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Old 05-29-12, 03:50 PM  
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In the past, I've only done CS or Essentrics with other forms of exercise (walking, Ellen Barrett or kettlebells.) Mostly, I would do one or two Seasonal episodes as a warm up or cool down to something else.

It's very much a stretching/toning workout that works to lengthen and strengthen the muscles. I don't find much cardio element to it, so think it's best to use in conjunction with something else (if you have weightloss as a goal.)

Like anything else, the more you do, the better you get at it, and you can really give it your all! If you can string a couple episodes together, I think that's best. Or, get a couple of the longer full body essentrics DVDs in a few times a week.

I am really enjoying Season 8 right now! Miranda is the best she's ever been, I think. Very focused and she works you out good! She's really wonderful. I have yet to try Sahra's new Essentrics, though I have them waiting for me.


May Focus:
Miranda Esmonde-White Classical Stretch Season 9 (All Standing)
Sahra Esmonde-White Body Sculpting Series, Toning for Beginners, Ultimate Stretch workouts

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Old 05-29-12, 11:15 PM  
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I have the teacher training but do not teach. I loved reading and learning and I love, love having the extra 3 workouts which are taught in their studios. The more the better for me. They will continue making more instructor workouts, so this is a benefit for me. Plus it is kind of neat filming yourself and having Miranda's feedback. You really learn to improve. It is such a unique approach. I think adding cardio, whether walking, rebounding etc. would be a really great and complete workout.
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Old 05-29-12, 11:28 PM  
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Originally Posted by Pam61 View Post
I am really enjoying Season 8 right now! Miranda is the best she's ever been, I think. Very focused and she works you out good! She's really wonderful.
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Old 05-30-12, 06:54 AM  
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Does Season 8 have a particular focus or is it quite well-balanced in terms of body parts? Thanks!
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Old 05-30-12, 08:50 AM  
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does she do some "barre" workouts in season 8?
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Old 05-30-12, 10:02 AM  
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Bumping because I'm planning to buy season 8 once I've raised enough PayPal to cover it. Very interested in hearing more on these....
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classical stretch, essentrics, t-tapp, ttapp

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