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Old 05-19-14, 06:26 AM  
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PopSugar fitness posted this workout yesterday on Facebook:

18 moves to terrifically toned inner thighs:

They also have two videos that are just inner thigh:
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Old 05-19-14, 12:26 PM  
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you mention that you are a pear which indicates an element of too much estrogen. Maybe you should get your hormones tested? Also, it's important to eat organic / grass fed as much as possible. also organic fruits and veggies and grains because the pesticides are endocrine disruptors. wash everything really well.
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Old 05-20-14, 05:47 AM  
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Again, I really appreciate all the recs. I kind of have a feeling this is just a part of me. This morning, I was lying in bed face up. My legs were out in front of me extended and flexed. I felt my outer thigh and top of my quads. Very solid. Then I felt my inner thigh area. A little mushy to the touch. I can't exactly say it's horrible cause it's not but the inner area just isn't firm like the outer area. Since my weight has tended to fluctuate, when I'm on the higher end, the thigh issue is much greater than at the low end. I think the important thing is to minimize, or even eliminate, the weight fluctuations. I use food for comfort but whenever I eat poorly and don't exercise, I feel worse overall. My body will never be perfect as I'm 44 and I've put it through a lot of ups and downs (umm, literally ). The key is just keep doing the best I can. I'll experiment with the recs here and see how the inner thigh-specific workouts go.

Suzannaerin made a good point regarding her husband in that this happens even with non-pears. I've had the same issue with both my compression shorts and jeans wearing in the upper thigh area to the point of needing replacement. The lower my weight, the less likely the wear. I can use this as motivation to lessen the tendency to let my weight get too high when it fluctuates. A five pound range should be the max but just a few pounds would be even better.

I would like to clarify...not sure I have any problems with estrogen/lack of testosterone. hehe I've been shaving since I was 12. I know what you mean tho but I think I'm safe in saying it doesn't apply to me, fortunately.

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Old 05-20-14, 06:11 AM  
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Old 05-20-14, 09:06 AM  
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This provides an alternate view. I'm winning!
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Old 05-20-14, 03:00 PM  
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I second the vote for Karen Voight's Great Weighted Workout. It's good tough floor work. The instruction is very straightforward, and there are male participants in the class so the workout doesn't seem too "feminine" for a guy.
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Old 05-20-14, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by pumptmuscle View Post
Again, I really appreciate all the recs. I kind of have a feeling this is just a part of me. This morning, I was lying in bed face up. My legs were out in front of me extended and flexed. I felt my outer thigh and top of my quads. Very solid. Then I felt my inner thigh area. A little mushy to the touch. <snip>
I agree that if you have weight to lose, that is major factor, but this is a fairly common muscle imbalance, and one worth addressing for good core strength, and by addressing it you might find other benefits in performance. Pilates, Callanetics, and T-Tapp have all helped me with that particular issue...and with weightloss too.

If you wanted to try Pilates, I would try to get into a class or even a couple of private sessions to get the tips they have on how to correctly activate your core. I have been reading Brook Siler's The Pilates Body, and I think she has some good information in there too. She also has these visualization tips which are really helpful.

But if you go any of these routes, don't just focus on your inner thigh, but work at developing your entire core. It's best to work them together since they are supposed to work together, and the weak muscles will catch up to the stronger ones. is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 05-20-14, 05:08 PM  
Jane P.
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You can't spot reduce through exercise no matter how many inner thigh lifts you do. You will tighten up the muscle to a certain extent, but it's fat reduction through diet that will make a difference.

I'm a pear and find there's only so much I can do. My lower body will always be larger than my upper, unless I reduce my weight to unhealthy levels or have liposuction.

Some of us just don't have the body type that's popular these days.
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Old 05-21-14, 03:08 AM  
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i think if you lift your butt somehow, it will pull your inner thighs in more.

notice that when you were laying supine, legs pointing to the ceiling - if your thighs appeared thinner it's because gravity was making the tissue fall towards the floor. that's what makes myself think that a lifted butt will make the thigh appear narrower.

it's my theory - not based on any actual scientific facts.

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inner thighs, lean the legs, leg workouts

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