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Arrow Just The Workouts ~FEBRUARY 2021~*Everyone Welcomed!*

February, 2021

Keeping my hip PT work in my weeks while getting my sweat on this month! Goals: getting in daily meditations and cleaning up my eating. Really need to focus on the latter. :/

1 - Meditation; Yvette Fit #28 60 Minute Cardio Kickboxing BIG LEGS; Michelle's Yin Yoga This class was EXACTLY what I wanted for today. It includes kickboxing, high/low impact (well, I kept it lower on some), weighted leg work (keeping it lighter - I used 15's and 20's), a FW band, ankle weights, gliders & and a mat. I forfeited the FW band, ankle weights, and gliders and used my medium wide booty band above my knees from the 42 min. mark to the end. Worked great....nothing like getting my PT work in while having a cardio sweat blast with Yvette!! 523 cal burn!
2 - Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Heather Robertson Full Body Strength Workout w/ DB's (45 min.); Five Parks Yoga (Wrist Free & Hands Free Yoga - 30 min.) HR's workout was a good little stand-alone workout with a LB circuit, UB circuit & Core circuit with a :40/:20 format. Each exercise is done 3x with a 12-15 rep range to burn out the muscle before moving on. This is one of my favorites of Erin's yoga classes--not a vinyasa in sight, filmed on the beach, and great for my "achey hands" days when not wanting to be on my wrists! Includes balance, flow and is a great all-around stretch. 330 cal burn
3 - Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Heather Robertson Booty Band HiiT Workout (18 min.); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Michelle's Yin Yoga PT day! I used my medium pink thigh band for HR's workout...just a GREAT booty/hip strengthener. On the 4th, my lower body is really feeling the DOMS! 247 cal burn
4 - Meditation; Cathe Live Smokin' Upper Body Blast #111 (53 min.); stretch This one is truly a Cathe Classic!! I can't believe I waited almost 2 years doing it again, as it is just GOLD for the UB!! But really a great metabolic total body w/o as well, since you do 3 circuits of weighted UB exercises followed by cardio blasts at a quick pace to really keep up the HR. Love the format! I used 10's , 12's and 30 for one arm rows and did tuck jumps/air jacks on my rebounder for the run-around-mat cardio. Also I didn't feel like p/u's today, so I did tons of reps of chest presses/skull crushers w/ 12's for that last arms were FRIED!! Cathe really shines in this one and Al is in the class - double GOLD!! So fun! Felt good to concentrate on the UB this week! 360 cal burn
5 - Meditation; LM Body Combat Remix #02 Combat Power (40 min.); Five Parks Yoga Wrist Free & Hands Free Yoga Class This BC has great music, is a good steady state workout and a very powerful one to put your "all" into. It includes UB work and core. I used my vest weights and was a great sweat! Since this one is a remix, certain tracks include sweat flying off the instructors more so than others. :0) I did Erin's class again...trying to perfect the directions I should be on my mat and which direction I need to have my mat!...this is a great stretch but I think her cueing has really improved since this one was filmed in '18. 288 cal burn
6 - Meditation; Five Parks Yoga Intense Flow with No Planks or Chats (Wrist Free Yoga - 49 min.); Heather Robertson 10 min. Full Body Mobility & Flexibility Routine Erin's class was very similar to yesterday's class but filmed inside and was all standing postures for 45 min. to build heat and included balance and core challenges. Sweaty, and this one was easier for me to follow. Heather's workout was more of a stretch than mobility, IMHO.
7 - Meditation; Rest Day

