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Originally Posted by AKatF View Post
crazy.... never know what a torrent was. I am surprised that these torrent sites and such aren't shut down by the powers that be.

I have to admit- years ago I purchased a winsor pilates DVD. The seller on Ebay said- Winsor pilates power sculpting series- 4 workouts on 1 dvd. Nothing else stated. This person had perfect feedback in the thousands... I bough the DVD only to discover that it was a bootled/burned DVD where she had put all 4 of the workouts on 1 DVD, not what I thought I was buying at all. This person sold hundered and hundreds after me, but was shut down at some point.
They do get shut down sometimes. Either the owners migrate to another server and domain or someone new starts the whole thing up again. For copyright holders, it's a losing battle. It's like the drug trade. Take one organization down, another pops up in its place.

Ebay has a staggering number of bootlegs being sold there. They know about it, but insist on the Ebay community policing auctions rather than doing it themselves.
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