Sarah - chair yoga desert sunset

~ ACHV Peak - 15 Minute Beginner Resistance Band Workout
~ Sarah - chair yoga boulder valley

~ 2 mile
~ Sarah - chair yoga sunflower splendor
~ Hannah - “To Go” Standing Pilates Workout | 20 Minute No Equipment Workout

~ Ian - 90's Mix Silver Sneaker Class
~ Sarah - Chair Yoga Total Body Refresher

~ 2 mile walk
~ Jean Carlos - 12 minute Resistance Band Full Body Workout
~ Sarah -Chair Yoga Total Body Stretch

~ Hannah - Dynamic Standing Stretch Pilates
~ Ian - Sneakers Beyonce Edition

~ 1 mile walk
~ Grant - 18 Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout
~ Sarah - Chair Yoga for Strength, Balance & Flexibility
~ Ian - Silver Sneakers Class- 80s Hits Edition

~ rest

~ rest

~ ACHV Peak - Resistance Band Full Body Workout - Get Lean and Toned
~ Sarah - Gentle Seated Yoga | 15 Min Feel Good Stretch

~ rest

~ KUKUWA AFRICAN DANCE WORKOUT: Happy Mother's Day workout

~ Kathy - 10 minute resistance band workout
~ Billy - taebo basic live 1
~ Ian - Metro Active | Gospel Music Edition

~ Paul - Band Workout Exercise TV
~ Billy - taebo basic live 2

~ walk 15 - Nadyia
~ Sarah - chair yoga
~ Walk Run Lift | 20 Minute Workout - Nick

~ Lauren - Resistance Bands Full Body Shaping
~ Leslie - 1 mile

~ WAH - Walk Run Lift with Hit Songs | 45 Minute Workout
~ Short n Sweet Chair Yoga with Jacob

~ WAH - 1 mile walk
~ ACHV Peak - 20 Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout
~ Sarah - chair yoga

~ Ellen - Super SlimDown Pilates Yoga Blend
~ Keoni - 30 MIN Latin Workout with MOM! • 4000 Steps • Walking Workout #39

~ 2.5 mile walk
~ ACHV PEAK Resistance Band Full Body Workout - 20 Minutes
~ Sarah - chair yoga

~ Ellen - fat burning fusion

~ 2 mile walk
~ Lee - qigong day 13
~ CS 629 / Deep Hamstring & Hip Stretches

~ Zumba Burn It Up! Beginners Short Class 2
~ Cathy - 10 min full body resistance band workout
~ Sarah - chair yoga - pastel ocean sunset
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...may 2021...

1. XTRAIN: Super Cuts + ZUMBA: Exhilarate P.M. Yv2: RIO


2. P30: High Impact Hiit + KD Dressed Up Drills - Cardio Drills. First time doing DUDs. The drills felt never ending at times but still managed to go by really fast. I liked it but I like Hi/Lo Recharge more. More steps with Hi/Lo Recharge. Kristin is great, wished she had more workouts.
3. rest day.... Ordered my Cathe workouts with the Boss Bands, no downloads.
4. P30: Pump Upper Body + Upper Body Bonus & ZUMBA: Advanced. I bought Zumba Advanced used a year+ ago based on KateTT’s recommendation as one of her favorite Zumba workouts. I don’t know how I missed the Zumba bandwagon back in the day but I did. I love Zumba workouts! P.M. Yv2: SS
5. CL #244: Low Impact Cardio Compound Training + LITE: Cardio Party, 20mins. AOLIH was on the schedule but subbed LICCT instead. I could only take about 20 mins of Cardio Party, still not a fav. Why does the smoke alarm always beep in the middle of the night? I tried to ignore it but at 2:45 had to trek to the garage for the ladder and back upstairs to change the battery in the smoke alarm. Ugh! Noon: Yv2: MYB
6. P30: Pump Lower Body + Bonus Extended Stretch & ZUMBA LIVE CONCERT: 20 Min Workout. I went to bed at 7pm yesterday, slept until 4:30 this morning. .
7. ZUMBA: Strong + Yv2: WISI. Tabatacise was on the menu but my inner bunny rabbit is on vacation, so went with Strong, which is mixed impact.
8. CL: Love Me Some Kickboxing + P30: Mobility Basics Timesaver: Mobility Strength + Yv2: RIO. The transitions in the Mobility timesaver are kind of clunky and abrupt. Still got a good workout.
9. Happy Mother’s Day!!! CL # 154: Metabolic Madness + KEONI: #36 Fun Retro & KEONI: #37: Latin Mother’s Day Workout. It’s been awhile since I visited with Keoni. The Mother’s Day W/O was posted this morning and is with his mom. It’s so fun and you can see where he gets his talent & charisma. It made me smile, plus it was fun!. MM was a sub for Super Cuts. P.M. Yv2: SS