8 - Meditation; Yvette Fit #89 70 Min. Step, HiiT, Back & Bicep Circuits; stretch This was an awesome endurance workout and Yvette was The Energizer Bunny!! Jeesh, non stop FUN with one break midway, then right back at it. I modified quite a bit – just used my topper for the first half and 2 risers for the last half and did some of the cardio on my rebounder that used the higher step. My HR was up for almost all of the workout!! Actually, it may have seemed tougher since I didn’t use the higher bench for all the TONS of burpee variations that uses the step...and I mean there were TONS!!! In the first half, there was weighted cardio moves using 5#'s which really added up! For the weighted bicep and back work toward the end, I used 15’s, 12's, (had to drop down), 5’s, 3's (again, had to drop down) and 25. TOUGH STUFF but I loved it!! 510 cal burn
9 - Meditation; Scraping Mix (30 min.) Early hair appt., so natch, no afternoon workout! ;0) (My upper body was so sore from Yvette's workout yesterday!!) Rest day
10-Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Heather's Booty Band HiiT w/o (18 min); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Michelle's Yin Yoga; Ankle Strengtheners w/ Doctor Jo (5 min); Blowing snow off driveway (15 min.) PT day! I really don't know why Heather calls this w/o a really isn't and that's why I never seem to dread doing it! It has a lot of hip/booty strengtheners and really makes a difference with the resistance of the band. I haven't tried my highest resistance band yet...maybe will try that next time.//There's nothing like taking your leaf blower to blow snow off the driveway!! Love that thing!! We keep getting an inch here, an inch there, but at least it's light & fluffy and not heavy....but I'm getting tired of scraping, LOL!
11- Meditation; Yvette Fit #91 30 Min. Chest/Shoulders/Triceps & Ab Circuits; Yvette Fit #79 35 Min. FUN Low Impact Cardio Kickboxing; Michelle's Yin Yoga #91 class was just weights and abs - which is really rare for Yvette. She includes an 8-12 rep range for all sets & usually 4 sets per exercise alternating with an ab exercise. I used 5's for shoulders, 12's, 15's, & 20. She uses 30's for chest press right off the bat! No, I need more warm-up exercises since all she did were stretches as a w/u! I was usually a rep or 2 behind her - she goes too fast for those heavy weights she uses, IMHO. Triceps are a little underworked but I'll do a tricep exercise in place of some of the shoulder work next time. Glad she is including some weight only classes!! Added on her FUN no equipment k/b workout - just LOVED this one again for lower impact and fun stuff! 377 cal burn
12- Meditation; LM Body Combat Kick Power #01 (25 min.); 10 Min. of a Body Step workout - not feeling it--Joni O'd; Heather Robertson Abs & Booty Band Workout (22 min out of 42 abs); Michelle's Yin Yoga Love the Kick Power workout as Dan & Rach make it so fun! Great, sweaty, mostly kicks workout that includes tracks from other workouts with very little rests - they just go right into the next track and no c/d. My HR was still up pretty high at the end when it abruptly cuts off. Good music and this has my favorite track with Rach and her "158 kicks"! OK, I found one of Heather's booty workouts that I thought works each glute by itself a little better than her Booty Band HiiT workout I did Wednesday. I skipped the Abs segment (they got worked good yesterday) and started at the 20 min. mark. This has 2 sets of the same exercises that uses the booty band - for the first set, I used my heavy resistance band...whoa, that didn't allow me to have the range of motion intended for her exercises, as I could hardly lift my leg with the thing on. For the 2nd set, I went back to my Medium resistance band which was much better for range of motion and for doing them like Heather shows. These exercises are SUPERB for working each glute separately for working on strength and it includes more PT exercises as well. It doesn't have quite the up/down factor and I liked it better than her Booty Band Hiit workout, at least for what I am wanting right now in my rotation for PT focus. I made sure I had a nice stretch after all that. Great lower body workout today! 360 cal burn
13- Meditation; KCM 30 MTF Sculpting Rx (Workout 1 & Workout 2: Intervaled Body Parts - 39 min. Premix); Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility-25 min.) Yay, I found yet another gem on this KCM dvd!!! LOVED this full body premix of combining the lighter weight work with the heavier weight work (Kelly intertwines the two - not just Workout 1 in its' entirety and then Workout 2) with approx. 10 min. of core at the end. I used 5's-15's but mostly 10's and 15's. Really gives it a whole different feel to shock the body with the different weight loads and seemed like a new workout. I am so glad I acquired this it's my Favorite KCM workout - even more so now!!! Cathe's stretch felt great and needed. 303 cal burn
14- HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! Meditation; Yvette Fit #88 45 Min. Heavy Shoulder & BOSU Cardio; Yoga30For30 (Yin) Thought I would get another workout in this week since I took that rest day on Tuesday and since we're planning on a big meal tonite. Great, sweaty fun in 45 min.!! Using the BOSU today was so fun as it's been awhile and my legs are feeling it already! This is a weight and cardio circuit working shoulders only and cardio moves using the BOSU. I used 8's -20#; I really enjoyed the cardio moves with the BOSU for lower body and she had a few exercises raising it over your head to get in some more shoulder work. Yvette is alone in the class - I think I prefer the class behind her, just like Cathe in Cathe Live. But this was Super FUN! Favorited! Thought I'd try a yin class again - wasn't too bad although I was busy writing my check-in notes while in various poses, LOL. I.just.can't.lay.there!! 425 cal burn

