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The Sufferfest App

(I apologize if this has already been posted but a search didn't turn up any previous threads.)

The Sufferfest has an app and it's fantastic After an initial 7-day free trial, it's $10 a month and it gives you access to their entire workout library PLUS a bunch of videos that are exclusive to the app. These include several cycling workouts (full-length, Sufferfest workouts complete with awesome music, sarcastic humour, lots of suffering, etc.), yoga workouts, stretching workouts, breathing/meditations and, my personal favourites, some mashup videos (ie., they've combined Revolver + Half is Easy to make a 45 minute workout called "Revolver is Easy", which I highly doubt, and they've combined Do As You're Told + The Rookie + Angels to make a 55 workout called "Told Off by Angels"). I can't wait to try these mashups

Even though I own most of their workouts already I'm trying it out for the 7 days so that I can try the exclusive videos. This is a great way for people who have been curious about the Sufferfest to try it out
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