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Old 03-16-22, 12:53 PM  
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Purple Player SUCKS even worse when your internet is barely above dial up speeds.

Rural living is great, until you want to stream or download something then its not so great.
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Old 03-16-22, 01:06 PM  
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Originally Posted by Joni O View Post
I just read Jessica's new email about Lift & Shift and watched the previews. Hmmm. Different than her other strength workouts, which I've never clicked with. I'm actually intrigued.
I was intrigued this time too!

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Old 03-16-22, 03:59 PM  
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I was thinking I read somewhere that these new offerings she is about to release are a shorter version of the Lift and Shift workouts. I love dvd versions even though I stream a lot too. So I'm interested in them. The Lift and Shift were just too long for my lifestyle right now. (Watching grandkids and working a full time job!)
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Old 03-16-22, 06:28 PM  
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I love the workouts individually but did not click with the program as written.
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Old 03-16-22, 08:35 PM  
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I think she is still giving the 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out.
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Old 03-16-22, 10:51 PM  
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Originally Posted by Pam61 View Post
Oh man, looking at the previous link to the thread that was posted above I was a bit harsh...with my long list of complaints. I should go back and delete many of those! I was really a cranky pants, lol! Jessica is a sweetheart and doesn't deserve such a rant from me! ;-)
Oh no, then I’m sorry about posting that!
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Old 03-17-22, 11:57 AM  
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I almost tried this workout last year but was nervous about having to use Purple Player (I am not too tech savvy and I don't stream anything). However, I am tempted once again. I really need to lose some weight and I thought this might be part of a jump start. Another considration for me was my bone density. I am osteopenic, and I believe that a life-time of dieting probably contributed to that. This program might help me to feel that I am preserving my bones. I would have to modify some due to arthritis.
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Old 03-17-22, 01:06 PM  
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Jessica posted a more in depth video about how the program works.
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Old 03-17-22, 01:19 PM  
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Thanks, Sherry!

I think I'm going to hold off on this for now - the length of the workouts and commitment to them is hard for me to do during this time of year - which is my "busier" season at work. I'm also interested to see her new releases and see if they are a way to build up to Lift & Shift.

I really felt good doing her 4 Weeks of Fusion rotation - I think the variety and extra strength training really helped me with some aches and pains I was having.

I plan to do another Jessica rotation soon - either her Spring Ahead, Calm & Strong or WS 3.0.

Maybe I'll built up to doing Lift & Shift eventually!

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Old 03-18-22, 06:43 AM  
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I really want to do this program. It sounds like exactly what I need at this time. My only hesitation is the purple play app. The reviews for this app are appalling. Jessica’s website says you can cast these workouts to your tv, but reviews in the App Store indicate casting doesn’t work with this player. Has anyone had a decent experience with the purple player and iOS? Tia
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