15- Meditation; Cathe Live #251 Total Body Giant Sets #3 (minus core=45 min.); Yoga30For30 (Core); Cathe Perfect 30 (Extended Stretch); Blowing snow off driveway These TBGS Lives are classics too! So awesome to really burn out the upper and lower body, they are very similar to her TBGS dvd. I pretty much matched Cathe's weights today. I kept the shoulder work lighter since I'm still feeling Yvette's workout from yesterday (but really, the shoulders are not overworked at all like in some of her workouts). I wasn't feeling Cathe's core work today so I did Travis' Core from Y30F30 which is always a good challenge. Cathe's Extended Stretch felt really good! I'm back from getting my blood work drawn so now can stay home the rest of the day....roads aren't too clear from the overnight snow we had; happy to stay in and clean the house! 377 cal burn
16- Meditation; Yvette Fit #73 60 Min. High Intensity Cardio Blast; Five Parks Yoga (Short & Sweet Vinyasa Flow - 30 min.) OMG! In Yvette's description, she states you need TONS of Energy for this workout....well, yes, I definitely concur!!! Non-stop Hi/Lo cardio with one little measly :60 water break in the middle then non-stop until the 58 min. mark! There are burpees in this but not as many as there are j.jacks which I was grateful for my rebounder to do air jacks and tuck jumps instead. Too many for my liking. She has a 5# cardio sequence toward the end which I was grateful for, as it seemed easier to make it to the end! I think Y was even getting tired by then!! I have this one marked as maybe one of her toughest on the site...feeling very accomplished. Erin's class was a goodie for a flowy hip opener which felt great! Hey, lookie quick - the SUN is out!!!! Beautiful, glistening view from my window today. 560 cal burn ETA: Scraping Mix/Shovel Max (35 min.) (after DH snow blowed this morning). We got 5" the last couple days - biggest snowfall of the season. That sun sure helped to melt/break up the snow...clean driveway once again! :0)
17- Meditation; Heather Robertson Leg Day//Warm Up Routine; Abs & Booty Band Workout (Booty only); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Michelle's Yin Yoga PT hour of booty focus! Bex, you had me curious about my fabric medium band...I looked on the box and it says the tensile strength is 25-35#. I guess that means how durable it is when stretched. All I know is, it is the perfect band for HR's workout to give me that ROM but still provides that challenge. I was sweating in my cold basement today, haha! Hope you find your "goldilocks" band. ;0) 181 cal burn
18- Meditation; Michelle Goldstein's Power Yoga Mandala - Hands Free Yoga=33 min.; Michelle's Yin Yoga Her Mandala class was nice and was better when I didn't look at the screen and just followed along with the audio, as it was a voice over and she was a step ahead doing the poses than her cueing... cal burn N/A.
19- Meditation; Cathe Live #300 Metabolic 300 Live (35 min.); Yvette Fit (10 min.); Cathe LITE Body Weight & Bands (TS #5--Standing Exercises Only & Pyramid Pump Triceps Premix=37 min.) It was an "off" day for me...I was in a funky mood and nothing seemed to measure up until BW&B w/o. Cathe's Live w/o just seemed so boring today and I Joni O'd it right before the bear crawl walk-outs...I didn't feel like doing them, LOL! So thought I'd try a Yvette...nope, not that either. Finally settled on Cathe's LITE workout and that was the one I could stick with and got a great workout. That has a really good FW band segment, too, that I forgot about. But for the Triceps, I didn't do the pyramid format...I just used 12's, 12's, and 15's for the reps. What's up with Cathe's 5's & 8's?? I think also getting a phone call (that I needed to take) during my workout threw off my game today. At least my workout ended nicely, but 1.5 hours later!! 468 cal burn
20- Meditation; Yvette Fit #93 45 Min. No Equipment All Out Cardio; Cathe LITE Body Weight & Bands (TS #3--Floor - No standing Exercises Premix, no w/u=12? min.); extra lower body stretch I had lots of better mojo today for this Yvette workout. It was super FUN with hi/lo moves mixed with k/b moves and just gloves & your energy! Very nice short cardio session, doing tuck jumps in place of the j.jacks (yes, too many again!) on my rebounder which make my HR stay up more than the j.jack dread. Favorited! Added on the floor segment from Cathe's workout that I didn't get to yesterday. Either this is really easy; I need a heavier stretchie band; or my LB has gotten really strong with all my PT work with my fabric band...OR all 3!!! Unfortunately, my fabric band wouldn't work with the exercises--believe me, I tried! Seemed I could do way more reps than she does with the green stretchie. But, after all, it IS titled LITE! ;0) I do have to say, my hips and booty are feeling much stronger these days and maybe even a little lifted! 417 cal burn
21- Meditation; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) Rest Day

