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Old 01-07-12, 06:57 AM  
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Description and chapter breakdowns

I'm going to focus on walking plus Tracie segments as add-ons this month and put this together to help me get organized. Descriptions are from Tracie's site

Leaning Out
50m total body strength w/ extended cardio segment
Custom chapters:
Lift (20 minutes)A total body strength training workout that will lift the stubborn hip and glute area while toning the entire body.
Flab Fighter (13 minutes) A moving floorwork sequence that works chest, back, hips and abs

Defining Shape Longevity Vol 1
50m comprehensive blend of functional and traditional strength training
Custom chapters:
Below the Belt (20 minutes) A compilation of our favorite skinny jean exercises that heat up and slim down the stubborn hip and butt muscles
Hour Glass (15 minutes) A waist trimming workout that recruits the trunk and hip muscles with a challenging sequence of rotation, extension and balance exercises in a both standing and lying side positions

Staying Power Longevity Vol 2
50m interval (cardio, light weights, med ball
Custom Chapters
Go Strapless (22 minutes) A bra fat/back fat banishing, calorie burning medicine ball workout
Lean Not Mean (12 minutes) An efficient heart-rate elevating strength workout using compound upper and lower body movements
Belly, Bust & Butt (12 minutes) A killer combination of plank, abs and bridge exercises that targets all the right places

Step Forward Longevity Vol 3
50m total. 40m step + short bodyweight segment
Custom chapters:
Total Body Tag A Long (15 minutes) A major muscle body weight workout plus abs and stretch that stands alone or tags a long well at the end of an all cardio or all strength training session
Step On The Go (15 Minutes) A quick, sweaty cardio boost that stands alone or works well as a warm up for strength training

Back Up Longevity Vol 4
50m interval
Big Short Sweat(20 minutes) Fun, energetic traditional and med ball cardio segments that pair well with weight training or stand alone as a quick calorie burn
Muscle Madness (20 Minutes) Traditional and functional total body exercises that target the back, core and large muscle groups to improve posture and stimulate metabolism
Mat Moves (13 Minutes) A moving floor work sequence including traditional abs that promotes back and core strength with an extended

Lift Higher Focus Vol 1 30m lower body

Kickback Focus Vol 2 30m interval (kickboxing moves, light weights)

Power Up Focus Vol 3 30m Cardio plyometrics with step

Reach Further Focus Vol 4 30m active recovery (balance, core, stretch)

Breakthrough Focus Vol 5 30m med ball cardio

Reboot 1 50m total body (cardio and strength segments)

Figure 30 Hips 30m hip focus
~~ Sharon ~~
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Old 01-07-12, 08:45 AM  
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Hi Sharon -

Walkiing with segments of Tracie's videos sounds like a great plan. Thanks for this info too! When you write it all down like that, you can really see the variety available.

Here are a few more ways to include add-ons from Tracie's first four Focus workouts (info from Collage Video's descriptions):

Kick Back
Section 1: light weights making jabs and punches more challenging (with less momentum).
Section 2: sculpts your lower body with near-aerobic-paced lunges, squats and kicks.
Section 3: varied floorwork exercises that target your upper body and core.

Lift Higher
Section 1: standing exercises (e.g. with dumbbells and zero momentum). Section 2: skating-style movements with your feet sliding on a towel (you’ll need paper plates for carpet).
Section 3: floorwork series includes bridges, hydrants and more sliding exercises.

Power Up
Section 1: powerful, high-impact jumps (up on the step, and then off). Section 2: mix of step aerobics with wide-ranging, off-step movements.
Section 3: body-sculpting exercises (e.g. on-step, “plyometric push-ups” are tough!).

Reach Further
Section 1: extended “warm-up” — gently flowing reaching and opening moves.
Section 2: yoga/Pilates floorwork plus a short ab toning series.
Section 3: standing yoga and balance postures
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Old 01-07-12, 09:29 AM  
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Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for reviving this thread. I just purchased/acquired a lot of Tracie's but was wondering how to tackle a rotation. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge, time, and effort putting all of this together! You rock
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Old 01-09-12, 09:32 AM  
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I just saw this page! Thankyou guys so much! I have been collecting the Longevity series and have a few of her Firms and have been wondering how I was gonna put them together! Thankyou!!
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Old 02-26-15, 09:36 AM  
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Reviving this thread! What a great source of ideas/rotations! (Now I need to trade for more TL workouts!)
Thank you so much!

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Old 02-26-15, 02:24 PM  
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Great thread and very helpful, but I'm surprised at how some workouts are classified... Now I think I'm more confused!
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Old 04-16-15, 10:07 AM  
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Here's a rotation I found in my e-mail files to add:

TLF 2013 Rotation

Monday – Total Body Strength (Leaning Out, Defined Lines, Defining Shape)

Tuesday – Improved Mobility/Cardio (Break Through, Weight less, Staying Power)

Wed - Rest

Thurs – High Intensity Interval Training (Back Up, Reboot 1, Reboot 2)

Friday – Butt Day (Lift Higher, Figure Butt, Figure Hips)

Sat or Sun – Power Cardio (Power Up, Step Forward, Kickback)*

Rest on either Sat or Sun

Sub in Reach Further if feeling tired

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Old 06-26-23, 10:21 AM  
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Thanks so much for the ideas!
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Old 07-22-23, 07:10 AM  
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Tracie seems similar to Michelle Dozois with the functional moves. I am combining the two using the Peakfit rotation and labelling Tracie's workouts as cardio, strength, cardio+strength, core, flexibility. It seems to be the most intuitive even if everything doesn't fit exactly.
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defining shape, focus, longevity, premix, tlp, tlt, tracie long, tracie long rotation

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