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Arrow Just The Workouts~~JULY, 2022~~Everyone is Welcome!~~

July, 2022

Hoping to stay consistent with my walks this month and inserting weight work & yoga. I cancelled CL but may resubscribe again when I get tired of walking, LOL. I have about 3 "for sures" and 2 "maybes" CL's to purchase, so I made some headway.

27- 3.59 Mile Walk; Yvette #161 (30 Min. Weights: Chest, Shoulders, Ab Circuits - 2 x thru); Mady's BPR; Mow Max (2 mile walk) 1003 cal burn (from walk to walk).
28- Rest Day
29- 4.29 mile walk; Mady's BPR 522 cal burn
30- 3.51 mile walk; Cathe's Flex Train (TS-no core premix=47 min.); Mady's BPR 736 cal burn

1 - Yvette Fit #190 (30 Min. BOSU HiiT Workout); 1.6 miles TM intervals/inclines; Cathe P30 (Mobility) This Yvette was more of a steady-state workout to me but nice & short when it's threatening rain outside. She used different music that had a fun beat! I did add on 1.6 miles of TM intervals/incline work to bump up my calorie burn. Cathe's stretch felt great and much needed. 435 cal burn
2 - Cathe Live #351 (Intense Upper Body=54 min.); 2.50 mile walk; Mady's BPR I just love this Live sooo much! Triceps are worked first in this giant set format and love that I'm fresh and can go heavier. But my word, after the w/u, my muscles were fatigued already!! Al is in this one so it's enjoyable for me and Cathe is a hoot in this, LOL. Each muscle group is thoroughly burnt(!) before moving to the next group...such a solid workout. I used 5's-25# and by the time I got outside for my walk, my energy level was waning so it was a slower walk (the humidity may have played a role and maybe the after effects of too much indulging last night, too!). Good workout, ntl. 786 cal burn
3 - out of town (lots of walking)
4 - out of town (Rest)

Kind of flailing around, not knowing what workouts I want to do this month, I read some ideas on the GD and decided to try YT's Tiff & Dan's 6 Week Shred Workout Program and also including walking/yoga and the occasional Yvette. I'll see how that goes for now..
5 - 3.33 Mile Walk; Five Parks Yoga (Hands Free & Wrist Free Balance Yoga Class); Mady's BPR Today was the worst day for high humidity so far and was tough being out there on my walk...surprised I even made it 3 miles! 403 cal burn
6 - Cathe PPump (w/u); Shred Workout Program - Day 1 (40 Min. Complete Lower Body Workout); 2.2 mile TM intervals; Mady's BPR These workouts don't include a w/u or stretch (he does have one w/u to use but I prefer Cathe or Yvette), so it was a 40 min. total weight workout. Wow, Dan is such a breath of fresh air! Love his style and PACE of the reps--the format is :40/:20 & I usually got in 8-12 reps or more. The music isn't annoying and he is def eye candy! I kept my weights a little lighter not knowing what to expect, and was a sweaty mess when done. Really liked the hamstring work! Haven't seen many exercises similar to those. Got a great workout and think his program will be a good fit for me. I added on my finisher of 2 mile walk/run and Mady's stretch. Such a sweatfest today!!! 511 cal burn
7 - 4.36 mile walk; Day 3 (30 Min. Total Body HiiT Cardio Workout & Abs); Mady's BPR; Michelle's Yin Yoga It was much cooler for my walk today - I got a good pace going again and it felt great to be out there! I matched my 5K time again...these new Brooks Ghost Runners just make me glide!! (I hope that is still the case when it's more humid, too!) I'm going to be skipping around Dan's rotation... so I'm not sure how often I'll be doing double cardio days(!) either...I mostly added on Day 3 b/c of the ab work. I wasn't ready for an UB workout today (Day 2), my body is still sore from yesterday's workout - esp. hamstrings and butt, majorly realizing this during the "swimmers"! Yikes! On a day I would've been fresh, this would have been a very good HiiT workout, but I half-assed a lot of the HiiT moves and I did a lot of exercises on my JS since I gave it my all on my walk. Still burned around 200 calories. He hits the obliques very good in this. I don't know why, though, he does zero stretches when he's finished? I hope ppl know to stretch afterward!! I sure need extra stretches but I'm old. A great cardio & core focus today, for sure! 781 cal burn
8 - Cathe w/u; Day 2 (40 Min. Complete Upper Body Dumbbell Workout); Cathe P30 (Mobility) I loved this UB workout! Format is :40/:20 and Dan does no repeat exercises of 2 sets each of 3 different exercises of this order: chest, back, abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and core. I did anywhere from 10 reps to 30 reps depending on the exercise and used 8's-25# with 2# wrist weights. With all the reps, I found it challenging. For a finisher, he does AMRAP of hand release burpees...I just did 15 reg. burpees with a jump and used my step. I was a sweaty mess once again and I had the A/C on with 2 fans! I love how he inserts ab/core work as well in these workouts since I felt I haven't been doing much core isolation work lately. Cathe's stretch felt so nice to add on! 381 cal burn (and a good FB workout today!)
9 - Yvette Fit #102 (45 Min. All Out Cardio Kickboxing); YT (45 Min. Yin Yoga “Super Spine" Class with Travis); Mow Max 1.5 hours/2 mile walk) I enjoy this Yvette class - just simple moves with lots of combos and kicks...a good one for frying the core and is all standing except the last 5 or so minutes where she does floor core work. Wore my 2# wrist weights and my arms are feeling it. Travis' class is like me taking medicine...I know I should do it to feel better but it tastes bad (antsy holding so long) as I go! :0) Loved the supported bridge in this, but I did need to add on spinal twists before shavasana to stretch both sides one last time. My spine felt spectacular when finished, however. 312 cal burn sans MMax
10- Rest Day