10. CL #148: Warrior Kickboxing
11. rest day…ASAS - I enjoyed Zumba Advanced, Beto is so young and kind of a goofball sometimes. CL is Cathe Live, Keoni is Reps to the Rhythm on YT. He is such a cutie with a beautiful smile. Great music too, most of the time. Good walking/dance workouts to do with your daughter.
12. XTRAIN: Burn Sets Chest, Back, Shoulders + CRUNCH: Fat Burning Blast, 22 mins
13. P30: Low Impact Hiit + XTRAIN: Burn Sets Biceps & Triceps + Yv2: MYB
14. P30: High Impact Hiit + BODY GROOVE: Dance Your Heart Out - Workout#1. Got my 2nd Pfizer jab this afternoon. P.M. Yv2: WISI
15. KEONI: #32 - Fast Paced 3000 Steps + Trampoline, 15mins + P30 PERFECT FLOW: Timesaver Yoga Strength & Flexibility, 20mins. I started doing Tramp It #12 but wasn’t feeling it after 10 mins, then did 5 minutes of a JLO music tramp routine but wasn’t feeling that either. I looked at 2 low impact cardio/walk workouts but they were not on the beat in both workouts. P.M. Yv2: RIO
16. XTRAIN: Cardio Leg Blast Timesaver 1-6 + Yv2: SS. P.M. Yv2: MYB

Next Rotation - Definitely doing a, mostly, generic/hybrid/fusion XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating Rotation but in a format similar to STS’ 6.5 month rotation. I plan to repeat weeks, ie Week 1 and Week 1 again before moving on. The first week may or may not have a lot of substitutions but when I repeat Week 1 the workouts will be all subs (S) using Cathe’s other weight series like PS or GS or other instructor workouts. The goal is to complete 6 months but who knows how long I’ll continue. I’ll also take a week off every 8 weeks.

6.5 Months Fusion/Hybrid XTRAIN - Week 1

17. XTRAIN: Chest, Back & Shoulders Timesaver 1-4, 32 mins + ZUMBA BLITZ: Power Up, 20mins + BRAZILIAN DANCE: Samba Reggae, 12 mins. Mid-day. BODY GROVE: Dance Your Heart Out - W/O #2. P.M. YV2: WISI. I really like the Body Grooves, at first I felt like “why did I spend money for these workouts that are freestyle movement that I can do myself?” but the more I do the workouts, the more I realize that I need this type of loosely structured easy movement as part of my fitness journey.
18. (S) Cathe’s Lower Body Blast. Whew! That got me sweating! FOLV - Your little kettlebell lady would fit in nicely with Cathe & Crew. They’re wearing your colors. I remember doing this workout a time or two but it’s been a very long time since I last did this workout. These group of no name series is when we were introduced to Nancy & Amanda. I wonder about Nancy sometimes. IIRC she is from Canada (travel cost) which is maybe why Cathe didn’t use her again. And of course, I miss Amanda. You know who is no Amanda!
19. (S) Rockout Knockout + KS LATIN RHYTHM: Latin Basics. Latin Rhythm is much better when I play my Latin playlist. Kathy uses a live band which was probably great when this workout was first created but the music is just ok in 2021.
20. rest day…
21. XTRAIN: Bi’s & Tri’s + JS 4 MILE POWER WALK: Mile 1. Mid-morning: JS 4MW: Mile 2 & 3. P.M. Yv2: RIO. I enjoyed Jessica’s walks today.
22. XTRAIN: Legs (Standing + Barre) + JS 4MW: Mile 4. After our family Zoom meet, did CIZE: Crazy 8’s. I started with Autumn’s Country Heat but my impression each time that I do one of these is that she has no natural dance abilities, like she is counting those 8 counts in her head instead of letting the music guide her. The watch me thing before each move is annoying especially since the moves are simple. I only lasted about 10 minutes before moving on to CIZE.
23. (S) JILLIAN MICHAELS Banish Fat Boost Metabolism + KS REJUVENATION: Stretch & Flex. BFBM is a cardio PHA workout. Always gets me even if it is an intermediate workout. P.M. CHRISTI TAYLOR: Totally Hot Cardio. So many great songs in this workout.
24. rest day…