22- Meditation; Yvette Fit #87 60 Min. Heavy Weight & Cardio Boot Camp BLAST; Michelle's Yin Yoga Holy Moly! Another kick-butt workout using the step for a bench & cardio, weights working chest, back, & triceps, Med Ball, and gliders for one move. My ankles/feet were really cranky today (arthritis has now moved from hip to ankles/feet, ugh), so I used my BOSU in place of my step for a little more "give" which worked great. For triceps, (which were fried, btw) at the end with her 5 sets of overhead triceps, I did 2 sets of overhead triceps, 2 sets of skull crushers and 1 set of pull-overs to get in a little more back work. I like skull crushers since they work the triceps individually which I need to do. Feeling very accomplished after this one!! This is also on YT and there's a new guy in the class (who does very well), but I think he was getting tired at the end and his looks were pretty comical saying "howwwww much longgggger"?? 473 cal burn
23- Meditation; X-10 (w/u); Heather Robertson Inner & Outer Thigh Workout//Burn Baby Burn!!(31 min.); Abs & Booty Band Workout (42 min.); extra LB stretch Holy Hannah! I found an AWESOME LB Burn out sesh! This I&OTW is a very recent workout of Heather' has the :40/:20 format, uses weights for some exercises and really gets those inner and outer thighs GOOD but I used my medium fabric booty band for some extra intensity. HR doesn't use a band, and it was definitely a burner with it! I used 20's for the double dumbbell exercises (mostly DL's, Sumo Squats, & lunge variations) and 25# for the single exercises. Sometimes I couldn't raise my leg as high as Heather, but it didn't seem much to matter with these exercises. LOVED this one and adding the Abs & Booty Band workout was really good stuff. First time for trying the "Abs" was more challenging than I thought it would be with the :30/:10 format. These two workouts really complemented each other quite well....I'll need to remember this combo. Total time tapped out right around the 70 min. mark but I REALLY needed to add an add'l LB stretch after all that booty fun! 446 cal burn.//A whopping 48*/sunny day here--supposed to reach 50*!!! Now I can see all those $(%&$^#^* pokey balls again and GRASS!!
24- Meditation; LM Body Combat (United=28 min.); TRAMPIT 12 Rebounder workout My feet were really feeling compromised with the Combat workout - lots of lateral moves and my high impact moves were really lame, so I cut it short. I wanted to do it one last time before my subsc. ended--this is definitely my favorite Combat but gotta listen to my body. Decided on trying a rebounder workout and remembered reading T2B's reference to this one. OMG, what FUN!! It's by far, the BEST rebounder workout I've come across with fabulous music and vibe! And, maybe b/c I could keep up with her bounce while still holding onto my stability bar?...I don't trust myself to jump without it!! She includes HiiT which is awesome(!) and I could insert my beloved air jacks and tuck jumps when I didn't want to do her moves. My HR was really up there. I jump with my shoes on always and my feet were very appreciative of the no impact. Thanks for sharing about that one!!! 354 cal burn.//Now after grocery shopping, I will be spending all day with the parents just in case they have issues from their 2nd shots yesterday....yay, this means puzzle time (and cleaning too, though.) ;0)
25- Meditation; Winsor Buns & Thighs; Cathe Stretch Max #2 (w/ ball); 50 min. Yard Clean up Had a dentist appt. so didn't have much time for a w/o. It actually was therapeutic to pick up the pokey balls today...very nice temps/no wind/chatting with neighbors and easing my built-up stress from a stressful dentist appt. Oh how I miss my previous, now retired dentist, aaaacccckkkk!
26- Meditation; Yvette Fit #95 60 Minute Moderate Intensity - All Out Step Aerobics; stretch-including some foot exercises/stretches This one uses a 2 riser step and gloves and is just step choreo (very BASIC step choreo, esp. in the first half--in fact, a very good one to just veg out with the basic foot work! I used just the topper and my wtd. vest weights. I enjoyed the 2nd half more as I found the intensity a bit improved and the choreo more fun but still staying pretty grounded for my foot. However, a GREAT steady-state workout for those light days (or those arthritic days when my feet say, "be kind to me"!). They feel pretty good now but do tighten up by the end of the day. Did some top/feet exercises (where my pain is) which felt nice. 334 cal burn
27- Meditation; LM Body Pump #106 (45 min.); Ab exercises on my own; stretch This Pump is really great! I used DB's today instead of a BB. Used (1) 30 for the squat/sumo track; 15's and 12's for the upper body then had to drop down to 10's for the shoulder/leg track toward the end as my arms were toast! My HR was really elevated for most of this workout.... it really makes a difference the heavier you can go with all those reps. I was feeling really strong today (my hands were good) and it felt so good to pump it up! I decided to extend my LM subscription another 3 months since they gave me the same discount. :0) 318 cal burn
28- Meditation; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) Rest Day
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Here!! Thanks for starting thread AnMrsDe!