11- 3.0 Mile Walk; Day 4 (25 Min. Extreme Abs & Core Workout); Mady's BPR About 1/2 mile from home, I got caught in the rain but I had my ball cap on and rain gear tied around my waist, so I was prepared. Good pace as I was trying to beat the rain LOL. I liked Dan's Core workout - no repeat sequence of :40/:10 format with 10 ab exercises laying on back, then 11 exercises of plank variations, then 7 exercises on back again with a finisher of 2 in plank formation. My wrist appreciated the alternating. Nothing overly challenging with the moves but it's non-stop for 25 min. Liked! 443 cal burn
12- Yvette (w/u); Day 5 (30 Min. Full Body HiiT DB Workout); Day 6 (40 min. Arms & Ab Workout = 29 min. skipping ab segment); Mady (Stretches For Neck, Shoulders, & Upper Back Pain Relief); 2.5 hours of yard work at DS’ (what a gorgeous day!)Liked this Full Body one too--an awesome total body workout that uses a heavier set of weights and a lighter set. Format is :40/:20 with 6 blocks of 5 exercises working upper and lower body with lots of UB/LB combination moves. (Love those). Really liked the Arms & Ab workout also. Format is :40/:20 and works biceps, triceps and abs. I skipped the 11 min. ab segment which was in the middle of the workout since I did a 25 min. ab workout yesterday. Biceps block of 5 exercises is repeated once before moving to tricep block which is repeated also before the abs. I FF'd to the last block of bicep work followed by another block of tricep work, this time 4 exercises each and are not repeated. He ends with a finisher of (looked like wide push-up variations, which I don't get since we weren't working chest?), so I did 75 pull downs instead. I'm not sure Dan intended for these two workouts to be done back to back as it was challenging doing both!! (I kept thinking of Cathe’s latest newsletter where she says “the last 2 reps are the most important!” and that seemed to help me keep at it till the beep!) Arms are fried...great workout today! 471 cal burn
13- 4.06 Mile Walk; YT (30 Min. Power Yoga "Fierce Compassion" with Travis) Great walk today! I took the hilly route...that big hill never gets any easier. Travis' class was excellent! His newest, with a great sequence with balance, flow, awkward airplane (been awhile since I've seen that pose), plank work...aka yogi-style push-ups, mat stretches @ 26 min. I had to add longer spinal twists and happy baby to make my back happy. Great, fierce class! 528 cal burn
14- Yvette (w/u); Day 7 (35 Min. Epic Quad & Calves Workout); Day 8 (30 min. Fat Burning HiiT Workout - No Repeats, No Equipment); Mady's BPR; IT band stretches As far as leg workouts go, I really liked this with a :40/:20 format so I usually got in around 15 reps. I used 20's (1st set), 25's, & 30's and he often used 1 DB so I could match Dan often. For Bulg. Squats off step, I did push dips Cathe style (25#) and 60# for calves (until my grip weakened). I used my step for step ups with 30# and my BOSU to lay over then squat with 1 leg lifted to stand for the Sit to Squat. Awesome modification if I do say so myself!! The music got a little irritating to me in this one - probably since I noticed it more. Also he misspelled Cossack Squats in the exercise list and thought it was a typo but then he flashes across the screen CROSSACK SQUATS when they came up. :/ I don't know why, but that bothered me. Overall, a great workout! Thought I'd check out Day 8 and I was glad I added it on as it was very doable. Lots of burpees & plank work (I used my step) and standing cardio exercises that really works the core too. I used my rebounder for Power Jacks (air jacks) and Spot Sprint (tuck jumps) but other than that, I mostly followed Dan...:20 is not long so that's probably why this one seemed so doable. Lots of up/down toward the end which is a negative for me, but overall, I liked it to kick up my cal burn without feeling wiped with a :20/:20 format without any equipment that sailed by! Like with all these T & D workouts, I always have to make sure I do equal reps on both sides....and like most YT instructors, they like to title everything HiiT. ;0) 569 cal burn
15- Yvette (w/u); Day 9 (25 Min. Brutal Shoulder Workout); Yvette Fit #133 (40 Min. Cardio Boxing Combos with Weights); Mady's BPR; Mady's 30 Min. Full Body Stretch (15 min.) Dan's workout was fantastic! Those Thrusters (squat presses) were tough and they appeared 5 x throughout the workout! Couldn't imagine using 30's like he does!! I used 12's + 2# wrist weights mostly with anywhere from 15-20 reps usually and 25's for the Hip Huggers (via Cathe) in place of Shrugs. Format is :40/:20 with 5 Rounds of 4 sets of shoulder exercises w/ a :45 rest between sets. There's also a complex of 3 exercises used as a finisher. Really enjoyed the layout of this one. Since it was raining and couldn’t go for my walk, I looked for a Yvette that works shoulders (not hard to find!) and this one was perfect as the weighted exercises she does works shoulders with 8's#. And she just doesn't do 6 reps and be done...she goes on and on like usual, usually 15 reps. With my wrist weights, it was like I was using 20# total and with all the reps, my shoulders were cooked!! So after both these workouts, it was indeed, BRUTAL!! Had to cut Mady's last stretch short, as it was already a 1.5 hour workout...but what a GREAT workout for shoulders (+ core) today! 455 cal burn
16- 4.36 Mile Walk; Cathe P30 (Mobility) I beat my 5K time by 5 seconds today! I'll take it! 562 cal burn
17- Rest Day

