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Old 07-12-21, 06:00 AM  
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Question Resistance Band question

I need to replace a few resistance bands and not sure which brand to get. What I'm looking for is a resistance band similar in feel to Cathe's first green resistance band way back in the day. I bought her later set of bands (light green, pink, blue) and they have a thicker feel to them and are pretty taut. I"m looking for something thinner with a little more give but not cheap quality. Thanks!
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Old 07-12-21, 12:18 PM  
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I believe cathe originally used green strength dynabands (this is way back in the workouts where she used to tie the band around her lower legs to do firewalkers).

I still use dynabands (the green and occasionally purple--purple is more resistance). They contain latex btw.

This is where I used to buy them on amazon but they don't have them anymore--I last bought new bands early 2020:
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Old 07-12-21, 09:14 PM  
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I'll be watching this thread too. My green dyna band broke and I subbed a different one, and that just recently broke. I bought 2 others on clearance at a big box store, so I'll try those. But I really would like the original green dyna band that cathe used.

I wish she still had them on her site, but I don't see them there.
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Old 07-13-21, 09:36 AM  
Jane P.
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I got my bands from a Physical Therapist. You might call a PT place and ask them where they get their bands from.
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Old 07-16-21, 12:56 PM  
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The PT's here use Therabands. I ordered this set and the advanced set:

They are nice and sturdy.
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Old 07-16-21, 09:38 PM  
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Linda from Balls N Bands is excellent and she has the higher quality tubing etc. I have gotten some cut to size ones from her in the past, due to me having a long torso and very long arms.
I've also purchased higher quality stability ball from her store.
I've been since looking for a Canadian equivalent to her small business. Or as Jane rec'd, purchase from a PT where they can also cut to size if necessary and have higher quality non-dusty bands.
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Old 07-18-21, 02:00 AM  
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I recently picked up a box of bands and the circle bands at TJ Maxx. They are great quality and a better price than I find at fitness/sports stores.
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Old 07-18-21, 07:54 AM  
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I bought the 3 pack from Amazon but they are five feet. Too short. I bought a roll before and got three out of it but down to one. Not sure how long they lasted. I think when using them around the bottom of my shoes wears them out faster. Amazon at the roll available again.
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dynaband, dynabands, resistance bands, therabands

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