25. (S) LIS Upper Body Trisets - Chest, Shoulders & Triceps Premix + JAZZERCISE: Dance Hiit Pure Cardio. Dance Hiit was a lot of fun. I’ve had this workout since it was released and today was my first time doing it. Love, this is going in a rotation with my my beloved Yv2 workouts..
26. (S) ICE: Chiseled Lower Body Blast + WW Ultimate Dance Party: Cardio Club P.M. Yv2: WISI
27. (S) PATRICK G/HEATHER C.: Kickbox Burn. P.M. ZUMBA COUNTRY: Burn It Up
28. (S) LIS: Upper Body Trisets: Back, Biceps & Core Premix + ZUMBA: Rush. P.M. Yv2: WISI
29. (S) Lean Legs & Abs + CIZE: You Got This. Lots of fun with Shaun T even though this is a TIFT-fest. Burned lots of calories. P.M. ROCKIN’ BODY: Mark, Move & Groove, 15mins. Rockin’ Body is filmed before a live audience, kind of weird if I’m honest. Shaun & Crew on stage, the seats are packed and the audience are just watching everyone on stage do the routines. I wonder if this was filmed at one of Beach Body’s summits. I think I would be bored if I was watching this as it was being filmed. Shaun T is as charming as ever.
30. (S) RWH: Low Impact Hiit One & Two Combined. Boy was I sucking wind. . P.M. ZUMBA: Dance, Dance + CIZE: All Out. I was going to take a quick look at All Out but the beat grabbed me and before I knew it the workout was over. Lots of fun.


31. XTRAIN: Burn Sets Chest, Back & Shoulders (2 sets) + LIS: Yoga Relax Express #1 (14mins)
formerly TheTerminator2B
*STS 1/20 - 5/20 * FT/ICE/LIS/Generic 90 Day 1/20 *XT 90 Day - 7/19 - 10/19 *90 Day Body BEAST Rotation, 09/16 - 12/16, 01/17 - 4/17 *90 Day Undulating XT/ICE/RWH Fusion Rotation 2/16 - 5/16 *3 Month STS/LIS Transformation Rotation 10/15 - 1/31/16 *XT/Hybrid 90 Day Undulating Rotation 11/13 - 2/15/14, 9/14 - 1/3/15 *Jillian Michaels Body Revolution - 4/12 *RKS (3 rounds) - 9/11. *STS Timesaver Rotation Grad - 8/10 *Insanity Grad - 9/09
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Missing you rotation

May This month will be my version of Cathe's April 2021 Rock bottoms rotation which will be a mix of Cathe, Lauren Brooks, Tracie Long, CS, yoga and pilates.
2.Luscious and lean warmup plus PPS challenge day 12 plus Cathe BBW; Ellen Burn and Firm
3. Mobility warmup with Lower body Kettlebell workout plus PPS challenge day 13 and Brooks luscious and lean cooldown
4. Lauren Brooks Sexy strength warmup ; PPS challenge #14 plus Cathe RWH upper premix no blasts.
5. Tracie Long Reboot#2 warmup, 200 tactical walking lunges plus Lauren Brooks sexy strength warmup plus BBW and CS #402 slenderize and tone
6.PPS Day #15 plus yoga zone for abs
7. Tracie Long sig series #1 warmup Cathe PHA3 premix with ab stacker; PPS Day #16 and extended stretch Finished the PPS Challenge today..woot hooah yeahhh Baby!!
8. Rest
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Word for 2021: Resilience
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It's May!

