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Old 07-13-16, 12:38 PM  
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Originally Posted by LynnO View Post
Darn, i was going to fix what I wrote so it made sense. But you quoted it.
Obviously it made sense!
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Old 07-13-16, 01:48 PM  
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There are a few points I agree with (Freelee ...) and a few I don't (ALG for one).

However, it seems like these guys' actual agenda isn't so much "expose questionable and click bait-y fitness/exercise scams" as it is "buy our science-based coaching and dieting program!"

While they make some valid statements, they also show their ignorance with statements like:

"No one (and I repeat NO ONE) is overweight because they’re not eating enough, or doing too much."

O rlly??

I remember dozens of people on a certain diet board I used to frequent who would FREAK out because they were exercising for 2 hours a day, eating like 900 calories and not losing any weight--or even gaining. Almost all of them starting seeing weight loss once the upped their calories and reduced their exercise.
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