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Old 04-02-21, 07:20 AM  
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Location: Québec City (Canada)
I'm a day late but I just wanted to pop in and say "Rabbit, rabbit".
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Old 04-02-21, 09:26 AM  
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Happy Friday to All!

Opening day at Shea Stadium is April 8th and we went to opening day of the Yankees (a family ritual and many of us have season tickets)). There were a ton of restrictions and the fans were widely spread out We usually have a big family get-together at the stadium but alas not this year again! I only wish that it was a lovely Spring day but it was overcast/

I am continuing to do my ES strength program. I will complete week twelve tomorrow. I am still mixing things up with cardio and metabolic workouts throughout the week.

Kate and Manelym- I too love gardening.

Manelym and Cataddict
– your talk about CL 340 is making me miss CL
(just a little bit).

Bee- I hope that your husband’s recovery is going well. I will come to help you with gardening and we can workout together! Well, maybe one day when this pandemic finally ends.

I too love Pyramid Pump.

Mickey- I much prefer Travis. I am not particularly drawn to Lauren.

Garrie- It sound like you have a lot going home. I love to renovate. What type of renovations are you and your SO planning? I like Sagi and Body Beast. I have done complete rotations of Body Beast. Let us know how you enjoyed your round of Body Beast. Working at a bookstore sound fabulous. My favorite hobby is reading (and cooking).

Bee and Kate- I
have also done the free Body Project workouts

Have a great weekend!
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Old 04-02-21, 12:41 PM  
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Oh, yes.... rabbit, rabbit! I missed it this month, Nathalie!!

horusosiris, nice to see you! I'm so happy to hear you at least got to go to Yankee Stadium opening day. Bummer about Shea. Yes, come here and help me straighten out my garden and let's work out together! It'll be an easy workout day for you. Oh, my garden..... wow, needs so much work in between the beds! It's so overgrown.

Well, as promised, sort of.... I at least tried Cardio Slam this morning. I modified some, and..... I couldn't get through it. Not quite sure what is going on but my energy is just not here right now. I think tomorrow I may take a real rest day. It occurred to me that I have been jumping on the outdoor trampoline -- just a couple of times throughout the day. Not sure that would be zapping me like this though. Maybe I was more stressed about the surgery than I realized.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a lovely day.
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 04-02-21, 12:50 PM  
Garrie A.
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Body Beast: Build Shoulders

Cathe's Butts & Gutts (subbing the stability ball abs in place of the main abs)

Butts & Gutts never gets easier! I used 8 lb. dumbbells for all the dumbbell exercises, a 55 lb. barbell for deadlifts, a 40 lb. barbell for the squats, Cathe's medium firewalker band, and 2.5 lb. ankle weights (for the floor work when called for). How people do this workout with much heavier weights (and even a weighted vest), I haven't the slightest clue.

I should clarify: I'm not moving in with SO right away. When my parents renovated my deceased maternal grandmother's house after she died (five years ago), it took from March to around September to complete the renovations, then we started moving, finally completing everything by November. SO and I are planning to take a "divide and conquer" approach, starting with the roof then working our way slowly through each room. He knows I love my home gym, so of course we plan on turning one of the rooms into one.

Horusosiris: So far I like Body Beast, even though I'm only a week into it. I like how the workouts are structured, and the back work is some of the best I've ever done. My only quibble is that Sagi sometimes speeds through the reps (particularly the bicep work in Build Back/Bis). I can keep up if I start right before his "On my cue: 1, 2, and..." Occasionally I have to take a longer rest, since I also use a weighted vest for the parallel squats in Build Legs. Right now I'm following a modified version of the Lean Beast rotation, adding in a second lower body day (glute-focused) and subbing Beast Cardio + Abs for a Peloton ride. I'm not giving up Peloton! Oh, and also adding four sets of barbell hip thrusts to Build Legs, similar in structure to the single sets in that one. In between each phase I plan on doing a week of slightly increased cardio, barre, and yoga.

ChelePA: Yes! I haven't tried all the Peloton cycling trainers, but so far my two favorites are Denis Morton and Ally Love. I've taken several rides with Denis, and just click with his straightforward yet friendly personality. He also does the best job of timing changes in the ride with the music, and follows the music very well. Plus, he is very easy on the eyes and I love his physique (arms and shoulders in particular). Ally is upbeat and friendly, and helped to put a smile on my face after a stressful day. Her 45 min 80s Ride from 9/1/2019 is so far my favorite Peloton ride that I've taken. Denis Morton's 45 min 80s Ride from 1/26/2021 is a close second. I've also taken classes from Hannah Corbin (adorable yet low-key), Cody Rigsby (upbeat and chatty; I can only take him in small doses), and Ben Alldis (friendly and professional). Most of the rides on my to-do list are by Denis, Ally, and Ben although I do want to try one of Alex Toussaint's popular "Club Bangers" rides.

Kate: I work in a community college bookstore, and all we sell are college textbooks, supplies, clothing, and gifts. We also sell laptops during our big semesters (Spring and Fall). It's been a long time since I've done any of Michelle's Peak 10 workouts. Her Cardio Interval Burn ones are some of my favorites.

Kim: That new mat sounds wonderful!

Waves all around! Happy Friday!
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"I will now demonstrate an exercise that's not stupid."-Briannah Jewel

"Be good out there. If you can't be good, be careful."-Denis Morton

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Old 04-02-21, 01:34 PM  
Join Date: May 2018
Hi All!

