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Old 05-30-23, 10:47 PM  
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Beth, I'm glad some of the instructors agree with me and I'm not crazy! Over time I used to do step, hi-lo, lift weights, T-Tapp, yoga, barre, Classical Stretch, tai chi, and cardio machines. When my husband was alive he could tell within days when I was doing T-Tapp or barre. Nothing gave me visible results like they did. Maybe when I get well from this respiratory thing I'll go back to them. Lol, my die hard lifter SO will never believe T-Tapp and Barre actually do something

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Old 06-13-23, 08:59 AM  
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Bumping this post again to ask another question. I recently came across a thread that had a list of t-tapp workouts/series broken down with descriptions. I've been doing tag searches to try and find that thread again, but no luck so far (even though I'm sure I found it via a tag search previously). Can anyone help?

ETA - found it!
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Old 06-13-23, 11:49 AM  
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Beth, thank you so very much for finding that thread!
Carol Laitinen
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Old 06-21-23, 10:22 PM  
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I havenít done a specific T-Tapp challenge, but I first tried the workouts about 15 years ago and focused on them for a while. There is a learning curve, and form is critical.

T-Tapp is what convinced me that I could get a good workout without doing traditional cardio and weights, and therefore changed the way that I think about exercise. I havenít done a T-Tapp workout in a while because my other workouts are more fun with more variety, but Iíll always be grateful to T-Tapp.

If I had a nickel for every time I've had to prove that exercise can work without pain, I'd be a very rich woman.
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