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Old 02-08-13, 07:07 AM  
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Originally Posted by slysam View Post
Other than the pencil test? Well, here are some measurements I use to take. I use to measure from the pit of my knee up my hamstring to crease under the bum cheek. Obviously I am not going to grow longer legs, so if when that measurement increases it is because my bum either shrank or moved a bit higher north. I also measured from the crease to the top of one buttock--following the curve. I am not sure how useful that second measurement was, but the first--if the knee to crease measurement increases but the fullest point of the bum is the same--it is because of "lifting". If the hip measurement is also smaller, it could be from size loss of size loss + lifting. I only did one four week rotation of BBL and my knee to crease did get a longer but I didn't lose any inches from my hips. The inch loss I saw those weeks was actually from my waist. I do think my bum looked higher and rounder though.
Thanks for the tip, slysam. That works for me!
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Originally Posted by BlueSwede View Post
GHAS = Get Hard: Arms & Shoulders

I just adore Leandro, too! He's so much fun, and I love working out with him!
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Thanks for the additional info, nothernlight. You are right, I don't have the rotation guide, although I think someone posted here awhile back. IRRC, I did try to follow a loose rotation awhile back, but it was too much cardio for me (which actually tends to have a reverse effect on me, I think b/c it makes me hungrier!). However, I was trying to work in Bum Bum as part of my cardio at least once per week and then sometimes do High & Tight and/or Sculpt, but I have kind of fallen off doing that--I think I have to start up again!
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Originally Posted by northernlight View Post
I never imagined that a "squat-a-thon and lunge-fest", not to mention the plyometrics, could be that much fun!
Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! It's really sneaky. I didn't realize that it was ALL squats and lunges until I read the recent Squat-a-thon thread and had them on my mind. There's something about the sequencing, and the way he adds in kicks and arm movements that somehow disguises the fact that, no, you're lunging again.

My favorite move is the frog jumps. (And, see, he calls them that so you forget they're more squats!)
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bbl, brazil butt lift, leandro

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