18 - 3.40 Mile Walk; Five Parks Yoga (Hands Free & Wrist Free Balance Yoga); 2.5 hours of Mow Max/Yard Work (2+ mile walk) Can't get enough of Erin's balance's so good for strengthening ankles and feet. 545 cal burn
19 - Yvette (w/u); Day 10 (Low Impact Full Body HiiT - 56 min.); Mady's BPR I really liked this total body workout! It includes only weight work - no cardio so not sure where the HiiT comes from in the title(?) but not surprised ;0). Format is :40/:20 with 5 rounds of 8 exercises grouped either UB or LB per block. After each block, there's a :45 rest then a 2 min. complex of 5 reps per exercise all repeated until the 2 min. is up. Loved the layout of this one too....very good stuff! For the kneel to squat, I sat on my BOSU then (low) squatted, then stood, bending at waist with legs straight which worked the same muscle groups. I used my step for the burpees and had wrist weights on with 10's, 12's, 15's and 25#. Lots of reps but I didn't mind...great workout and an awesome fat burner. Drenched!! I am really loving Dan and the style/pace of his workouts and look forward to doing them. Mixing them with walks/yoga, I am in workout heaven and having so much fun (my visible results are helping too)! 363 cal burn
20- 3.44 Mile Walk; Mady (15 Min Full Body Stretch); 30 Min. Yard Work at DS' Energy level was really low today! No speed walk but my 5K time was only 3 min. more than my PB, so not too shabby, I guess, considering the humidity level. 435 cal burn
21- Yvette (w/u); Day 11 (30 Min. Chest & Tricep Workout with DB's); Day 12 (40 Min. Back & Bicep Workout w/ DB's); Mady (Stretches for Neck, Shoulders, & Upper Back Pain Relief); a few upper body stretches; 1 Hour Yard Work Arms are cooked! Used my wrist weights (for C&T workout - had to rip them off for the B&B workout!). Format is :40/:20 with regular and isometric lifts with 9 chest exercises, then :40 rest then 9 different exercises, then :40 rest, then 9 tricep exercises, :40 rest then 2 min. complex of AMRAP of chest & tricep exercises. Lots of p/u's in this...I would've liked a little more isolation tricep focus - lots of presses & p/u's that combine the two muscles but easy enough to change it up next time. Day 12 workout was really good too and my arms were fried to begin with. Format is :40/:20 but this workout really seemed like a killer b/c 1) it was an add-on and with all the reps (sometimes up to 20), and 2) he doesn't include any :40 rests in this - just :20 rests after each exercise all the way thru for 40 min...I missed those water breaks! He starts off with 6 exercises of biceps then back is worked for 3/4 of the workout then back to biceps at the end. (Shoulders are indirectly worked with rear delt flyes and upright rows as well). I did cut out one set of the row variations - it just seemed like overkill to me. For the "pull downs" , he does them on the floor raising chest off floor; I used my machine and also for the upright rows. I loved the BW mobility exercises working the back and were very much needed at that point to chuck the weights! Definitely doing both of these workouts back to back was a killer and I got a great workout! 313 cal burn (50 min. in the FB zone today)
22- 4.32 Mile Walk; 10 Min. Power Yoga "Crosstrain" with Travis; 10 Min. Power Yoga "Strength" with Travis Great walk today - I made a circle all the way around the lake and back to my house...this is the route that has lots of curves and I get worried if cars see me coming around the curve b/c of all the foliage but today I wore bright orange and all was well. :0) Love these short Travis classes for a little add-on yoga when short on time. He gets in a whole lot in 10 min. and this one was no joke!
23- Yvette (w/u); Day 14 (30 Min. Leg Day Workout/Lower Body workout with DB's); Yvette #138 (60 min. Step & Leg Mashup = last 26 min. of cardio (used step w/ 1 riser/25# weight); Cathe P30 (Mobility-TS premix); Michelle's Yin Yoga I skipped Day 13 (HiiT cardio--may add that one in at a later date). Leg day! Dan's workout was good...:40/:20 format of (mostly) weighted leg exercises with a BW finisher of 6 moves-each for :30. For the finisher, I wore my ankle weights for a little more burn. I used 20's, 25's, & 32.5# (mostly for the glute bridges). He really works those hamstrings good!!! Not the toughest wtd. leg workout (Cathe has tougher) but it was just right for me at the end of the week and with all my walking, I feel they get enough. I did add on Yvette's leg circuit workout for a little extra bonus leg work mixed with step cardio and I did weighted lower body work only (sometimes Y works upper body). Awesome LB workout!! 404 cal burn [Headed over to mom's to clean her apt...their cleaning lady quit and they are super short of help...ugh.]
24- Rest Day

