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Originally Posted by BunnyHop View Post
Yeah, I really didn't give it any thought at all for the longest time, but one day my shoes got totally soaked and my feet were freezing, so I hunted up the Hoka One One's for a dryer future, LOL!!

I also got some fairly inexpensive winter shoes (that have no arch support at all) that I've been loving. Didn't realize cold feet were one of the things making me uncomfortable. (I got some Rocket Dog Serenity boots. Cloth, and polyester fuzzy inside, but nicely warm. I need to get serious and put some waterproofing stuff on them, but so far all I did was add some store bought arch support, which works fine. These are not the shoes I'd choose for a trek through a series of big box stores, but with arch support they were fine for an unexpectedly active day. And FWIW, even without great arch support, I liked them well enough to buy a second pair right away. I could get two pairs of those for the cost of maybe part of a pair of something way more expensive. Considering how long I've been on the hunt for a casual winter shoe, I think it was a good choice.)
Lol! One of my thoughts was to just give up and get really good arch supports, i just worry. I apparently had pain I didn't know I had most of my life (and then some I knew I had) and when hubby got me very supportive hiking shoes, I cried while I walked around in them. Then after the trip I used them for, i went back to regular tennis shoes and did whatever damage, just walking around (and doing barefoot workouts) that led to the sinus tarsi finding. (i had also been using a mini trampoline to hopefully strengthen and take pressure off it, but that made it worse.Anyway, after PT, went to the Brooks and I never realized I'd lived in so much pain til then. It was heaven with shoelaces!!
You got me with the Big box Store!!! Not sure exactly what stores you are talking about, but I know stores like Walmart (warehouse stores maybe?) are killer!!i remember my mom used to be able to shop all day, but she would wander around a store like walmart and wonder where all the pain came from. Hubby is the same way. I just feel exhausted and beat up (lol), but not in the same pains as them, but I think they have a lot more arthritis all over. I keep telling him to get good stabilizing shoes (he has sexy arches that I am very jealous of, but he has a very bad gait) because I know it starts in the feet, and stubborn boy now has to get both hips replaced (was probably coming whether he changed shoes or not, but he is getting the first next month)
......... I am gonna look for some arch supports to use til I can get shoes, just don't know if they will fit in the broooks, yes, they have lost some support, but they are almost on the bulky side

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