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Old 10-06-22, 09:00 PM  
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Sugar Rose, what is your older relatives goal of this house cleaning? Is she moving or does she just need less clutter so she functions better in the house she is in. Is the change her idea or someone else's?

If she is moving somewhere smaller you can try to approach the task by having her identify her most charished belongings - favorite chair, bric-a-brac and clothing. Reinforcing that not everything will fit in the new home.

If you are trying to help her reduce clutter then organizing shelves and boxing up extras to be stored in a closet may be easier than facing letting go of stuff. Some elders feel so much stress in this process that sometimes its better to let them be and when the time comes to move them you take care of it then.

Their stuff represents their life to them. Good Luck! I know it is hard.
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