Quick check in. I hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday I did Heather's Day 2: Back Sculpting Upper Body Strength Workout + Upper Body Strength Workout with Dumbbells. I really liked both workouts and thought they worked really well together. So another question for ya'll. For those of you who do two workouts back-to-back - do you pause the 1st workout before the cool down (if there is one), then do the 2nd workout, and come back to the cool down from the 1st workout? I do, so I was just wondering how ya'll did them. I do workout 1, pause at cool down (if there is one), do workout 2, and then both cool downs, or whatever cool down is offered.

Looks like there are some good workouts in week 2 of Heather's rotation.

Thursday was Cathe Live Lots of Legs #341. Again, really liked it and thought it worked well with Heather's workouts from the week. I was glad it was lower body since I had done Heather's upper body on Wednesday. I finished with Flow To Go Yoga Class - Five Parks Yoga, and it was a GREAT stretch. I haven't been doing any extra yoga or stretching because work has been so busy, so this workout felt REALLY GOOD!

For Fun Friday (today - also Good Friday) I did Cathe Live #27 Solid Cardio Plus Hiit. I loved it! It was a GREAT cardio workout and flew by. There was alot of variety - steady state, low impact, kickboxing, blasts. And there was a class since this was an earlier Live. Technology didn't seem as great - a few glitches here and there and the camera wasn't as sharp, but it didn't impact the workout at all. Then I did Power Yoga "Bend Don't Break" with Travis Eliot. It was good. There were some hard moves in it! I couldn't do the balance pose with your knee touching elbow and other arm extended. Yikes! Overall a good workout, with some tough moves.

Hope to catch up more later!
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Old 04-03-21, 07:07 PM  
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Horusosiris thanks for the validation about Travis over Lauren. I had some guilt because Lauren's practices are just fine, but I am so drawn to Travis. I'm glad you feel that way too.

Bee I hope you took a rest day and are feeling better. I would bet your husband's surgery and the related worry was the reason for your off day. Sometimes I think we think we're performing well and handling everything when maybe we're not. I hope you both are feeling better soon.

Today I did Travis's Break on Through practice. It was only 45 minutes but I found it harder than I thought I would. I don't know why. There weren't any crazy poses, nothing held too long. Hey, Bee I think it was you that said you wished the names of the practices had more of a description of what type of class it was. If you click on the practice, the next screen gives an overview of the type of class. I'm not sure if you knew that.

Cataddict I hope your husband is healing ok as well.

Wishing everyone has a great weekend and enjoyable Easter if you celebrate. We're going to my sister-in-law's for dinner. We have not seen them for many months so it will be nice. I'm making orange and olive salad. Anyone here ever heard of it? I had not until I met my husband. He's Italian and his family has it all the time. It's just oranges, cut in bite size pieces with black olives cut in half. Mix together and drizzle with a little olive oil. Serve chilled or room temperature.
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Old 04-04-21, 11:01 AM  
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Location: Québec City (Canada)
Happy Easter Watulans!

Even though we can't see family, at least, it's a beautiful alomost spring-like day! As soon as I finish this, I'm going to my parents house to say Hi (outside!) and give them some chocolate.

Today, I did Perfect 30 Low impact cardio followed by Perfect 30 UB. I added the rear delts potion of RWH as I find they hadn't been worked very hard. I ended with PH abs.

My usual Thursday workout was done on Friday as we're going back into confinment (again!) for 10 days and non-essential stores were closing Thursday. I had some shoes to bring back and a few non-essential errands to run so I took the afternoon off to do them. I wish the vaccination process was faster. At least, the more vulnerable older people are vaccinated but with the variants, younger people (who heven't been vaccinated yet) get sick and they're starting to crowd the hospitals.

So Friday was a leg day. I did Live 250 Cardio leg block followed by the standing portion of Fit tower legs.

I hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!
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Old 04-04-21, 05:14 PM  
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Hello Watulans and yes, happy Easter to those who celebrate! We don't make much of it, but we are going to be watching basketball soon. I'm glad to hear some of your will be able to see family -- how nice!! Kim, that orange and olive salad sounds really intriguing! I would never have thought to put those flavors together but I want to try!

Thanks for the tip on the descriptions..... I keep trying to find descriptions of the Detox classes but I must be looking at it wrong because I haven't found them yet. That Saffron mat is gorgeous by the way!!!

manleym, I'm going to have to remember that Five Parks stretch -- sounds like a good one!!

Oh, yes, I had a rest day yesterday -- I was so lazy all day long!! So nice. And then today I did my next day in the Detox yoga series..... it was a Lauren class. Cannot remember the name but I really liked it.

Ok, I think it's time for basketball....... xox
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 04-04-21, 07:19 PM  
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Between the men’s game last night and the women’s championship game just now—This has been some awesome basketball!
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Old 04-04-21, 07:49 PM  
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Bee I see what you mean about not being able to see the descriptions of the Yoga Detox classes. The only way to see them is to do a search. I did a type of yoga search, Yin, for instance. Then all the yin classes on the website come up, including those from Yoga Detox. If you click on the class, the next screen shows the description. It's very awkward if you're just trying to figure out what each class from Yoga Detox is about.

Today I did a Jenny Ford Walk Across America workout from Delaware. I love the concept of a workout filmed in every state. I think it's brilliant. All the workouts are pretty similar and basic, but I love the different scenery. Tonight I did the Letting Go practice with Travis from Yoga Detox. This was the yin class and it was excellent. Bee I think you mentioned doing it not too long ago. I really liked it.

It's the start of another week, Watulans. I hope everyone has a great one!
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watulan check-in

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