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Old 12-27-20, 09:16 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2005
Somewhat OT: Terrible time finding shoes

I've written here several times about my long lasting serious foot injury. Well, now I am finally walking again, but I have new very thick orthotics plus my injured foot has an extra addition to the orthotic that makes the orthotic push my entire foot up very high in my shoes. Apparently, I will need to wear that extra piece on the orthotic for several months. The doctor said I would need to shop for shoes that fit with all of that extra height in there, and I can't find anything that doesn't smash the top of my foot up into my shoe and/or smash my toes in the front of the shoe so that my toes are almost numb. I've tried shoes for people with bunions, shoes for people with foot pain, extra wide shoes, etc., and nothing really works. I can't just get an extra large shoe because then it's falling off at the back of the foot. Does anyone have ideas?
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Old 12-27-20, 09:58 PM  
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Maybe the sketchers type shoes that are 'bungee', not normal tying laces?
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Old 12-27-20, 11:26 PM  
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It might be helpful to the visit the website and do a search for shoes with extra depth and/or removable footbeds (or any other options that might fit your situation). This is what came up when I did that search. If any of the results look interesting, maybe do some price comparisons on sites like which usually has 25% off codes, or that has free shipping/returns.
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Old 12-28-20, 12:10 AM  
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there was a time when i was wearing arch supports and on some brands, i removed the foot pad that came with the shoe. sometimes, they're glued in there, but with a little patience, they will come out without ripping. then you can insert your orthotics in there.

another tip - did you try men's shoes? for whatever reason, i prefer Nike men's shoes over any other brand.

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Old 12-28-20, 07:39 AM  
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Would some sort of sandal work for you - one that has a very adjustable strap across the top of your foot?
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Old 12-28-20, 08:53 AM  
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Originally Posted by FirmDancer View Post
Would some sort of sandal work for you - one that has a very adjustable strap across the top of your foot?
That's what I was thinking..also maybe find one that has a velcro strap around the ankle like a Naot.

The advice above from bzar and LAC regarding the website and removable lining is spot on for the closed toe shoes too.

After my foot surgery, I wore a sandal or clog with a wool sock.
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Old 12-28-20, 11:50 AM  
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Old 12-29-20, 09:38 AM  
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Orthoticshop is a good web store to check out. They have several different brands of "comfort" shoes. I have a swollen foot that may give me some problems for a few more months, so I am shopping around for shoes that are adjustable.

Good luck!

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orthotics, shoes

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