25- 5.70 Mile Walk; YT Yoga For Runners (& Everyone Else) LIVE 45 min. Charity Class (43/52 min.) w/ Travis; Mady's BPR It was so nice out this morning that I just kept walking and walking! Went in 5 diff neighborhoods...surprised I didn't see more ppl out since it was so nice & cool. Travis' class was good to stretch out my (still sore hamstrings/calves from Saturday! It may not have been the toughest leg w/o, but it sure gave me DOMS!!) but it was filmed "live" and the audio was not good. Still needed my lower back stretched felt really tight...could be from the longer walk (or the extra cleaning at mom's the other day, ha). 779 cal burn
26- Rest Day Early morning hair appt., so zilch!
27- 4.40 Mile Walk; Mady's BPR; Mow Max/Yard Work 1 hour (2+mile walk) It's really been cool this week, back to the 90's! Our 37th anniversary little Miata in the driveway, LOL, but dinner out at a wonderful, fancy restaurant. It was incredible!! Leftovers tonight (the 28th), yay!
28- Yvette (w/u); Day 15 (45 Min. Full Body Workout With DB's/Tone & Scupt); Day 13 (30 Min. Intense HiiT Cardio/No Repeat/No Equipment); Mady's BPR FBW's format was :40/:20 that uses a pr. of heavier and lighter weights. I used a variety of poundages: 10's, 12's, 15's, 25, & 27.50#. This was different in that each set is repeated once, going at a slow & controlled pace for the 1st set, and AMRAP at a faster pace for the 2nd set. There were ab exercises included too. I liked the variety in this one. Finally got to Day 13! It was a good add-on since there are just a few cardio HiiT moves but mostly ab work with no rests for the 30 min. duration, each exercise done for :45. I got lots of core work today! 420 cal and 48 min. in the FB zone!
29- 5.46 Mile Walk; Cathe P30 (Mobility) Gorgeous day! I walked a route I haven't walked in probably 1.5 years! I forgot all the little hills and was a good sweat. (But I really didn't get too sweaty since the temps were so cool!!). Nearing my house, I decided to tack on another long street and I just kept telling myself "I'll walk to the next mailbox and then turn around" or "I'll walk until the next street then head back", and then when I saw some friends walking toward me, I felt "I can't turn around now...they'll feel like I'm avoiding them. I got to keep going, LOL"! Finally started back toward my house after the end of the long street. Ha, little mind games to keep me going! 628 cal burn
30- 4.27 Mile Walk; Five parks Yoga (Hips 10 Min. Yoga Class); (Evening Release Yoga Class - 20 min.) Too nice of day to work out in the basement (besides my legs are still sore from Thursday!). Erin's hips class was a good hip opener with standing and seated stretches. Her Evening Release class was super with all done on the floor with twists, fish pose, supported bridge, legs up the wall and leg stretches using a strap. Excellent! 604 cal burn
31- Rest Day

I am so pleased I TIED my miles walked this month with June's! Wasn't sure if I would based on the warmer temps in July. Next month may be a different story. Total 64.40 miles walked - woo hoo! Too funny how it turned out to equal the exact mileage, down to the .10 of a mile (was not planned)!!! Down about 5 more #, too, this month. Now if I can only maintain that weight!
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1 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 6/14/22 - 30 minutes
2 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Mixed Format with Penny 2/26/22 - 30 minutes
3 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs; Classical Stretch - Season 10, Episode 9, Stress Release - 23 minutes
6 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs; Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 5/31/22 - 30 minutes
7 Walk - 35 minutes, no dogs
8 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 5/24/22 - 30 minutes
9 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Strength with Penny 6/16/22 - 30 minutes
10 Rest Day
11 Silver & Fit - Intermediate Cardio with Madeleine 5/25/22 - 30 minutes
14 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 5/17/22 - 30 minutes
16 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Everything Circuits with Aileen 4/4/22 - 30 minutes
17 Silver & Fit - Take It Outdoors: Functional Fitness with Aileen 1/20/22 - 30 minutes
19 Silver & Fit - Advanced Strength with Adita 6/21/22 - 30 minutes
20 Silver & Fit - Your Favorites: Intermediate Cardio with Penny 7/4/22 - 30 minutes
23 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs
24 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs
25 Walk - 30 minutes, no dogs
26 Walk - 25 minutes, no dogs
27 Walk - 25 minutes, no dogs; Jessica Valant Pilates - Beginner Upper Body Weights #2 - 20 minutes
28 Jessica Valant Pilates - Non-Impact HIIT Fundamentals - 25 minutes
29 Walk - 20 minutes, no dogs; Jessica Valant Pilates - Hip and Hamstring Release - 12 minutes
30 Walk - 35 minutes, no dogs
31 Rest Day

