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Old 01-11-21, 09:06 PM  
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Resistance Tubing

So my well worn resistance band snapped while working out today. Luckily it didn't snap back at me, but now I'm in need of a new resistance band. I did a quick search on Amazon and there are lots of sets that are reasonably priced. However, some have interchangeable handles and others have permanent handles for each level of tubing. Is one better than the other? Does anyone have any recommendations? I do want to get a set with different levels of resistance. TIA!
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Old 01-14-21, 11:27 AM  
Laura S.
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I have never had the patience w change handles on my tubing, so I've always gotten tubing that had handles attached to each tube. Other than that, I don't have any recommendations. Hopefully, more wll pop in here to give more specific recommendations.

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Old 01-15-21, 12:31 PM  
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I've been looking for good tubing too. My issue is that I'm short, and most tubing is too long for the exercises I want to do. I was thinking about getting the adjustable length tubing (I think they are called LifeLines?) but then thought about getting Cathe's tubing. She is shorter than me and seems to have no problem using the tubing in her videos I also don't something that will snap back or fall apart. The Bodylastics bands were great for this, however, they were too long for me.
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resistance bands, resistance tubing

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