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Location: Maryland, USA

1 - Ellen - Super Fast Body Blast; Blessful Body - Upper Body Flow; Lucy Wyndham Read (LWR) - Adventure Walk (10 min), Essentrics Aging Backwards Pain Relief
2 - LWR - Advent Challenge Day 18 (Walk & Tone - 30 min), Blessful Body - Chest Expanding Backbend Prep (30 min); Ellen Kick Butt
3 - Blessful Body - Barre Flow w/ Weights; LWR- Advent Challenge Day 19 (Abs & HIIT - 10 min), Trifecta Pilates - (You Tube) - Unwind with Pilates
4- Leslie - 5 Boosted Miles - Miles 1-3, Jessica Valent - Renew & Restore; Leslie - 5 Boosted Miles -Miles 4 & 5; Jessica Valent - Piriformis Syndrome stretches (You Tube)
5 - Leslie - Mile # 1 - 3 Fast and Fun Miles, Blessful Body - Core Flow, Jessica Valent - Pilates for Legs
6 - Jessica Valent - Pilates for Scoliosis (full workout); long outdoor walk
7 - CS 1113 - Margaret Richard - Give me Strength Program # 1
8 - Denise Austin - Fat Burning Walk, Blessful Body -Pilates for Hip Strength; LWR - Advent Calendar Day 20 (cardio & arms), Denise Austin - 10 min walk from You Tube
9 - LWR - Advent Challenge Day 21, 22 and 23. Jessica Valent - Pilates for stress relief; Steel City Walk - w/ Rocky (You Tube)
10 - Deep Stretch - CocoLime Fitness MITFIT 90; Leslie - Daily Walk - Green & Purple Miles
11 - Walk at Home, Run, Walk & Lift - 20 Min (You Tube); CocoLime Fitness MITFIT 90- Total Body Mat Workout
12 - Ellen - Upper Body Blast, Senior Shape Fitness (You Tube) - Gentle Pilates & Stretch; Gina B - Soul Session Walk (22 min)
13 - Jessica Smith - 4 Mile Power Walk, Miles 1-3; Blessful Body - Calming Spine Flow; CS 1114
14 - Jessica Smith - Gentle Yoga & Pilates (Standing and Floor); long outdoor walk
15 - Jessica Smith - Quick Low Impact Cardio Blast (12 min), 1 Mile Power Walk (20 min); Jessica Valent - Pilates w/ Weights; short outdoor walk, Essentrics ive workout w/ Gail
16 - Jessica Smith - 30 Min Fusion Strength; Yoga w/ Adriene - Breath Day 13, Essentrics Legs Sculptor w/ Sahra
17 - Jessica Smith - Cardio Mat Fusion 2, Blessful Body - Calming Spine Flow; Jessica Smith - 1 Mile Walk & Talk - Stop Comparing Yourself to others
18 - Jessica Smith - Stride & Strength II, Jessica Valent - 10 min Pilates for Abs, 10 min Pilates for Arms, 10 min Pilates for Legs; Ellen - Moving Meditation
19- Pahla B - Low Impact Cardio & Standing Abs, Jessica Valent - 10 Min Pilates Stretch; LWR - Advent Calendar Day 24 - Winter Wonderland Walk
20 - Jenny Ford - March Across America # 1 - Utah; Jessica Valent - Pilates for Runners
21 - Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 1 - Lean Toning; Trifecta Pilates - Pilates w/ Yoga Block; long outdoor walk, Jessica Valent - Scoliosis Routine
22 - CS 1115; Trifecta Pilates 7 Day Challenge Day # 1, Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 2, Ellen - Affirmative Flow
23 - CS 1116, Trifecta Pilates 7 Day Challenge Day # 2; Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 3
24 - CS 1117, Trifecta Pilates 7 Day Challenge Day # 3, Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 4; outdoor walk
25 - CS 1118, Pilates & Yoga w/ Katja - Your Daily Go-to Pilates Routine, Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 5; outdoor walk
26 - CS 1119, Moving Mango Pilates - Muscle Strength Full Body Pilates; Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 6
27 - CS 1120, Trifecta Pilates 7 Day Challenge Day 5 & 6; Long outdoor walk; 2nd short outdoor walk
28 - CS 1121, Pahla B - February Challenge Day # 7; Trifecta Pilates 7 Day Challenge Day 4
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Alice came to the fork in the road. "Which road do I take?" she asked.
"Where do you want to go?" responded the Cheshire cat.
"I don't know," Alice answered.
"Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
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Happy Birthday Month, shoegoddess!!
Fitness Accomplishment of 2022: Reading the Reinhart Kettlebell System thread

Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

Word for 2022: Balance
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february 2021...