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I'm in

1 - Caroline Arms + Jessica Valant Sciatica
2 - Jessica Sciatica

3 - Caroline Arms + Jessica Valant Sciatica
4 - Jessica Sciatica + Donovan Booty
5 - Jessica Smith Sciatica
6 - Jessica Smith Sciatica + 18,309 Steps
7 - Jessica Smith Sciatica + 20,229 Steps
8 - 15,450 Steps
9 - 15,392 Steps

10 - 12,782 Steps
11 - 12,983 steps
12 - rest day!!!!
14 - Callanetics Legs
15 - Callanetics Hips and Behind
16 - Triceps + Hips Stretches

17 - Back and biceps + Hip Stretches
18 - Chest and Triceps + Hip Stretches
19 - Morning Stretch + Hip Stretches
20 - Recumbent bike + Hip Stretches
21 - Recumbent bike + Hip Stretches
22 - Morning stretch + Recumbent bike + Hip Stretches
23 - Morning stretch + Recumbent bike + Hip Stretches

24 - Recumbent Bike + Chest + Stretches
25 - Recumbent Bike + Back + Stretches
26 - Stretches
27 - Recumbent Bike + Triceps + Stretches
28 - Recumbent Bike + Biceps + Stretches
30 - Shoulders + Stretches

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01. nothing - last day of school term and put in a solid June
02. 90min, dog walk
03. 30min, YouTube walking workout from Leslie's site, but not Leslie
04. 38min, Kelly Coffey-Meyer - New You Coming
05. 37min, Cathe - Low Impact Step
06. 45min dog walk
07. 59min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - BootCamp + 60min dog walk + 35min, Cathe - Classics - Step Heat - Finished Product x2 Mix
08. 64min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Muscle Endurance
09. 63min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Cardio & Weights
10. 40min, Cathe - Fit Split - Mixed Impact Cardio | Pull Day - Timesaver Mix 3 (Just Pull Day) + 59min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Interval Max 2
11. 52min, Cathe - Party Rockin' Step 2 + 57min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Pyramid Upper Body
12. 74min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Terminator - Imax Extreme
13. 50min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Pyramid Lower Body
14. 69min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Terminator - Gauntlet
15. 120min, dog walk
16. 50min, Christi - Solid Gold Cardio + 55min Cathe (chrono) - Intensity Series - Pyramid Bonus Combo
17. 120min, beach walk with DH & dog + 44min, Cathe - Strong & Sweaty - Boot Camp
18. 79min, Cathe (chrono) - Intensity - Terminator - Viper
19. 73min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Step, Jump, & Pump
20. 66min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Kick, Punch, & Crunch
21. 54min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Step Blast
22. 50min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Legs & Glutes
23. 52min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Supersets + 45min, Cathe - CTX - 10•10•10
24. 44min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Push Pull + 37min, Cathe - LITE - Rev'd Up Rumble - Timesaver 2 (Skip Kick & Punch Intensity Blast)
Mon 25. 37min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Timesaver - Workout 1 Step, Chest, & Triceps
26. 39min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Timesaver - Workout 2 Step, Hi/Lo, Back, & Core
27. 44min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Timesaver - Workout 3 Step, Biceps, & Core
28. 42min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Timesaver - Workout 4 Kickbox & Shoulders
29. 45min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Blast - Timesaver - Workout 5 Legs & Core
30. 30min, Cathe (chrono) - Basic Step
31. 51min, Cathe (chrono) - Body Fusion
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1. Barre3 45 Minute Signature with Kelly (6/27), 15 min walk, Ballet Beautiful Hip Stretch
2. Barre3 30 Minute Signature with Michele (4/25),Karen Lord Side Lying Pilates and YouTube Posture Stretch
3. Barre3 Signature 30 with Michele (2/14), PBL Slimming Stretch and Upper Back Stretch
4. PBL Love Your Legs Amplified: Sculpt & Shred, Abs Of Steel Workout
5. PBL Abs In British Columbia, Toned in 10 Upper Body
6. Ballet Beautiful Total Body workout
7. PBL Back Strength Ball Workout, Butt Lifting Ball Workout
8. Barre3 Lean with Sadie
9. Essentrics Live with Gail 7/6. PBL Sculpt and Shred Arm workout
10. PBL Daily Stretch Yoga, New You Leg Toner, Essentrics PM Stretch
11. PBL May Makeover Booty Burn Workout, Core Is The New Black, Bed Time Stretch routine
12. PBL Fit And Focused Back Butt And Triceps, Lakeside Lower Body, 25 min walk
13. PBL Traditional Side Leg Toner, Just Five Minutes More Ab Magic
14. Essentrics Live with Gail (7/13), PBL Graceful flow Stretch
15. Essentrics Live with Amanda (7/14), 40 minute walk
16. Jules Benson Total Core Pilates, Essentrics Shoulder Release with Gail, 25 min walk
17. Essentrics Live with Gail (7/4), Barre3 10 minutes with Sadie for legs and arms
18. Barre3 Standing Slim DVD
19. Karen Lord Side Leg Series and Arms/Abs workout
20. Barre3 Bounce Back
21. PBL SIS Back and Arms, Everyday Essentials Classic Abs, 5 min More Stretch, Unwind and Let Go Yoga
22. PBL Fabric Band Leg Workout, May Makeover Amazing Arms, 5 min More Stretch, Element PM Yoga for Beginners
23. PBL May Makeover Waistline Workout, Lean London Leg Workout, walk
24. 1 mile YouTube Leslie walk
25. Leslie The Big Burn - 2 miles, Karen Side Lying Leg workout
26. Leslie Power Walk with Friends - 2 miles
27. Element Targeted Toning Pilates for Beginners - Total Body workout, Leslie 15 min YouTube walk
28. Karen Lord Legs/Butt and Abs/Arms workout, 25 min walk
29. PBL Hot Body Hand weight workout, Butt and Thigh Firming with weights, 30 min walk
30. PBL Burn it Up Band workout, Rock Hard Core, 30 min walk

