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Old 04-25-14, 01:17 PM  
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I got KCM's Trim Down (am excited to try this!) and Tracie Long's Step Forward. Haven't worked out in a year. Need SOME type of motivation. New workouts may be the trick.
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Old 04-25-14, 03:16 PM  
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Originally Posted by buttons11 View Post
3. KCM 30 Minutes to Fitness Step Boxing - this one has also been in my wishlist for quite some time. I've watch the clips many times and actually thought I had ordered before...nope not in my collection but it's on it's way now. I want to get into step now without breaking my neck. [used to go to a great gym in the late 90's and had the most fun doing step and my conditioning was through the roof then]. I think I need the mental focus challenge along with the physical and this one looks doable...besides I love boxing. I may start this without the step and add it in later once I get the routines down.
I hope you'll enjoy it! I absolutely it so much!! I don't know which workout I like the most if wo 1 or 2, both are awesome, intense (but doable) and fun to do! This is the only step workout (beside the wo 180 dvds) I have been able to follow along without getting fustrated. I first tried 2 Cathe step wos, and I just couldn't do them at all, not even her "athletic one" . This dvd has an awesome dumbbell premix around 23 mins. which gave me DOMS for two-three days. And I still need to try the other premixes!
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Old 04-25-14, 07:30 PM  
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The last day of the sale I ordered a couple more Virtual Active dvds! I am really enjoying the ones I have so far. Such beautiful outdoor scenery, and the city locations are fun, too!

I think my favorites so far are the Germany and Italy ones, but today I did a Chicago Run and enjoyed that one, too! I'm enjoying my treadmill...finally!


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Old 04-25-14, 08:22 PM  
Denise B
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I almost didn't bite, but decided on the last day to order: Earth Yoga with Tara Lee (I picked up the other two in this series at Collage's sale), Abs Diet for Women and Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy tape. In my case it's really, really post pregnancy I've managed to resist Tracy's siren call until now but thought I would enjoy working out to the Classical music.
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mary's sale

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