1. day...
2. X10: Hi/Lo + BULK: Chest + Crossfire Core. I knew I was in trouble with X10 Hi Lo when Cathe started with power scissors. My inner bunny was not feeling it. Kept it all low impact. The Lo part uses weights. Not a fav.. I didnít like Crossfire Core that much either. Cathe started with reverse (tricep) plank kicks and there were too many. Lots of plank exercises that are not my favorites. Taking it off my Feb core rotation.
3. BULK: Legs + Yv2: MYB
4. XTRAIN: Tabatacise - w/u, Tabata One. stretch + BULK: Arms + ICE: Icy Core 1. Surprised at how hard Tabata One felt, ha, that got the sweat going. First time doing Icy Core and I loved it! Beast goes so fast during those last 2 exercises. I do double arm (standing hammer curls) sometimes and we still finish at the same time. If I do single arm like the crew, Iíd have to go lighter in order to keep up with everyone.
5. BEAST Cardio + Yv2: RIO. TGIF!!!
6. XTRAIN: Tabatacise - Tabata Two (+ w/u, stretch, 19mins) + 10MS HIIT: HiiT 101 + ICE: Icy Core 2 + BULK: Back. P.M. Yv2: WISI. Down 30#ís. High ^^^^^ to me!
7. XTRAIN: Tabatacise - Tabata Three (+ w/u, 17 mins) + 10MS HiiT: Abs HiiT + BULK: Shoulders + XTRAIN: Hardstrikes Timesaver, No Conditioning Very cold, single digits, minus wind chills, and snow overnight, maybe 1/2Ē. Finally figured out the perfect # of layers so that Iím no longer cold - a t shirt, a fleece hoodie and then a heavy cardigan, fleece lined sweats and fur lined slippers. Of course I also had to weigh myself with all these items on.


8. ...recovery day... P30: Perfect Flow Mobility Basics Stretch Timesaver (20mins) + LH QI GONG For A Healthy Heart (shorter premix, 20 mins). Enjoyed both workouts. The QI Gong has 3 versions, (shorter, longer - 36mins & extended version - 51 minus).
9. XTRAIN: Tabatacise - Tabata Four & Tabata Five (+ w/u, stretch) + 10MS HIIT: HIIT Explosion + BULK: Chest. More snow.
10. FT Bootcamp warm-up + 10MS Hiit: Rock Bottom Hiit + BULK: Legs + Yv2: RIO. Snow again. So sore this week. P.M. Yv2: SS
11. ZUMBA: Rush + BULK: Arms + RWH: Bonus Abs One. First time doing Bonus Abs One, love!. P.M. Yv2: MYB, 15mins. More hard snow. Still very cold.
12. BEAST Cardio + 2nd half of Yv2: MYB + Yv2: WISI. More snow and even more frigid temps.
13. LITE: Cardio Party Double It Premix + BULK: Back. More snow, even colder. Brr... looks like we have 1 more week of this. P.M. Yv2: RIO
14. Valentineís Day! . Another very cold day, coldest yet Ugh! So instead of starting my workout first thing, filled my car up with gas and then went to Target at 8am. Supposed to get about 4 to 6 inches of snow overnight and couldnít put off filling my car any longer. Decided that I was going to clean my oven with Easy Off, somehow managed to destroy my kitchen linoleum in the process. Either grease from the oven or Easy Off got on the floor and now the mess on the floor wonít budge. I used everything today and still a mess. ***!! Hello new best friend, Rug!! My oven looks brand new though. Lol. My daughter told me it looks like I painted the outline of a duck on the floor. Spent way too much time messing around with my stupid kitchen floor today. A.M. Yv2: SS + BULK: Shoulders + RWH: Bonus Abs Two. Messed around with my &%#%# kitchen floor some more and later did Yv2: MYB.


15. Presidentís Day! Day off work for me, also took the next couple of days off, too cold to do anything but I need the time away from work. Snowed all day. recovery day... Yv2: MYB.
16. DD & I shoveled the driveway, got a little over 6 inches of snow, plus the snowplow blocked the end of my driveway with a lot of snow, why do they do that? Snow was easy to remove, push and flip method. Sun is out! Yv2: SS + 10MS Hiit: Upper Body HiiT + BULK: Chest (Superset & Forced Set, 15mins) + 10MS Quick Tummy Trimmers: Bikini Belly + Yv2: WISI. Iím going to shorten the Beast workouts this week, way too sore last week. Still digging Beast and the results have been awesome!
17. More snow. Started reading the latest Cormoran Strike novel, Troubled Blood. Interesting so far...932 pages. Yv2: RIO + BULK: Legs (20 mins) + KS Timeless Collection: Cardio Stepping, (w/u, 1st step routine). I used KS to boost step count because I waited until 3pm to start my workout. Basic step, I did it while listening to my own music, keeping the beat to my music. Great for movement and steps.
18. JEANETTE JENKINS: Sexy Abs & Cardio Sculpt w/Kelly Rowland, 77 mins + BULK Arms, 17 mins. I bought JJ during Maryís New Year sale. Thumbs up, sweatfest, lots of core work throughout.
19. BEAST Cardio + Yv2: SS + Yv2: WISI. Still enjoying Beast Cardio. I always choose the music off when doing BEAST and I still laugh at the same stuff Iíve heard way too many times for it to still be funny.
20. LIS: Afterburn Double Trouble Premix + ICE: Icy Core 1 + BULK: Back (20 mins). Temps above freezing for the next week. P.M. ZUMBA: Letís Dance
21. CL: Love Me Some Kickboxing + BULK: Shoulders, 23mins P.M. ZUMBA: Dance, Dance, Dance