1 Rest Day
2 Rest Day
3 Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Trisha - 30 minutes & Restore with Allison - 15 minutes
4 Dog Walk - 30 minutes
5 Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Dustin - 35 minutes
6 Rest Day
7 Pahla B - May 7th Workout Walking with Weights - 25 minutes & Full Body Stretch - 20 minutes
8 Pahla B - May 1st Workout Happy Cardio - 25 minutes
9 Rest Day
10 Dog Walk - 40 minutes
11 Barre3 - Strength Conditioning with Kelly - 35 minutes
12 Rest Day (hamstring)
13 Caroline Jordan - Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis Pain - 15 minutes
14 Allaire Back Fitness - Season 1, Episode 3 - 25 minutes; Caroline Jordan - Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis Pain, Part 2 - 15 minutes
15 Caroline Jordan - Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis Pain - 15 minutes; Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs: Warmup & Level 1 Pilates - 15 minutes
16 Caroline Sandry - Total Body Tone: Total Body workout - 11 minutes; Caroline Jordan - Floor Work for Lower Body Using a Mini Band - 15 minutes
17 Workout Hotel - Barre Arms & Abs Burner - 20 minutes; Caroline Sandry - 30 Days Yoga & Pilates: Lower Body - 25 minutes
18 Pahla B - May #2 Belly Slimming Workout with Weights - 25 minutes; Caroline Sandry - Pilates for Posture - 10 minutes
19 Caroline Jordan - Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis Pain - 15 minutes; Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs: Standing Abs - 10 minutes; Dog Walk - 30 minutes
20 Caroline Sandry - Total Body Tone: Core - 10 minutes; Dog Walk - 30 minutes
21 Rest Day
22 Caroline Sandry - 30 Days to Flat Abs: Level Two Pilates - 10 minutes & 30 Days Yoga & Pilates: Band Strengthening Workout - 10 minutes; Caroline Jordan - Floor Work for Lower Body Using a Mini Band - 15 minutes; Sarah Starr - Happy Yoga: Chair Yoga - Total Body Refresher - 15 minutes
23 Rest Day - yardwork
24 Dog Walk - 30 minutes
25 Jessica Valant Pilates - Pilates for Hypermobility (YouTube version) - 17 minutes; Caroline Sandry - Total Body Tone: Booty - 10 minutes
26 Senior Shape - Easy Barre Arm Toning with Dumbbells - 10 minutes & Mini Loop Band Butt Workout - 14 minutes
27 Senior Shape - Band Strength - 33 minutes, Legs & Glutes - 10 minutes, & Gentle Chair Yoga - 15 minutes
28 Jessica Smith - 30 Minute HIIT Walk; Caroline Sandry - Total Body Tone: Legs - 10 minutes; Jessica Smith - 6 Mile Mix - Bonus Stretch - 5 minutes
29 Rest Day - yardwork
30 Jessica Smith - Strength Interval Walk; Theresa Rowe - YouTube - Leg Workout - 15 minutes
31 Pahla B - Day 8 - Body Shaping Plan - 30 minutes

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I will be finishing up Caroline Girvan's Epic II program this month (probably within the next 2 weeks depending on how many lazy days I take). I will finish off the month focusing on cardio.

1. Full Body
2. Tabata Hiit
3. Circuits
4. Spin with Lars #12 60 min ride
5. 2.25 mile walk; Proactive Pushups
6. nothing
7. Abs and Glutes
8. Total Body and Complexes
9. Cycling Sophie 30 min ride
10. nothing
11. Legs
12. Delts and Calves
13. Calisthenics
14. Full Body Today concludes Epic II. I will take my measurements tomorrow. If nothing else, I have gained strength in my shoulders, can do more push ups from the toes and feel like I should increase weight for bicep curls, however, that would be a 5lb jump using the weights I have. That seems like a big jump for biceps but I won't know until I try.