1. Barre3 Wisdom (40 Minutes), 30 min walk
2. Leslie 20 min YouTube walk, 25 min outside walk, 10 Min Arms, 12 Min Butt, Meditation
3. Barre3 Twist (40 minutes), 30 Min Full Body Yoga Pilates Flow, PBL Stress Free Stretch Routine
4. PBL Winter Weights Sculpting Routine, 23 Min Full Body Standing Chair Series, Leslie 15 min Happy Walk (YouTube), meditation
5. Barre3 Ballet Boot Camp, 16 Min Ab Focused Flow, 20 min Leslie YouTube walk
6. PBL Spring Into Summer Ab Burner, Triple A Alaskan workout, Essentrics PM Stretch
7. PBL Stretch Yourself Slim, TBL Energizing Morning Pilates Routine
8. PBL Body Band Sculpture Class, New You Amazing Arms, 50 min walk
9. Essentics Amanda Live workout for 30's, BB Ultimate Mat Stretch
10. TBL Breathe, Flow, Stretch and Full Body Barre Workout, 25 minute walk, Gail's Essentrics 20's workout
11. TBL All About Abs, Bonus 10 minute Ring Workout, Essentrics Butt Toning with Meg, BB Hip Stretch
12. TBL Standing Barre with Weights, PBL Rehab Series: Back Pain and Love Your Lower Body Hamstring Booster
13. PBL Lake Como Upper Body Workout, Sleek and Toned Leg Workout
14. Dance off the Inches - Tummy Tone Party, PBL Sciatica workout
15. PBL Amazing Arms: Shoulder Sculpt, Love Your Legs: Bridge Booster, TBL Pilates for Pelvic Floor workout
16. TBL Core Focus, PBL Pilates Sculpt Leg workout, Butt Lifter and Upper Back Stretch routine
17. PBL Abs Butt and Triceps Workout, New You Upper Body, Leslie 20 minute YouTube walk
18. Dance of The Inches Cardio Fat Burn, PBL Adore Your Core Strong Back
19. Rest Day - Sick
20. PBL Summer Ready Workout, Love Your Legs: Inner Thigh Booster, TBL 5 Min Arm Toning
21. Bar Method Fat Free, TBL Active Pilates Stretch with Becca
22. PBL Bikini Body Workout, Fit in 15 Flexibility, TBL Quick Pilates Ab workout, 20 min walk
23. Essentrics Leg Week Live Class with Gail #1, 10 Min Abs with Gail, 20 min walk, TBL Stretching and Tension Release
24. Essentrics Ultimate Leg Sculptor and 7 min Arms (YouTube), PBL Core with More Ankle Weight Workout, TBL Side Lying Pilates workout, Leslie - 20 min YouTube
25. Miranda's Leg and Butt workout, TBL All About Abs, PBL Spring Into Summer Sculpted Arms, BB Mat Stretch
26. Essentrics Lower Body Calorie Burning Workout with Gail, Quad Stretch with Amanda, PBL New York Core
27. Essentrics Leg Week Live Class with Gail #2, PBL Strength and Grace Upper Body Workout
28. Winsor Pilates 20 Minute workout and Buns and Thighs workout
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February already? Wow!


1. Mobility Workout
2. rest
3. kettlebell cardioplus Beach Pilates plus ball Workout
4. rest
5. mobility warm-up Day 12 of single leg deadlift challenge and day 12 squat challenge plus mobility cooldown
6. Kettlebell cardio
7. Cathe Stretch Max band workout #3 plus elliptical walk
Fitness Accomplishment of 2022: Reading the Reinhart Kettlebell System thread

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Word for 2022: Balance
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1 Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 30 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates: 20 Minute Gentle Pilates for Beginners
2 Dog Walk - 20 minutes; Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 31 - 24 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates: 10 Minute Beginner Ab Workout
3 Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 7 - 30 minutes
4 Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 8 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Intro to Pilates - Pilates Camp - 22 minutes
5 Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 9 - 23 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Pilates for Legs - 20 minutes
6 Pahla B: Walk off the Weight (WOW) - Day 17 - 24 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates:Renew & Restore - 18 minutes
7 Planned Rest Day
8 Treadmill - 35 minute walk; Lauren Gleisberg - Week 1, Day 1 - Upper Body - 20 minutes
9 Jessica Valant Pilates: Pilates Challenge with Weights - 30 minutes and 10 Minute Stretches for Relaxation and Flexibility
10 Jessica Valant Pilates: Low Impact HIIT - 20 minutes; Senior Shape - Pilates Mat Toning for Abs, Butt & Thighs - 30 minutes
11 Treadmill - 15 minute walk; Jessica Valant Pilates: Hip Mobility Routine - 17 minutes & Beginner Ab Workout - 10 minutes
12 Pahla B - Weight Training for Weight Loss (February 2021, Day 1) - 24 minutes; The Balanced Life Pilates - Pilates for Beginners - 13 minutes & 5 Minute Pilates Stretching
13 Lindsay Brin - Basic Strength - 24 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates: Strong Ankles, Knees & Hips - 18 minutes
14 Planned Rest Day
15 Lindsay Brin - Barre Cardio - 24 minutes; Pilates Nest - Full Body Strengthening & Cardio - 30 minutes
16 Barre3 - Rejuvenate - 30 minutes; Jessica Smith - 6 Mile Mix - Warmup, Mile 1, Cooldown, Bonus Stretch - 31 minutes; Kristin McGee - Pilates for Beginners: Core Connection - 10 minutes
17 Lindsay Brin - Basic Hiit A - 13 minutes & Core Principal - 9 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - Arm Workout with Resistance Band - 18 minutes; Cathe - Perfect 30 Extended Stretch - 8 minutes
18 Lindsay Brin - Basic Barre - 26 minutes
19 Pahla B - February Day 2 Fun Cardio Workout - 23 minutes; Senior Shape - 10 Minute Abs & Core & 10 Minute Stretch
20 Senior Shape - Low Impact HIIT with Dumbbells & Ab Work - 45 minutes
21 Pahla B - February Day 3 Walking with Weights - 24 minutes; Senior Shape - 10 Minute Legs & 10 Minute Stretch
22 Pahla B - February Day 4 Total Body Cardio & Strength - 22 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 20 Minute Barre & Pilates Workout
23 Pahla B - February 5 Fitness for Real Life (Functional Core Strength & Standing Abs - 22 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Beginner Abs; Jessica Smith - Simply Stretch: Express Stretch - 5 minutes
24 Align & Define - Barre Bootcamp - 30 minutes
25 Align & Define - Upper Body Strength - 30 minutes
26 Align & Define - Pilates Precision - 30 minutes; Treadmill Walk - 20 minutes
27 Align & Define - Functional Cardio Blast - 30 minutes
28 Align & Define - Lower Body Strength - 30 minutes

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✨✨ February 2021 ✨✨

Focus: Caroline Girvan + Yoga + ??

