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Old 10-18-21, 07:51 PM  
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Originally Posted by YogaGal View Post
Looks like the presale for these two new dvds is on Saturday October 23 (per Kelly on FB). Not sure how long it will last, but usually a couple of weeks or so if I recall previous KCM presales.
Yes she posted she's filming Power splits now.

She mentioned again the presale starts 10/23 with the workouts being available by Christmas.

ETA: she did say the presale would last two weeks.

On her website:
$14.99 for US customers only (This is for a limited time only).

Use code "PRESALE" at checkout for Free Shipping! Only available on PRESALE videos only.
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Old 10-19-21, 11:22 AM  
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I don't really buy KCM workouts, but the Power Splits DVD sounds like what I need right now for my schedule - especially with the Kickboxing Finisher!

Does KCM have something like Power Splits with a finisher already in her DVD collection?

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Old 10-23-21, 04:01 PM  
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Location: Michigan
The presale has begun for the KCM new DVD's. They are 14.99 each.

Power Spit and Cardio Fit. I don't have facebook so I'm not sure whether or not she posted clip.

Put in the coupon code Presale to get free shipping.

Always exciting to see new DVD's coming out. I miss the old days and all of the excitement but my pocketbook is much happier now that the next great system isn't coming my way anymore. Sigh.
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Old 10-23-21, 05:02 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
I tried ordering but the website is all wonky and wouldnít let me order. Iíll try again tomorrow.
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Old 10-23-21, 05:23 PM  
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Location: Chicago burb
I ordered the CardioFit workout. With the free shipping it is a good deal. I have so many weight workouts already so I skipped that one. And I love Kelly's boxing.
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Old 10-23-21, 10:39 PM  
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I ordered both, and glad to see she's still doing DVDs!

Outdoor Hikes

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Total Body Timesaver Strength & Sculpt

Dean Pohlman (Man Flow Yoga) Strength Foundations Course (Phase one & two!)

Tommy Rivs iFIT treadmill NEW (20 workout) Australia series!

Jenny Ford Step Across America #1-5 & #1-50

MPC (My Peak Challenge) Step Challenge
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Old 10-24-21, 04:57 PM  
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Originally Posted by Pam61 View Post
I ordered both, and glad to see she's still doing DVDs!
This exactly!!! So few instructors are still making DVDís these days.
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Old 10-25-21, 06:53 AM  
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Location: MI
I got both also. I actually have been using her RAW app more than the DVDs but I wanted to support her since she is still doing DVDs.
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Old 10-25-21, 08:40 AM  
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I ordered both too. I am most excited about the Power Splits, but the Cardio one could be interesting and she always has great premixes. It is also super generous of her to put a RAW workout on each one - that's a great bonus workout per DVD!
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Old 10-25-21, 03:48 PM  
Jennifer P.
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I'm glad you posted about this--I thought she'd send an email out, but I guess not. I preordered the Cardio Fit one. I haven't had time to do my video strength workouts for awhile, & I do want to start back, but I have so many...
Jennifer P.

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