BODY BEAST LEAN BEAST - Block 3 (4 weeks) - BEAST - Week 10! Endgame now!

22. rest day...
23. XTRAIN: AOLIH + BUILD: Chest/Tris
24. BULK: Legs
25. LIS: Cardio Supersets + BUILD: Back/Biís
26. BEAST: Cardio + FIT|SPLIT: Low Impact Cardio Timesaver Premix
27. Yv2: RIO + BUILD: Shoulders, 16 mins + Yv2: SS
28. Wildcard Day!!! - STEP BOSS: PHA 3. Took me 67mins to finish this. I was sweating like crazy, having to stop and mop the sweat off my face often and catch my breath. Definitely vibe-ing with Brenda and the sweat situation. According to my worksheet, I last did this workout on 12/29/19. Time flies, doesnít it? Love!

joy, love
peace and patience
kindness with goodness
faithfulness & gentleness
- Motivational Sticker

Now: XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating/Peak Fit System 7/22/22 -
Peak Fit System: 6/3/22 - 7/21/22 *** STS/LIS 90 Day Undulating: 11/19/21 - 2/12/22 *** 6 Week Fusion XTRAIN: 5/17/21 - 6/27/21 *** Body Beast: 12/21/20 - 3/18/21 *** STS: 1/29/20 - 5/3/20 *** Fit Tower/LIS/ICE/ 90 Day: 10/29/19 - 1/19/20 *** XTRAIN 90 Day Undulating: 7/29/19 - 10/25/19
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Tammie M
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~~~ FEBRUARY ~~~

“In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.” ― Patience Strong

1 - Felicia Tomasko "Block Party to Address Your Adrenals"; Shovel Max round one; Jason Crandell "Restore Your Posture" restorative yoga; Shovel Max round two; 5,813 steps.

2 - Nothing formal, took advantage of snow day to have a housework blitz with inversion and back stretch breaks; 5,570 steps.

3 - LWR BYB challenge Day 7 (reading her blog) and Day 8 (full body workout, 30 min.); Stretches After High Intensity Workout by Giselle Mari (Glo); 8,058 steps.

4 - LWR BYB Challenge Day 9, a 7 minute HIIT workout; Getting Better, chest, tris and bis only; 50 butt bridges and a series of 45 clamshells / leglifts with the hip circle; 6,795 steps.

5 - Yoga with Kassandra Yin Yoga for Your Nervous System; meditation; 5,018 steps.

6 - Sick - delayed vaccine reaction? 4,250 steps.

7 - Day 10 of LWR's BYB challenge, a 20 minute indoor walk; 30 butt bridges; 7,300 steps.

8 - Day 11 of LWR BYB, a nice standing abs workout; Winsor Buns & Thighs; 4,697 steps.

9 - LWR BRB Days 12 and 13, a seven minute dance workout and a 7 minute stretch which was more like a meditation with deep breathing; Getting Better, deltoids, back and abs only; 6,030 steps.

10 - Getting Better, full lower body workout; Lee Holden Qigong for Lower Back Pain, lying face up and lying face down segments; 6,182 steps.

11 - LWR BRB Day 14, read blog post on best time to exercise otherwise nothing formal; 5,195 steps.

12 - Nothing formal; 6,356 steps.

13 - Gym for 20 minutes recumbent, 50 step ups and weight machines for the chest, back and lower body; Felicia Tomasko "Anti-Aging for Every Body"; 8,653 steps.

14 - Gym for 20 minutes recumbent, 15 elliptical; 6,480 steps.

15 - Nothing formal; 4,322 steps.

16 - LWR BRB Challenge Day 15, 25 minutes cardio; 7,264 steps.

17 - LWR BRB Challenge Day 16, a 20 minute walking workout; Felicia Tomasko, "Setting the System" yin yoga (Glo); 7,416 steps.

18 - Shoveling, stretching, chipping ice and shoveling; 5,977 steps.