1 - Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Cardio & HIIT warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 20 Dumbbell HIIT, Bodyfit by Amy 15 Min Cool Down & Stretch Routine. This was the first time I tried the extended 10 min warmup from EPIC 2. Only Caroline would throw in a handful of burpees and call it part of the warmup. But I have to admit, after doing it I felt totally ready for whatever the workout would bring. And it brought metabolic sweaty fun! I was able to do the pushups and that made me feel so mighty, I could 'forgive myself' for taking a few extra breaks to suck wind. The cooldown/stretch was just ehh, but I enjoy shopping around the youtube channels for new options.
2 - Rest. The day just didn't line up.
3 - Yvette Bachman’s Bosu HIIT with Shoulder Blast, Growing Annanas' Full Body Stretch Mobility Routine for Flexibility & Relaxation. It was nice to get a change from the dreamy soundtrack of the EPIC series and get some thumping energetic tunes. I think this was my first time doing Yvette with hand weights during the cardio (I'd used 1/2 lb gloves before) and I kept up well. I was able to modify the non-wrist-friendly moves on the fly and really enjoyed everything about the workout. Looking forward to doing it and other Yvette Bosu workouts more often in the future. And then Growing Annanas had a lovely cooldown filmed outdoors on a lakefront. All the stretches were held just the right amount of time. Ahhh!
4 - Rest. Had a massage in the afternoon and it made me super tired.
5 - Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Full Body warmup, Growing Annanas' 12 Min Intense Full Body Tabata. Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 21 Leg Workout Dumbbell Complex, Caroline Girvan's Unwind 20 Min Stretch. Full of energy so I tried one of Growing Annanas's tabatas as an extra warmup, which actually worked really well. I was cruising through the leg workout wishing I could hold heavier weights until the final complex with the one-legged weighted bridge lifts. Then I started shaking and was glad it was only 10 reps per side. But on the plus side, the final abs sequence seemed really short. Progress!
6 - Yoga Warrior 365 Freed Warrior. Had my 6-month follow-up checks today which involved anesthetic, and they said no exercise. I briefly considered Travis' Detox as a suitable practice, but felt even that would be too much. Rudy's even acceptance is the energy I needed.
7 - Caroline Girvan's 5 Min Warmup + Mr & Mrs Muscle's Upper Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 22 Shoulders & Core Supersets, Mr & Mrs Muscle's Abs Workout 76 with Dumbbell, Slim & Limber. Caroline definitely worked the shoulders from every angle, but oddly enough I felt the final set left me wanting more core work. Who even am I?? I'm never been an "Oh I'll just throw in some extra abs work, tra la la" type. And yet, here I am....I really like the Mr & Mrs Muscle workouts where they're both working out together. Watching their perfectly synchronized moves is just mesmerizing, and distracts me from how my abs are burning.
8 - Mr & Mrs Muscle Full Body Warmup Exercises, Hannah Eden’s EMOM with my Dad, Millionaire Hoy’s Beginner 30 #1 Full Body HIIT, Bodyfit by Amy’s 10 minute Bosu Core Workout, Mr & Mrs Muscle Post Workout Stretch Full Body. I needed a lighter cardio day as a break from EPIC so I had a festival of trying different YouTube options. I'm like a newly net-empowered kid in a candy store! (That's a thing, right? )
9 - Rest. Difficult day, couldn't get myself onto my mat.
10 - Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 24 Total Body Dumbbell Supersets, Growing Annanas' Full Body Stretch Mobility Routine for Flexibility & Relaxation. As always with total body workouts, I was thinking, "maybe I should go a bit heavier' in the beginning when it's all LB. And then we get to the midway point and I'm so happy I stuck to my rule and went for half of Caroline's weight. Today I nailed both the X-over squats (a balance challenge) and renegade rows. I feel mighty!
11 - Caroline Girvan’s Cardio & HIIT warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 23 Glutes & Abs Workout, Mr & Mrs Muscle Back and Core Stretch, Udaya Lie Down & Stretch. Wow, that was a tough glute workout. I can do lunges and squats all day long, but the band work had me seeing stars. After all that, Vytas' relaxing hip-focused stretch was my reward.
12 - 22 Minute Hard Corps Cold Start, Resistance 1, Cardio 1, Growing Annanas' 15 Min Full Body Mobility. Went to the gym today with my DH, and I figured I'd pick something to take advantage of the wider range of equipment there - including an assisted pull up machine. Since I apparently can't do anything without an instructor telling me when to do it as part of a circuit, I thought I'd break open a virgin set and give 22 Hard Corps a try. Somehow I thought this was a beginning/intermediate set. Well I was definitely wrong about the workout level (the ones I did are high intermediate, and I'd guess the others are advanced). But it was a good boost to get me to figure out the pull-up machine. Now I have to work out if I'll keep going with Tony or find another way to incorporate more pull-ups into Caroline & other workouts.
13 - Rest. New Year dinner at a friend's. Lots of food and a little wine.
14 - Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Warmup, Heather Robertson's 40 Min Full Body KB Workout, Caroline Girvan's Abs & Core Twenty Plank Variations, Heather Robertson's Full Body Mobility & Flexibility. Needed to take care of my knee, which was feeling a little sensitive after the skater moves in 22 Hard Corps. So I used Heather's KB circuits, and added in a set of assisted pull-ups after each one. It was a good full-body workout but I generally like my KBs with more swings and other ballistic moves. It mostly felt like it could have been a dumbbell workout. Then Caroline slayed me with the all the different types of planks. I was sweating so much I had to put a towel down so I wouldn't slide even on my non-slip mat. I can't believe I not only got through it, I liked it and will reach for it again. Who am I??
15 - Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 25 Full Body HIIT, Growing Annanas' 28 Day Challenge Day 21 Recovery Stretch, Yoga. I made the mistake of previewing Day 25 and then was psyching myself out because it looked really hard. Then it was just ordinary hard, and I amazed myself by how many pushups I managed to do as part of the variety of burpees. Then I tried adding a few incline pull-ups using my (incredibly underused) balance bar. Could barely manage 2 sets even using the beginner variation. Will need to work on these, just like the push-ups.
16 - YAYOG warmup, Precision Kettlebells' On Demand 30 Min Kettlebell EMOM Workout, Heather Robertson's 15 Min Booty Band Workout for Strong Glutes, Heather Robertson's Full Body Stretch Great for Tight Hips. Thanks to the YouTube instructor discussion here, I've discovered Precision Kettlebells, which has exactly the type of KB workouts I like. I found that I also love the EMOM format, and it really works with my competitive nature. I was a happy sweaty mess after 30 minutes. Then I tried Heather's band workout and made exactly the same mistake as AnMrsDe! I started with my wide fabric band (which is supposedly medium weight, whatever that means) and was DY-ING. By the time Heather got to fire hydrants, I realized she's using an elastic band with a lot more ROM. So I stopped and switched, and finished the 2nd circuit with the easier band. It was almost too easy that way. I'll have to keep experimenting with different band options.
17 - Rest. Last day of the Chinese New Year holiday, had tea with friends.
18 - Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Min Full Body Warmup 2, Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Full Body warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 26 Full Body Dumbbell Complexes, Mike Donavanik Cool Down & Stretch. Have to say, this wasn't my favorite EPIC workout. The ten-minute complexes felt really long and I got tired of counting reps, while at the same time feeling like the weights I could hold weren't challenging enough. But, huge breakthrough, I did every single pushup from my toes. Can't believe how far I've come with that!
19 - Ultimate Yogi Vitality. Yet again, I wonder how I long I've had this set and have never done most of the practices. I guess I thought they were too hard before, but now I'm loving how strong I feel during the vinyasa's. I wasn't expecting this to be a back-bend focus but it turned out to be perfect at helping me work out the knots from yesterday's deadlifts.
20 - Rest.
21 - Mr and Mrs Muscle 5 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan 5 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 27 Abs & Arms, Mr and Mrs Muscle Upper Body Stretch. Wowza. First, I thought I was getting strong at ab work, but Caroline seems to have decided to take things to the next level. Several moves in v-sit position in a row and my hip flexors just wouldn't lift my legs. Then, sooo many triceps moves. Even modifying and doing them elevated, diamond pushups are just not happening. Well, room to grow.
22 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
23 - Bike Ride (1 hour total).
24 - Bike Ride (1 hour total). Mr and Mrs Muscle 5 Min Lower Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan 5 Min HIIT Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 28 Glute, Hamstrings & Back, Mr and Mrs Muscle Lower Body Stretch. I was emotionally tired yesterday but I forced myself onto my mat. And then, as often happens, around 35% I thought there was no way I could make it through the whole workout. But then Caroline often moves on to another body part, and then I find it’s all already halfway, and then somehow the rest just gets done. I'm so glad I did it. Afterwards tried to do a little of Caroline’s 5 min Plank Challenge and just didn’t have enough willpower in the tank. Will try again another day when I have more resilience.
25 - Bike Ride (40 mins total).
26 - Rest.
27 - Rest. Was really intending to hit it today but my second dose of the shingles vaccine, and it knocked me out. Yes, I know, not the vaccine I'm hoping for. But had to get this one out of the way.
28 - Mr and Mrs Muscle 5 Min Full Body Warmup, Caroline Girvan 10 Min Low Impact Warmup, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Challenge Day 29 Isometric Dumbbell Full Body, Growing Annanas' Full Body Stretch Mobility Routine for Flexibility & Relaxation. After yesterday's vaccine reaction, I considered doing something easier but decided I'd just do whatever I could. This was a tough workout, so it's hard to say if I was pausing a little more frequently, but I definitely was more or less my normal level. Which is to say, red faced and sweaty but giving it my all. Proud of myself this month!
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February 2021

