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Old 06-17-22, 03:39 AM  
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Question Just started TA ó a couple of questions

Hello everyone,

Iím trying to ease back into exercise and itís really tricky to find a balance! I suffer from Chronic Fatigue and the line between challenging myself and overdoing it (which leads to me being unable to exercise at all for up to a week) is really really thin.

I was doing the Tone It Up daily moves (with modifications as needed) and now I just started with Tracy Andersonís Pregnancy Project (Iím not pregnant, it just seems like a better start than her other DVDs and I like it better than the Beginners one). I did month 9 for the first time, and finished the arm series but only did 4 of the lower body exercises, some with lowers reps. Then I stretched on my own.

My questions:
1. I started with 1-lb weight because I wanted to get familiar with the movements and focus on the reps today, but it was a bit low I think, so I was thinking of trying with the 1kg/2.2 lbs tomorrow, which is the next smallest one I own, but she has a lot of work on all fours in the lower body portion of the video and I donít want to destroy my arms before I need to use them for stability. Should I stick with 1 lb until I can also finish the lower body portion? I know adding reps is a frequent recommendation but Iíd really like to stick with the flow of the video because Iím trying to get used to sticking with the video again
2. Should my 10-day count start now, or when I am able to do the entire video? (I.e. complete the lower body segment)

I also welcome any other tips you might have as itís been quite a while since I did TA!

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