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Old 11-30-21, 09:53 AM  
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Another Cathe LIVE subscriber! Love Cathe and am hoping for more step choreography workouts when she is able (her recent eye issues have made her unable to do step for a time).

Inner Dimension: I really love Travis Eliot and he is my favorite yoga instructor. I have done Yoga 30 for 30 and I do a lot of Yin practices from his site. Honestly, I have not tried all the instructors and just cherry pick Travis ones. Since I have been doing yin regularly, I am much less likely to get injured.

Kari Anderson: so this one is expensive, 29.00 per month! BUT I love dance and choreography and the reach and reach the barre classes taught by Kari. She has workouts on her facebook group with this subscription so there is a new one of these most weeks and then she keeps a library of the past choreography and some of the reach and reach the barre classes. There are other instructors as well, but I really just take Kari's classes. I like her hi/lo dance because it is fun, challenging and it is not all high impact like some of the other dance cardio out now, which feels too hard on my joints. Also, she teaches choreography and it is not follow along like Tracy Anderson, for example.
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Old 12-02-21, 09:27 AM  
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I subscribe to OPENFIT and love it
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Old 12-05-21, 02:08 PM  
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I currently have a few too many streaming services though about half are bundled with other services I use...

I have had Apple Fitness+ for a while since my household has a bundled Apple One subscription. I would give it a 3/5 so far but it may be I haven't used it enough. It's decent but I can't put a finger on why I don't really feel excited about the workouts I've tried so far.

A few months ago I joined Gympass through an employee wellness program. It isn't strictly streaming since it also provides access to gyms and in-person studio classes. They provide subscriptions to a few streaming apps as well as livestreamed classes and trainer sessions. I would give it a 4+/5. It is game-changing for me but the app glitches a lot.

Neou (a subscription was part of Gympass). I did a foam rolling session several times and found it really beneficial. Other than that I just did a fun dance workout and previewed some others. So far it looks like a 3/5 maybe a 4/5 but I need to use it more.

Burnalong (also through Gympass). It has goods variety and lots of adapted workouts for different health needs so I want to be positive about it. I just found the production quality a little low and had trouble focusing and abandoned every workout I tried. 2/5.

Yogaia (through Gympass). This app looks really good and has both on-demand and streaming yoga classes. I haven't tried a class yet so t wouldn't be fair to rate it just on the interface.

Datura - This is a niche streaming platform focused on "bellydance" especially tribal fusion. It also has a few workouts mainly for dance conditioning. I give it a 5/5 so far but it relates to a hobby of mine in addition to fitness but I don't think it would be worthwhile to people who were not interested in that dance form.

Fizzup (through Gympass) - I've only used some of the short mobility workouts intended to provide a break from working at a desk. I work remotely so I am working through the "Work mobility routine" rotation. I haven't used it enough to rate it.

All Out Studio (I have a trial which is ending soon) - I like this app for straightforward workouts. I mostly use the mobility workouts. I previewed the Kettlebell Foundations thinking I would use it as my strength rotation but it looks like the instructor uses a pair of kettlebells and I don't have two bells.

Physique 57 - I just subscribed Black Friday. I took a live stream class and it reminded me that I loved the DVD workouts and got a lot stronger when I used them regularly. (I don't care for some of the weird prompting about appearance so I am not sure I can return to using the old DVDs regularly). It seems like they moved on from the constant talk about appearance. I just did one workout and it was great, not quite as engaging as the class but definitely more convenient since I ended up getting up at 5 am Pacific to take the streaming class.

Active Popsugar (I think this one was free?). It has some fun short dance workouts and I like to add variety to my at-home cardio. I haven't tried the yoga or toning workouts but I previewed a few when deciding if I wanted to keep the app on my tablet.

Fiton: I like some of the dance and circuit workouts but haven't used it very much. I confuse it with the PopSugar app so I guess I think of them as pretty similar.

I subscribed to Sweat on Black Friday and started a strength rotation. I like the app so far. I think I like apps like that for strength training. So far 4/5.

I noticed some workout videos on Tubi (a free streaming platform). It has Namaste yoga which I remember liking in the past.
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Old 12-06-21, 05:03 PM  
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Originally Posted by muddjeansgal View Post
Has anyone tried Alo Moves? I just bought a year subscription.
I LOVE Alo Moves - so much content and so many styles of workouts. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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Old 12-16-21, 09:08 AM  
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Originally Posted by zraipel View Post
Lauren's Playground - 3/5 I respect Lauren's knowledge and the content she puts out. I appreciate her contribution to the kettlebell world. I own all of her DVDs except the pregnancy one. I have purchased several of her online programs (Be SLAM 1 & 2, etc). But, because of everything I own of hers, I don't feel like the subscription was worth the price for me. I don't need or want the community that she offers, so that's also part of it. That's a huge value to a lot of people. Again, since I don't like "live" classes, that's also not something worth paying for to me. I wish I was her audience but I'm not.
This matches my sentiment. I re-subbed for a year last June and there has only been one beginner-ish series added in the last 6 mos. Otherwise, it's all live sessions, and they aren't filmed at a decent resolution for full screen so they drive me nuts. It looks like she's going to have another production in Jan., but will charge members over and above the $380+ for the yearly subscription. I will be letting my membership lapse and strongly doubt I'll ever go back. 2/5

Other streaming services I've tried (I use the website instead of the apps):

GetHealthyUTV: 4/5. I like Chris and her whole team, and will often watch her live streams for tips.

Udaya: 3/5 Finding what I wanted was time-consuming, and I wished I could set a default language. They may have added that in the year I've been gone.

ZGym: 4/5 I like Zuzka. The price for the monthly subscription is reasonable so I can dip in and out when I want to. I think she's been injured so the amount she's added has dropped since last March.

StudioSweat: 3/5. Of the streaming services I subscribe to they can have some of the most fun music, but I wasn't spinning or running much this last year due to a foot injury and their TRX and kettlebell workouts are limited.

Body Electric: 4/5 because she has original music with most of them and I'm nostalgic. But I only lasted three months the last time I subscribed.

BeachBodyOnDemand: 3/5 Like many of us I have all the old programs on DVD. At $99/year I think it's not a bad option, but I'll likely let my subscription lapse this coming year. I'm not sure why I have a coach--never hear from them.

Essentrics: 4/5 I often subscribe for a month, take a break, and then go back. I'm back on it now that Season 14 is there, but will likely drop it in January. It is repetitive, but I can usually talk myself into one of their workouts when I don't want to do anything else, and I've had aging body issues that are helped by the workouts.

Collage Video: 2/5 When I subbed for a few months in 2020 it seemed to be mainly transfers of old videos and that was fun for nostalgia, but the transfers weren't well done: they had all the lead-ins I could skip on the VCR.

InnerDimension: Just subbed so I could get the current rate. I do like what I see, and I do like Travis.

I may try HealthBarre, too, but am also considering Hilliard Studio. Has anyone tried their subscription?
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