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Old 09-17-22, 08:54 PM  
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I don’t have problems with back pain with Jessica’s workouts, as long as I avoid crunches on the floor. Those aggravate my lower back.

Pahla B bothers my shoulders. I did a couple of Walk at Home You tube workouts and those bothered my lower back and hips. I think because the moves were too repetitive.

I have to admit I don’t care for Jessica’s newest stretch dvd. It seems to be too twisty for my back. I like her older stretch dvds though.
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Old 09-18-22, 03:34 PM  
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Location: Virginia
No issues with Leslie, but I can't do Tae Bo and Callanetics. Tae Bo was uncomfortable and Callanetics gave me back pain like I've never experienced before.
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Old 09-20-22, 12:26 AM  
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Thank you all for sharing your experiences, instructor suggestions, and for your kind words. Very much appreciated.
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Old 09-20-22, 11:41 AM  
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I try to change up my workouts with different instructors, rotations and types of activity. It's hard when you love a certain instructor and someone like Jessica, you would think would have enough variety and balance. But, I suppose maybe the type of lifting, speed, or twisting of spine, hinged position, etc. can cause issues for a number of folks no matter who the instructor is.

I like both Jessica and Leslie, but don't want to place the blame on them solely. When we have favorite instructors we just tend to stick with them, but that can be problematic. I have felt hip pain from only doing Leslie workouts for about a month. It's the repetitive nature of her basic four steps, usually. And, she has so many workouts so I have a lot of variety to choose from. What works best for me is to walk every other day (with Leslie) or change up the type of cardio (walking or instructor) I'm doing. I also have foot issues, so know this is going to kill my feet if I don't switch things up. I was also doing a lot of treadmill workouts in the Spring and this didn't help, so I basically went back to my pilates (mat based) workouts. Next month it might be yoga.

It's tough, as we're all getting older and our bodies are not able to do what they once did. And, sometimes we push them harder when certain instructors motivate us. Do we need to lift as heavy as Cathe, Jessica, Kelly, etc.? Do we need to do three rounds of the same circuit of exercises? Do we need to finish the whole hour long workout? I'm doing gentler workouts these days, and liking how I feel afterwards. I'm not giving up on the others, but will introduce them back in a few times a week.

Outdoor Hikes

Kelly Coffey-Meyer Total Body Timesaver Strength & Sculpt

Dean Pohlman (Man Flow Yoga) Strength Foundations Course (Phase one & two!)

Tommy Rivs iFIT treadmill NEW (20 workout) Australia series!

Jenny Ford Step Across America #1-5 & #1-50

MPC (My Peak Challenge) Step Challenge
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Old 09-21-22, 08:07 PM  
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I think that's the key: variety. While I love to do "systems," they're often counterproductive and don't feature enough variety. I did a Yoga Booty Ballet rotation over the summer and gained weight because they were not cardio-intensive enough and basically too gentle. Now I'm back to a self-designed rotation that mixes all modalities so I'm not doing any one style too much and am getting more variety in again. Already I've lost a little bit of weight as a result. Remember when "muscle confusion" was advocated?
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Old 09-22-22, 09:32 AM  
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I do agree that variety does seem to be one of the things that keeps injuries away. If you do the same workouts or the same types of workouts or the same movements over and over again it is easy to get an over-use injury.

Take care,

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