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Old 01-28-13, 10:53 PM  
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Originally Posted by Luma View Post
It doesn't seem any sillier to me than that stick thing you were supposed to shake (can't remember the name), and the spin gym is much cheaper, takes little storage space - and so what if it's only a toy! Grownups can have toys, especially when it's freezing cold at the most depressing time of the year!
And it's so small, it fits in your pocket. I know this because Forbes was kind enough to tell me about it during her presentations, although she was quick to point out that she also sells a fashionable neoprene shoulder bag you can buy for your Spin Gym. It says Spin Gym on it in really big letters, in case you forget what it's for, I guess, and it also has a pocket for your cell phone, so it's just so gosh-darned multi-purpose that probably everyone should buy it.

But thankfully, it didn't come in purple and it wasn't even slightly shiny, so I was able to pass on the bag thing.

Not that I'm trying to enable anyone or anything, but the big Today's Special deal ends in just over an hour. And they have already sold about 60,000 Spin Gyms today, so at least I wasn't the only idiot to get sucked in by Forbes and her enthusiasm.
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Old 01-28-13, 11:11 PM  
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Ppl also knock the shake weight w out trying it and it takes like 30 seconds to feel your heart pumping w that thing-I say enjoy it! I'm a sucker for anything under $10 and if it's pink w glitter I'm sold
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Old 01-29-13, 10:53 AM  
Debbie S.
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Soooooo funny, Susan! You really should be a blogger.

Um, I did fall for the Shake weight, but only after I got Walk it Out for the Wii. Funny thing is it's still in the shipping box it arrived in.
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Old 01-29-13, 02:14 PM  
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I bought the Shake Weight, too.

At least it was on clearance...
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forbes riley, spin gym

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