1-2. Nothing I had another exhaustion week. I slept poorly one day and I just felt like I was catching up all week. It culminated in a day with 2 naps and I still fell asleep at 6:30. At least I’m still getting steps in.
3. Penny Barnshaw 2 in 1 Arms and Abs I did this one with my husband, it’s the first time in a while that we worked out together. Biceps, triceps and shoulders in the first half. The second half was core. All 45/15
4. Body Project low impact Cardio fat Burn + Barlates basics Stretch Sculpt There was almost nothing wrong with the body project workout, except the guy leading it. This channel was new to me and is led by a fit looking British couple. The workout was structured in a way that made it go by quickly. I held 2# hand weights to up the intensity a little. It’s a pretty moderate 30 min cardio workout, but this guy really played up how hard he was working, I kind of found it condescending. It was just too much. Followed that up with Stretch Sculpt, which was the perfect amount of challenging for today.
5. Jessica Smith 20 min fat burning cardio (23) + Barre3 Strength Conditioning with Dustin (30)So I didn’t preview the Jessica you tube workout. I was just looking for something easy use to warm up, the basement is chilly. It was more high impact than I expected, what I was really expecting was low impact. It was fine anyway, the intervals were on the short side and it was over before I knew it. I enjoyed the Barre3 workout and they don’t seem super hard when I’m doing them but I seem to feel sore in my legs as soon as they’re over.