PBL Pilates Super Challenge

31. PBL Adore Your Core: Complete Core, H.E.A.T. Magic Circle Lower Body Workout, Stress Free Stretch Routine
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Yes probably more yoga :-)

✨✨July 2022✨✨

Focus: Yoga, Caroline, KBs

1 - Travis Eliot's Short and Sweet 3. I found this one truly sweet today - enough sweat to feel energized, but not feeling wiped before I've even started my day.
2 - Ultimate Yogi Detox. First time ever doing this practice, and it was absolutely perfect. Not too fast, not too long in the poses, everything flowing and I was able to stay present. Even better, my yoga buddy Ann expressed her gratitude that I'd accumulated so many wonderful Travis practices that we can share. I felt so acknowledged for my crazy hobby of collecting videos.
3 - Travis Eliot's Evolution. Nicolas joined our online group this morning, so I grabbed the chance to introduce him to my fave practice. I think this is the first time my legs made it all the way through the long held standing poses. The final savasana with the sunset on the beach is just so sweet.
4 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Yin Yoga Stars (YT). I really like starting the week with a Yin practice, and Travis has a lot of choices for 30 mins practices on YouTube. This one was a series he did for winding down before sleep, which maybe isn't the right vibe for first thing on Monday morning. But the poses were different and the half hour flew by. We started planning our celebration next weekend, it's going to be great.
5 - Yoga 30for30 Twists. Today I discovered this practice is a lot easier than it used to be. The half hour flew by! Loving how my spine is finally freeing up.
6 - Travis Eliot's Short and Sweet 1. Physically, I found the practice easier today but somehow my mind wasn't in the game. The little voice was narrating "Bridge pose? I don' wanna do bridge pose." But I did it anyway, so there's that.
7 - Yoga 30for30 Flow and Stretch. Today's practice felt really light. I even found myself wishing the flow part was a bit longer, I could have used more heat in my muscles during the stretches. Guess I'm getting stronger.
8 - Travis Eliot's Short and Sweet 3. Today was our 100th practice!!! I loved sweating through this one. What a great way to celebrate.
9 - Ultimate Yogi Vitality. I've had the UY set for so many years, and yet this is the first time I've done most of the practices.The level is perfect for where I am right now, but it felt really long. Guess I need to strengthen my spinal support muscles - which I look forward to doing as I practice for the next 100 days.
10 - Ultimate Yogi Gentle. I was feeling tired today so I convinced my yoga buddies (4 of us today) to do a gentle practice. I found it really sweet and restorative. Nicolas was hoping for more sweat, but I told him he should have joined us yesterday.
11 - Travis Eliot's Yin Yoga Foundations. Nice to feel my joints opening up during the early morning practice. Wish I could say that it also focused my mind, but hey we get what we get.
12 - Bike Ride - 1 hour 40 mins total. Had to miss yoga today as I overslept and then had a running around to meetings kind of day. It was super hot, and I was beat by the end of the day - both physically and mentally.
13 - Yoga 30for30 Edge. I keep thinking this practice will get easier, but it seems to get harder instead. I think as I get stronger, I modify less and try to do the asanas more thoroughly. Was dripping sweat through most the practice but afterwards felt great.
14 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Strong & Graceful (YT). We went for the 'what's behind the curtain option today'. It was a nice practice, not too demanding, and the time flew by.
15 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Fierce Compassion (YT). Thanks to AnMrsDe, we had a brand new Travis practice to try today. It was sweaty, and I struggled with the balance poses. So even though it was new, also familiar. :-)
16 - LIVE YOGA CLASS. Ann created a live yoga event for our entrepreneurs group to celebrate Day 108 of our practice (which is a lucky number in China). We all came - Ann, Sophie, Nicolas and I - plus several others. It was So Much Fun to get together in person and enjoy a practice with a very good local teacher. Afterwards we had brunch together - it was a great morning.
17 - Ultimate Yogi Crosstrain. Today was Day 1 of our second 108 days! It was Nicolas, Anne and I this morning, and Crosstrain definitely had enough sweat for Nicolas. My balance was the best it's ever been in this practice, so hooray for consistency!
18 - Yoga 30for30 Stamina. I'm trying to create a blend of the 30for30 and Ultimate Yogi rotations, so this one was up next. Thanks to the weekend get together, we were all 4 together on the mat and this one killed us all. What a sweaty way to start the morning.
