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Old 05-09-12, 12:13 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2004
Argh....I still can't do a pull up or chin up in p90x

No matter how many times I've done p90x, I STILL CAN'T DO 1 STINKIN PULL UP OR CHIN UP WITHOUT ASSISTANCE. I've been working out for many years now to P90x, s90, Cathe, Amy Bento, Turbo Fire, Chalene Extreme, Jillian Michaels, and consider myself pretty fit. I don't want to brag however, because I can't keep up with Cathe when it comes to "big boy" pushups. But when it comes time to do either chin ups or pull ups in P90x, I still do, to this day, use a chair for assistance, or resistance bands like the modifier does. I don't know if it's a guy thing to be able to do pull ups because they have more testosterone than ladies do, but I'm still unable to do a chin up or pull up to save my life, and it's frustrating. Do you ladies out there have this same problem even when you workout regularly & faithfully?
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Old 05-09-12, 12:45 PM  
Join Date: Jan 2009
Yes, I can't do pushups. I have to do them on my knees even after all this time. When I do them on my toes I can't go very deep. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! I never feel them in my chest, where you are supposed to. I only feel them in my shoulders and they feel like they're going to snap. I have tried different head and hand positions and I can't get it. I can, however, do a few chatarungas (the down part), but the up part gets me every time. Now down dog shoulder pushups I can totally do. Walking planks I can do. Side lying one arm tricep pushups I can do. I just don't get regular pushups.

Pull ups I do under my fluidity bar with my feet on the floor (like bridge). I am quite certain that I could not do a single regular pull up to save my life.

I'm so ashamed
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Old 05-09-12, 02:49 PM  
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Join Date: Nov 2001
Do you feel you have short arms for your frame?

I too have these troubles and I am 5'4.5, pear shaped, and have what I think of as slightly shorter arms than I should for my height. I know this sounds weird and OCD, but I have trouble with burpees as well... and if I use slight elevation my results are much much better.
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Old 05-09-12, 02:56 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Georgia
There are also some people who can't do full pull ups. Ever. It's fine, IMO. I think doing a modified version or just trying itself is where the work is.
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Old 05-09-12, 03:17 PM  
Join Date: May 2008
Location: On Canada 💗
I do a lot of lat pull downs.. i think they helped in me being able to do pull ups. I could do maybe one or two of each type on my own (after only being able to do just an ok one.. it took a while).. but i needed to assist after that or like you go to the bands. After doing very heavy lat pull downs for a while or heavy for me (60lbs).. i am now able to do about 20 pull ups.. but not all in one shot i take a rest. I am on a challenge to get to 50..

So just keep at it and build the muscle strenght and you will one day be able to knock them out!! And if you feel that you cannot.. no biggie.. you can still get a great workout and an awesome back by doing the with assistance or the bands.. do not sweat it! Good luck!!
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Old 05-09-12, 03:22 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2003
I couldn't do them as a child and I can't do them now and I have tried. I tried focusing on just holding myself up to build strength that way (and nearly blew out a bicep); I tried focusing on the negative (slow controlled drop). I tried with a chair. I tried with superbands. I have a suspension system, and I can push myself up on the suspended handles and work my back and core that way, but again, so pullup gains. It is not going to happen. If I am ever in a situation where my life depends on my ability to pull myself up without being able to use my legs, I'm a goner. Probably even with the legs involved I'm a goner.

<pause while I imagine ... having to climb a rope for a helicopter rescue....hanging from the edge of a window sill or, hanging on to a moving plane....trying to pull myself up on a moving train...>

I'm probably not engaging the right muscles, and what I've found is in those cases, I need to find an exercise that builds the inactive muscles so that I can actually feel them and concentrate on using them. I do lat pulls and shoulder work. Still no improvement. Lately my focus has been more on opening my chest and shoulders, which feels great. I can't imagine a pullup ever feeling great!

Pullups, shmullups is my opinion. I do like the superbands, boing! boing! boing!
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Old 05-09-12, 03:34 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: In a plank position
Pull-ups have a significant core component in addition to upper body strength. You might try working on core strength and see if that helps.

Everything, I think, is all about the core. I was amazed how much my balance improved after working diligently on core strength for a few months.
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Old 05-09-12, 04:11 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2003
I've been doing core workouts 2-3 times a week for 2 years now. My core strength isn't exceptional, but it's good.
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Old 05-09-12, 04:56 PM  
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Originally Posted by cherimac View Post
There are also some people who can't do full pull ups. Ever. It's fine, IMO. I think doing a modified version or just trying itself is where the work is.
I agree and I actually can do a couple, although I can't seem to progress any.

I also love working with the bands and I can feel it so I figure it's still working. But I can also understand the frustration of not being able to work up to something when you try so hard. I'm sure all of us struggle with something.
Jumping for joy is good exercise.
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Old 05-09-12, 07:49 PM  
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Location: Catskill Mountain area of NY
I also have done P90X a few times, S90, CLX, STS and other Cathe weight workouts and Jari, and I still can not do an unassisted pull up, and typcially use the bands. I agree it is very frustrating.

I do often notice improvements with push-ups. I can't keep up with Cathe, but have done 20 on my toes in a row during P90X. After that it is on my toes. Sometimes I suprise myself with the Push up drop sets in some of Cathe and Jari's workouts. Typically only have to go to my toes when they are two counts up/down.

I do have pretty good core strength, but maybe it's not good enough for the pull up....
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chin ups, chinups, p90x, pull ups, pull-ups, pullups

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