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Old 09-25-19, 01:42 PM  
Annie S.
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Originally Posted by bee View Post
Thanks, Annie! I actually only have the second round of the book. I'm just about to start it -- we'll see if it's illuminating for me. I like what you said about correcting imbalances. Since I spent a few months in physical therapy this year fixing a few different areas on my body -- it was like peeling an onion -- once one area was fixed, I found a new problem to work on. Theoretically I know what to do now, but I think this could potentially help really cement it for me. Thanks!
It sounds perfect for you!
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Old 09-25-19, 02:26 PM  
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Congratulations Annie! Thatís amazing.
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Old 09-25-19, 08:48 PM  
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Thank you Annie for opening up this discussion. Itís timely for me at the moment to do essentrics and I should reread mirandaís Books. Iíve learned that form is critical but I havenít spent nearly as much time on essentrics form as I have T-Tapp.

Thanks also to Izzy for commenting on frequency and Demeris for T-tapp wisdom. It helps me a lot to hear what youíre doing.
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Old 09-26-19, 07:41 AM  
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I want to add a couple of more thoughts that came to me the past few days about the differences/similarities between T-Tapp and Classical Stretch/Essentrics:

I believe both of them activate the lymph system, but I can feel my lymph moving when I do T-Tapp. There's something about each of her moves, done in good form, that forces the lymph to course through my system.

I believe both of them can help build muscle, but there's something about the isometric contractions and the careful, controlled movements in T-Tapp that seems more efficient for muscle building and maintaining muscle.

Both of them rehab my back, but only T-Tapp can rehab my knees.

I'm deeply grateful I knew T-Tapp before I discovered Classical Stretch because T-Tapp has taught me everything I know about good form and good posture, which I apply to CS and to every other workout I do, including housework, gardening or walking my dog.

I feel stronger after I do a T-Tapp workout. I move more freely after I do a CS/Essentrics workout.

I stand taller after I do either workout.
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Old 09-26-19, 09:51 AM  
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Demeris, thanks for the contrast/comparison of T-Tapp and CS -- I found it interesting and informative.
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Old 09-29-19, 03:50 PM  
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NOt to sound like a broken record, but I too didn't "get" CS a few years ago-now I do won every morning or my day does not go right.

Can't imagine not doing a workout everyday.

Using stream, but have PBS episodes on dvr and dvds for backup when streaming is funky.


Will need to get book from the library.
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Old 09-29-19, 04:08 PM  
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I also don't quite understand the whole CS/ES philosophy. I used to like some of the workouts but haven't gotten into them recently. I just reserved the book at the library. Maybe reading the book will get me interested in doing the workouts again. The most recent ones I have are the body sculpting and body toning ones.
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Old 09-29-19, 07:06 PM  
Judith L
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Annie, thank you for relating your story with us! Love to hear of people getting such good results with either Classical Stretch/Essentrics or T-Tapp. I'm so grateful for the work of Miranda, Teresa, and also Callan. And for VF!
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