19 - Yoga 30for30 Balance. This isn't my favorite practice but I'm beginning to appreciate as my balance improves. Need to work on my ankle flexibility so I can get my feet under me for the roll ups. As it is I just do my best and treat it like a lighter practice.
20 - Yoga 30for30 Yin. I can't believe how quickly the practice went by - we started and then suddenly it was time for savasana. Love feeling my hips and hamstrings open up. I wish it had some holds for the shoulders & upper back, will have to look for a yin practice that's focused on that.
21 - Travis Eilot's Short & Sweet 2. Sweated buckets and loved this practice today. Contrary to my intention at the beginning of the month, I haven't managed to get in any evening workouts. But my energy level and strength are increasing, day by day, so maybe next week I'll manage to make the leap.
22 - am Ultimate Yogi Vitality. This was a tough practice for a weekday morning - first time we've tried slipping in a full hour during the week. I enjoyed it but my body is definitely going to need to adjust. After 30 mins it was ready for savasana, but I pushed through. I even tried wheel pose for the first time! My arms aren't strong enough to straighten into full wheel, but I could put the top of my head on the floor and support enough of my weight with arms bent, so that I didn't need to worry about damaging my neck. Feeling very proud! pm Mountain Biking - 2.5 hours total. On a weekend retreat with my fellow entrepreneurs, and one of them arranged some fun physical activities for us all. My first time doing mountain biking and I loved it! Definitely a great workout, getting outside in beautiful surroundings, and so much fun.
23 - am Travis Eliot's Yoga Foundations 1. Today Ann and I played this class for the other guys. I figured it would be a good intro for guys with reasonable fitness but who are new to yoga. Also a very gentle practice with stretching for Ann and I. Later, Stand Up Paddleboarding - 1.5 hours. Another fun outdoor activity.
24 - Yoga 30for30 Intention. We're still on our retreat and Kevin, who's a yoga beginner, joined our practice. So I chose one with a little more intensity but that I hoped wouldn't put him off. He did well! Afterwards we just hung out together and then drove back to Shanghai. It was a good weekend but also very nice to get home again.
25 - Travis Eliot's 30 Min Power Yoga Strong Morning Flow (YT). For some reason I just wasn't into it this morning. I took it easy, skipped a few vinyasa and just did what felt right. Still on the mat, so it still counts.
26 - Travis Eilot's Short & Sweet 1. This practice felt truly sweet today. Very do-able, and a nice way to wake up.
27 - Yoga 30for30 Edge. This one just doesn't get easier. Of course it's me, because as I get stronger I modify less, push myself more. I almost made it through all the one legged chatturangas but still not quite there. As Travis says, full effort equals full victory.
28 - Yoga 30for30 Flow & Stretch. This practice felt too short! Not just, oh look we're at savasana, didn't it fly by. No this was - I dont wanna lie down, I want more! Well, I'll face my day and then tomorrow is Friday and we have a full hour of UY. See if I feel the same way at minute 45 of that one.
29 - Ultimate Yogi Cardio. Wow, I didn't expect to enjoy this practice so much. I was in the right mood and was able to focus on the movement and the flow (which just!doesn't!stop!) so it truly was meditation in motion. I feel super proud of myself and happy in my skin. So grateful to my yogi buddies for being with me on this journey.
30 - Ultimate Yogi Strength. OMG. This was definitely the most challenging practice so far. There were a few times I took child's pose for a few breaths, and felt grateful to my maturity to know that's just fine. So glad I have this set and also that I've now I'm able to do it.
31 - Ultimate Yogi Yin. Man, I could feel yesterday's practice in my legs and bum. Today's practice was badly needed and so sweet. My first time doing this one and I can feel how far I've come. I never liked yin yoga before, I found the long holds a type of torture. I was trying to force the stretch, my joints were burning and my mind was desperate to get out of the position. Now I relax into it, respect my body, keep breathing and stay present. Grateful as always to my stalwart buddy Ann who's with me every day.
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In for July!

28. McLane Fitness 30 mins Upper Body Workout
29. Rest
30. Yvette Fit #182 Step/Weights Workout (40 min) + 10 kettlebell swings, 10 kettlebell cleans, and 10 push-ups X5

1. McLane Fitness Posterior Chain kettlebell workout (40 min) + Stretch
2. Yvette Fit #22 – 60 Minute Cardio/Core BLAST!! (40 min) + 10 min Mady Morrison stretch
3. Epic Endgame Day 2 Upper Body