Time to focus on cardio.
15. Joe Alvarado Pyramid 40 min ride
16. TreadChic 45 min t/m walk
17. nothing
18. RI:ID Endurance Ride 60 min ride
19. GroWithJo Cardio Kickboxing
20. SSoD Shut Up and Dance Cycle 60 min ride
21. 2.23 mile walk
22. Growingannanas 30 min No Jumping Low Impact; Kaleigh Cohen Fierce Tabata 20 min ride
23. SSoD Anniversary Ride 90min
24. nothing
25. FitScope Intermediate Rhythm with David 45 min ride
26. nothing
27. Angie Fitness TV Kickboxing and Tabata Drills
28. Joe Alvarado Discipline and Distance 40 min ride
29. 3.15 mile hike
30. Spin with Lars Spin with a Smile 60 min ride
31. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness Rhythm Ride 60 min
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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1 - Caroline Jordan - Hip, Butt and Thigh Mini Loop Band Workout; Yoga w/ Bird - 5 Min Morning Yoga; long outdoor walk
2 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion II, outdoor walk (medium length)
3 - Ellen - Modern Interval
4 - Rest day (COVID Vaccine side effects)
5 - Rest day (recovering from COVID vaccines side effects)
6 - Ellen - Quick Tone; 360 Stretch; short outdoor walk
7 - Ellen - Walk with Weights
8 - Jenny Ford - Basic Step - Zion; Blessful Body - Flowing Alignment; outdoor walk
9 - Prayer Flow; outdoor walk
10 - Lucy Wyndham Read - Get Ready for Summer Challenge Day # 1 (Cardio & Abs); Caroline Jordan - Active Recovery Day; outdoor walk
11 - Ellen Ballet Sculpt, Quick Cardio; Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine Part 1; LWR - Summer Challenge Day # 2; outdoor walk
12 - LWR - Summer Challenge Day # 3, Jessica Valent - Pilates for Every Body
13 - LWR - Summer Challenge Day # 4, Caroline Jordan - Hip Mobility Routine; outdoor walk
14 - LWR - Summer Challenge Day # 5; Jessica Valent - Pilates for Hip Pain
15 - CS 1202; Margaret Richard - My Body Of Work - Volume 1, Program A, outdoor walk
16 - Kathy Smith - New Yoga (Standing portion); outdoor walk
17 - Ellen - Pilates Mix; LWR Summer Challenge, Week 2 - Day 1
18 - Ellen - Lengthen, Strengthen and Breathe; short walk
19 - Yoga w/ Adriene - Yoga for Upper Body; 12 Min Core Conditioning; Ellen - Moving Meditation
20 - Pahla B - May Playlist Day # 1- Happy Cardio, Yoga w/ Kassandra Morning Twist and Stretch; outdoor walk
21 - Pahla B - May Playlist Day # 2 - Belly Slimming Strength Workout, Yoga w/ Kassandra Yoga Warm-up; Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Practice 1st half
22 - Pahla B - May Playlist Day # 3 - Power Walk, Yoga w/ Kassandra - Slow Stretch for Hips; outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Pilates for Hip Pain
23 - Jenny Ford - Step & Weights in Montana; Karen Voight - Core Conditioning & Stretch - Hips and Glute stretch; outdoor walk
24 - Karen Voight - Ballet Sculpt
25 - Gilad - 30 Day Anniversary Program, Day # 1; Man Flow Yoga - Challenge Day 1; outdoor walk
26 - Pahla B - May Playlist Day # 5- Cardio & Weights, Man Flow Yoga - 7 Day challenge Day 2 - Hip Flexibility
27 - Pahla B - May Playlist Day # 6 - Body Weight Toning, Man Flow Yoga - 7 Day Challenge Day 3 - Morning Yoga, outdoor walk
28 - Pahla B - May Playlist Day # 7 - Walk w/ Weights, Man Flow Yoga - 7 Day Challenge Day 4 - Core work
29 - Jenny Ford - Beginner Step, Trifecta Pilates -15 Min Pilates for Abs, outdoor walk
30 - Ellen - Pilates Mix (feeling off today), outdoor walk
31 - Ellen - Stretch Sculpt, Quick Fix, outdoor walk (short)
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I'm not a typical grandma!

Body by Cathe, Chalene and Dr. Niccole

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-Eleanor Roosevelt

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And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly....on a broomstick...we are flexible like that
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Gotta love Maxine:
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just the workouts

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