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Old 02-22-13, 07:43 PM  
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Location: Virginia
Should I buy Brazil Butt Lift?

I am used to lifting heavier weights for my legs. I am a big Cathe fan and have most of her lower body workouts. However, I am still lacking a lifted rear and am wondering if BBL is my answer. What do you think? I have Cathe's Turbo Barre, so I have tried non-weighted work, too, though I didn't stick with it for long. I've also completed a rotation of CLX with no noticeable difference in lift. Thanks for your input!
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Old 02-22-13, 08:26 PM  
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I love, love, love BBL! I put on weight in my lower body really quickly and also used to lift heavy, but BBL slims me down like nothing else. It's also a lot of fun to do! I know some folks don't like Leandro, but I find him to be really endearing.
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Old 02-22-13, 08:28 PM  
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i don't have turbo barre, butt i have BBL (pun intended ).

did you search for clips on youtube of Lleandro? i know he has some clips of himself on youtube before he joined up with beachbody.

i like BBL, but i've always done barre work since the 80s (started w/callanetics), so i'm biased.

barre work can make a difference in the seat.

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Old 02-22-13, 08:36 PM  
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A lot of people also swear by kettlebells for a nice round bum.

I like BBL, but Leandro is absolutely not for everyone. Sometimes I swear if he says boom boom one more time I'm going to smack him. But he's genuine and I think he has a good program.
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bbl, brazil butt lift

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