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1-5 vacation
6. recovering from vacation
7. Joe Alvarado Speed and Strength 40 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
8. Time 2 Train Mega Hill Climb 35 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
9. SSoD Go to the Streets 55 min ride
10. IBX Running 30 min Hill Walk
11. Vera LaRo Full Body; 20 min t/m walk I planned to do Vera's 12 wk Summer Strong program, however, I just didn't click with this for some reason. I know I only tried 1 w/o, but when you know, you know.
12. Cathe Gym Styles Chest and Tri's; 20 min t/m walk
13. Spin with Lars #16 55 min ride
14. Cathe Pyramid LB (Pyramid up premix)
15. IBX Running 45 min Walk/Run Interval (walking only for me); 25 min t/m walk
16. Cathe STS Total Body
17. SSoD Summer Vibe 30 min ride
18. Cathe Pyramid UB (Pyramid up premix); 25 min t/m walk
19. Cathe Lean Legs and Abs; 25 min t/m walk
20. SSoD You vs You 35 min t/m intervals; SSoD Mini-Cini 20 min ride
21. Cathe Gym Style Back/Shoulders/Bi's; 25 min t/m walk
22. Joe Alvarado Speed + Stamina 40 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
23. Cathe Legs and Glutes
24. nothing
25. Cathe Power Hour minus the Lunges segment; 25 min t/m walk
26. IBX Running Intervals and Inclines (walking only for me) 40 min
27. Cathe X Train Chest/Back/Shoulders
28. Cathe To the Mat Legs & Glutes; 25 min t/m walk
29. RI:ID Sprint Mix 40 min ride; 25 min t/m walk
30. Cathe X Train Bi's and Tri's
31. nothing-road trip
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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1 - Ellen's 7-Day Workout Challenge - Feel Good Fusion; 4,086 steps.

2 - Morning walk around neighborhood; evening walk; 9,481 steps.

3 - My own yin spine reset; casual walk at beach; 5,644 steps.

4 - Kassandra Reclined Yin; 1.25 mile hike at waterfall trail; 4,950 steps.

5 - Kassandra Morning Full Body Yin Yoga; short lunch walk; 4,474 steps.

6 - Bird's Relaxing & Soothing Guided Meditation; Ellen Barrett 7-Day Challenge Day 2 - Power 15; Strong for Life workout B; Kassandra's After Work Yoga; 3,327 steps.

7 - Evening walk around neighborhood; Kassandra Evening Yoga for Flexibility plus affirmations; 6,251 steps.

8 - Evening walk around neighborhood; my own stretch routine; 6,900 steps.

9 - Kassandra's new 60 minute yin yoga; 4,555 steps.

10 - Walk at osprey trail; walk at beach; a 10 minute Jessica Valant back pain Pilates; 5,846 steps.

11 - Zoom yoga class; rest; 2,912 steps.

12 - 20 minute lunch walk; GYM for 40 minutes weight machines and dumbbells; 6,094 steps.

13 - Short walk at beach; walk around university campus; 7,439 steps.

14 - Ellen's 7-Day Workout Challenge - Core Yoga; Bird Yoga in Bed; 4,149 steps.

15 - Walk around neighborhood; Kassandra Yin Yoga to Restore and Reboot; 7,387 steps.

16 - Jessica Valant Everyday Pilates; stroll along the river walk; 7,483 steps.

17 - Lee Holden Five Elements Flow (40 minute version); yoga nidra; one mile hike at osprey trail; quick stroll at beach to cool off; one mile late evening walk around neighborhood; 10,504 steps.

18 - Progressive Hypnosis - Heal Your Body - Reduce Inflammation & Stop Sickness; a Jason Stephenson sleep meditation before bed; 3,717 steps.

19 - A Kassandra morning yin; Bellyfit Springtime Ritual 2 - Rising Creativity; Fit by Lys Standing Pilates Workout; 4,523 steps.

20 - Nothing formal; 3,211 steps.

21 - Nothing formal; 3,739 steps.

22 - GYM for 20 recumbent and 15 treadmill; 3,434 steps.

23 - Ellen's 7-Day Workout Challenge Day 4 - Quick Cardio; Kassandra Morning Yin Full Body Stretch (with Cleo); 4,221 steps.

24 - GYM for 10 minutes treadmill and 40 minutes weights; 4,217 steps.

25 - Grandniece's yoga class via Zoom; 3,544 steps

26 - My own PT/yoga sequence; lunch walk; Bellyfit Springtime Ritual workout 3 - Seeds of Sustenance; Bird Restorative Yoga Full Body Stretch; 5,586 steps.

27 - Kassandra Full Body Morning Stretch; lunch walk; beach walk; 6,896 steps.

28 - GYM for 15 treadmill and 45 weight machines and dumbbells; 4,973 steps.

29 - Qigong for Depression; Lucy's Posture Challenge Day 1; incredible nature walk at beach; 5,467 steps.

30 - A Kassandra 20 minute morning yin; Ellen's 7-Day Challenge Yogini Sculpt; quick sunset stroll at beach; 3,808 steps.

31 - Walked at UCONN campus and beach; GYM for 10 minutes recumbent bike and 50 minutes full body weights; 7,388 steps.

Ellen's 7-Day Workout Challenge:

Day 6 - Fusion Bootcamp
Day 7 - Zen Stretch

Bellyfit Springtime Ritual:

4 - Fire and Flowers
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just the workouts

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