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Old 06-03-23, 07:45 AM  
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Good morning!

Build: Total Body 2 - 30min
Build: M.I.S.S. Steady Cardio - 30min

Total Body 2 was OK, but not my favorite. I did enjoy it though because it was different than TB 1. I like variety. Then, because I needed to move, I've decided to do MISS Steady Cardio. Nothing different here - just walking, but got me moving and it was fine. I really like working with Jessica again.

Tomorrow I plan to do Ellen and maybe the 25min Seated Stretching with Beth.

It's going to be another sunny and hot, hot day here - in low 90s. I live accross the street from the park and today there will be Pride parade and festivities associated with it there. I hope everyone stays cool and safe. I will be out and about, but will not hang out outside because we also have a air quality alert in effect. And of course, I hate the heat. Ugh.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Old 06-03-23, 12:18 PM  
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Hi everyone,

Walk (30 min)
Senior Shape Calisthenics

DH and I have been walking everyday after dinner for about 30 minutes. We went out early this morning since there was rain in the forecast. I'm pretty much over the Prevention workouts already. The non-stop talking is bothering me too much, and the squats/lunges are already hurting my knees.

Carol, do-able, but still a challenge and fun is good!

Waves Dana & Donna!

My shop

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come" (1 Timothy 4:8)
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Old 06-03-23, 01:49 PM  
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Hi Everyone,

This morning's workouts:

Improved Health - Interval Training Program Series # 2 - Workout 1 - this one had 6 intervals - 1 minute higher intensity (Jules jogged, but I used my step for lower impact), 1 minute recovery. The Series # 1 program had 1 min higher intensity, 2 minute recovery. Prior to the intervals we did about 10 min of steady state and afterwards about 5 min wind down plus stretches at the very end. I like the way she structured this - plenty of time to warm up and then a non-rushed slowdown/cool down/stretch. She suggests repeating each series for 4 weeks. I did Series # 1 last week and didn't feel the need to repeat it again. I will see how i feel after completing this series to see if I should run through it again.

Improved Health - 25 Day Strength Program - Day 1 - this was upper body, back, biceps and a little shoulders. I opted to sit in a chair for the bent over work and it was much better for my back. I feel wimpy doing that but what is the point of aggravating something? And, by sitting I felt I was able to concentrate more on the body parts being worked.

Jessica Valant - Basic Hip Stretches - I need to get back to the "happy hips' workouts they did work well for me so I'm going to focus on adding them in at least 3-5X per week.

Carol - I think doing something you enjoy and that makes you feel good is important. I know it is hard mentally to let go - and yes, Jessica did have a podcast about it. I struggle too, like today, I felt like I was cheating by doing the workout seated. But, if I had a friend who asked what she should do - I would say - do it sitting if that works for you! We should be nicer to ourselves.

Christine - glad you got out to walk. And that you are back with workouts you enjoy.

Dana - we are having some heat and humidity here as well. It is the first time all summer though.

I am considering adopting another dog - my DD and i have played with this one several times while volunteering at the shelter. She is young, about a year old - and looks to be a Lab/Greyhound mix. I have to convince DH - and we would have to bring our Golden to meet her. I half think I'm crazy - but I also feel that it would be a good time now w/ me working from home for at least another full year. And my Golden is not so old now that she needs a lot of attention - she is going to be 11 at the end of the month but she is in very good shape for her age. You wouldn't know how old she was if not for her white face!

Hope everyone has a good day!

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Old 06-03-23, 07:58 PM  
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Saturday's workouts were

Improved Health - 1970's Music Workout - 20 minutes; Outdoor Walk - 30 minutes

I've done this 1970s Workout several times and I really enjoy the music because that is my era. Enjoyed it again!

It looks like it's getting ready to rain again - I hear the thunder.

Donna - I think it's all wrapped up with the concept of facing our own mortality. I don't want to think about that... Would your lab be excited to have to buddy. Is the possible new dog's exercise requirement way more than your lab? Would that be a problem?

Good workouts Christine & Dana!

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Old 06-04-23, 12:53 PM  
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Location: Maryland, USA
Hi Everyone,

Today was:

Improved Health - Interval Series # 2 - Day 2 - this was just a 20 min cardio - not too hard. I think Jules mentioned in one of her videos that you can do something else on the 20 minute days - if I end up repeating the series, I may do that as these do get a bit repetitive with pretty much the same music and moves in each one. But I'll go through this full round and then decide.

Improved Health - 25 Day Strength Series - Day 2 - this was a lower body workout - not too hard but not easy either...I enjoy the slower pace and no-frills nature of these.

I plan to get some stretching and maybe a walk in later.

I'm still mulling over the other dog idea. The dog we met is very nice - she is young (about a year old) and I'm sure will have more energy than my 11 year old. Although my Golden is in great shape for her age - she still can run and play - although she is slower than she used to be and tires out faster. My doubts are - I don't want to upset my older dog - although she did live with another dog for almost her entire life she does seem to be ok being an 'only' dog. I'm also thinking over the age difference 11 vs. 1 - and thinking about their differing exercise requirements. My 11 year old does well w/ a leisurely walk and a little ball playing in the yard. This other dog will need longer walk and more play time. I'm mulling over if i could accommodate both of their needs. When I had my Lab and Golden together they were closer in age and when my Lab was still able to go for walks I was able to walk them together. I guess the bottom line is I want to be able to do justice to both dogs and meet both their needs. I know my DH isn't going to participate much - and that is fine - I'm the one who wants the pets - he is nice to them and hangs out with them but is not the one who takes them for walks/exercise/the vet, etc. my DD is going to be working all summer and then probably spending time w/ her BF the rest of the time. Then at the end of the summer she is going away to school - she won't be far and will probably be home on the weekends, but....I do know I'm signing up for the majority of the care and I have to think it over. I want both dogs to have their needs met and I have to think if I can do it all. Maybe adopting a dog that is older would be better for my current dog (??), if I was going to add another dog at all.

Anyway - decisions, decisions.

Carol - that is what I started to wonder about - the exercise requirements and being able to balance both of their needs. I do know what you mean about our mortality. I think it is hard to accept that no matter what we do - father time ultimately wins.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!!!

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Old 06-04-23, 08:58 PM  
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Today's workouts:

Improved Health - Low Impact All Standing Tabata - 22 minutes;
This was a new-to-me workout. There were 4 tabata rounds with the first one being a warmup. The others focused on legs, cardio, abs. Jules added on 2 or 3 minutes of stretching at the end.

Flow with Mira - 15 Minute Abs and Hip Workout
This was also a new-to-me pilates workout. Although it was labeled as "beginner" it was not easy. 10 exercises in total.

Donna - The folks at the shelter can probably give you some good advice about adopting a shelter dog into a home with an older dog. I think you are right to introduce them and see how that goes.

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