I’ve been doing super random and super inconsistent workouts the last couple of weeks.

24. 2 mile walk
25. KBKB Body Legs + 2 mile walk It felt good to do something sweaty! I really do enjoy the exercises in KBKB, I like that stretch factor they have. I mostly used a 20 and 25 pound kb. I used the 15 pounder for the exercises with halos.

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FEBRUARY 2021 My Birthday Month

Splits Freestyle
Splits Cathe
Splits KCM

1. Freestyle Biceps/Triceps
Freestyle Shoulders
3. Walk (outside-2.13 miles)
5. Freestyle Legs and Back
6. TurboFire HiiT 20 & 25

7. Walk (outside-2 miles)
8. Freestyle Legs/Glutes
9. Freestyle Back/Biceps
11. Lean & Chiseled (barre)
Willpower & Grace Move With Integrity (cardio)
12. Freestyle Shoulders/Triceps
13. Willpower & Grace Move With Integrity (cardio)
Cardio Vusion (cardio)

Freestyle Back
15. Walk (outside-2 miles)
Cleaned House 4.5 hours
17. Freestryle Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Lower Body
18. REST DAY (arm very sore)
19. REST DAY (tired)
20. Walk (outside-1 mile)

22. **** Taking rest of week off. Fell down the stairs and hurt myself
Healing up this week. Hopefully back to working out next week
23. ****
24. ****
25. ****
26. ****
27. ****

28. ????

I'm not a typical grandma!

Body by Cathe, Chalene and Dr. Niccole

A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Well-behaved women seldom make history
-Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Women are Angels
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly....on a broomstick...we are flexible like that
-White Witch

Gotta love Maxine:
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2/1: 2.5 mile treadmill walk
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Still working my way through Caroline Girvan's Epic program.

1. Killer UB
2. Hiit
3. nothing
4. Glutes and Hamstrings
5. Capped Shoulders and Core Supersets
6. nothing
7. Joe Alvarado Linkin Park vs Hardwell 45 min ride
8. Quads and Abs
9. Kaliegh Cohen Fitness #62 20 min ride
10. nothing
11. Hiit
12. Abs and Pushups
13. Full Body Advanced Complexes
14. Legs DB and BW
15. nothing
16. DB and BW UB
17. Full Body BW
18. nothing
19. Hiit Today finishes up the Epic program. I really enjoyed it. I have definitely increased strength in my shoulders and core. I am able to do more full push-ups. I did not take measurements before starting the program, but I will before starting Epic II. I will finish out Feb with cardio before moving onto Epic II in March.
20. Spin with Lars #3 60 min ride
21. RI:ID Hills 40 min ride
22. nothing
23. nothing
24. Fit Scope Intermediate Rhythm Ride 45 min
25. SSoD Spin to Win 30 min ride
26. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #52 20 min ride
27. Joe Alvarado Power Zone Ride 2 60min ride
28. Rick Bhullar Fitness 10,000 Step Walking w/o
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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just the workouts

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