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Old 02-21-21, 12:12 PM  
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Originally Posted by kat999 View Post
I also tried qi gong and tai chi and just find them irritatingly boring. The slow speed combined with controlled movements trigger me somehow, making me want to either hold a static pose more like a yoga move or speed the movements up and make it more of a dynamic martial arts workout. I have generalized anxiety, so it's the exact type of workout I SHOULD be doing, yet that same anxiety makes me just so annoyed by it.
If you still want to give qi gong a try, I highly recommend Jeffrey Chand. He has some workouts available on Youtube, plus he has a paid subscription with lots and lots of content, not just routines, but rotations, discussions, and instructional videos. He has some nice short routines that might help you get started. I like this one, it's about 12 minutes, but once you know it, you can even shorten it by skipping the first 3 minutes of instruction.
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Old 02-22-21, 09:40 AM  
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Originally Posted by Cybersparkle View Post
I feel like I have two health conscious personalities inside. One is logical & counts the facts whereas the other is illogical & simply approves or not & gives no reason for the final decision lol

A conversation between the two goes like this

"Logically, ______ (insert a popular instructor or method) is the best! Tons of fans, impeccable method that will help meet all your fitness goals - go for it!"

"Um, hold on a second - before you begin. Does it have music you like? Do you like the setting? What about the instructors voice? Can you tolerate the dated-ness of it? Or is it too youngish for your 53 yr old tastes? And before I close, I claim the right to veto or approve based on any criteria listed or not listed above."

I have been almost in tears because I have not been able to stick with superb workout routines & wonderful instructors that my illogical inner exercise guru will not let pass go lol

I like Jessica Smith's older youtube workouts but not the well produced dvds (go figure). A few Jillians - sometimes the yelling keeps me on point, sometimes I need more nurturing. Cant do the classic Firms I loved in the 90's cuz too dated now & never liked the newer ones. But I can do all older, dated Ellens! And, like, 90% of all workouts do not fit my musical tastes, but I can do Denise Austin with or without music!

I am open to trying new stuff, sometimes I like it!

I havent been working out due to covid life & all it's stresses & other issues even before then. As I start back up again I surrender & am just gonna do my faves for now. This thread is a good reminder to not waste time & energy fighting my inner illogical exercise guru - thus far it has won every time.

My heart wins over my brain too. I know I can exercise with a smile on my face vs watching the clock. I'm starting back up too and I'm also only using my faves to keep me consistent.

I'm also 53 and I don't want the vibe to be too youngish or too oldish. I'm picky about the music and the instructor's voice. I don't want it to be too dated. I'm a little more consistent in my vetoing than you are which gives me even less to choose from. I would like more variety.

I think YouTube is the future but I'm finding that the production quality isn't there for non-advanced workouts (mostly).

This thread has been a helpful reminder to stop wasting time on things that aren't going to work for me. Thanks OP.
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Old 02-22-21, 11:49 AM  
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Originally Posted by zraipel View Post
Also, yoga. Pretty much all yoga is just dread inducing to me. Even Hemalayaa's yoga workouts, which I used to at least be able to tolerate pretty well, don't work for me.
The workout seasons we go through are so interesting. I have a good friend who completed several months of teacher training and actually taught a yoga & running class about 15 years ago, but she has almost zero tolerance for it now.

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Old 02-23-21, 10:54 AM  
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My check in with my doctor went well. I'm sharing this because it's just too funny. We have my nutrition dialed in and I feel good about my intake. Then we talked exercise/movement...

My doctor knows I workout at home. So she says, "have you ever tried Jessica Smith?" LOL OMGoodness!! I explained my dilemma and she made some great points as to why I might be struggling with JS and those like her. I have an expectation that I want to meet and my DR. pointed out it's not doable right now with where my immune, metabolism and adrenal issues are. Hmmm...

She asked I give her just one more try and only use her slower and more controlled routines. Wow... not even what I was thinking.. but it does make sense. My brain and body are wanting different things. I need to listen really hard to my body. So, I'm considering a round #4 with JS for different reason that my doctor suggested. I guess that's why they get the big bucks.
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Old 02-23-21, 11:31 AM  
Sue B
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I've given up trying to like kickboxing, yoga, Pilates or anything with a zillion little reps. Even getting older, I don't find myself wanting to do these!
Move your body often, sometimes hard. Every bit counts.

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