19 - LWR BRB Days 17 and 18, a standing barre-inspired leg toning workout and a standing abs routine; my own yin yoga series for hips and spine; 7,946 steps.

20 - GYM for 15 recumbent, 50 step ups and weight machines for whole body; 6,081 steps.

21 - GYM for 20 recumbent, 15 treadmill and a shoulder workout with dumbbells; 5,718 steps.

22 - Khetanya Henderson, Roll-Out & Stretch Active Recovery; 5,216 steps.

23 - Nothing formal; 4,805 steps.

24 - Nothing formal; 7,559 steps.

25 - Nothing formal; 3,012 steps.

26 - 5,095 steps but can't remember, did I work out today? Thought I did.

27 - Bellyfit TV 2, Pleasure; Yoga with Kassandra yin for nervous system; 4,813 steps.

28 - GYM for 15 minutes recumbent and a quick blast for lower body, chest and back; 6,236 steps.
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Late to the party....I somehow missed the link in January’s thread.

Since I’ve been having this lazy, don’t want to workout feeling lately, and I feel like I’m SO out of shape, I decided to try doing a loose Cathe’s Beginner Rotation. I’m upping the weights to suit me and subbing in more cardio or different weight workouts when I want, I guess I’m using the format of it.

Week 1

1. Workout yesterday was Cathe Basic Step and just the lower body exercises of Push Pull.

2. Christi Taylor’s Cardio Collectiables Step and Cathe Upper Body Add-on from her Basic Step dvd.

3. IDTV Flexibility & Beyond Hips. My hips needed this so bad!
We also had my SIL’s dog Mara for the day. I just love her! She’s such a sweetie!

4. Imax 4 Step Combos Only premix. Add-on Abs from her Basic Step dvd.

5. Unplanned Rest Day - I had to go grocery shopping so my plan was to just do a quick Leslie Mile and a 15-20 minute stretch then go shopping. Well, it took me 15 minutes to look for the dang stretch dvd I wanted! I got ticked and lost my ambition to do anything because I wasted so much time and just gave up and went shopping instead. Ugh, one of the bad things about having WAY to many workout dvds. (Later I did find the dvd eventually but it wasn’t on the shelf it was supposed to be on).

6. Cathe Body Fusion

Week 2

7. Rest Day

8. Cathe Basic Step and Lower Body Add-on.

9. Christi Taylor Totally Cool Step first half and Cathe Upper Body add-on from her Basic Step dvd.

10. Leslie’s Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan warm-up and Purple Mile, and Jessica Smith Total Stretch Deep Stretch.

My sister got great news.......her cancer tumor is shrinking from the radiation she had around Thanksgiving. Let’s hope this keeps up.

11. Christi Humble Beginnings CIA 5004 started the warm-up but my dvd kept freezing so ended up taking that out. Then did Christi’s Totally Cool Step second half and Cathe Stability Ball Abs Add-on .

12. Cathe Lower Body Add-on and Chest, Back and Shoulders of the Upper Body Add-on from her Basic Step dvd.

13. Jessica Smith Strength and Balance Fusion Walk

Week 3


15. Jessica Smith 10 Minute Powered Up Walk and Cathe Lower Body Add-on I have no motivation at all to workout! Every workout I do, I’m pushing myself to keep going every single minute!

16. Cathe Upper Body Add-on and helping DH shovel 10 inches of snow!

17. Leslie Tone Every Zone Fast Walk and Cathe Perfect 30 Yoga Strength & Flexibility Stretch premix.

18. Kathy Smith Great Buns & Thighs Step

19. Rest Day

20. Rick Bhullar walks (YouTube)....ended up doing 2 of his 15 min walks. The Feel Good Walk and The Rock Walk. I enjoyed them both! On the Rock one he did talk which is fine with me since I like his accent anyway , on the other walk he didn’t talk. I also did Cathe’s Basic Step Upper Body Add-on.

21. Another Rest Day. My SIL dog was here and she cries when I go in the basement.

22. Basic Step warm-up and Lower Body Add-on

23. 20 minutes on my stationary bike while watching a show on my iPad, then did Cathe’s Upper Body Add-on and the Bonus Stretch from Perfect 30 Pump.

24. Jenny Ford March Across America Ohio. This is why I hate streaming took 10 minutes to get the Fire Stick to work on my TV then another 5 minutes to find the workout I was going to do, then the damn thing froze half way through and I had to run and get my iPad (more wasted time) and finish off my iPad. So much of my workout time wasted.

25. Nothing....DH talked me into going out to breakfast so those of you that know me, knows if my workout doesn’t get done in the morning, it usually doesn’t get done.

26. KCM Your Best Body Lower Body & Cardio premix and Body Design Upper Body.

27. Cathe Cardio Hits Timesaver #4 thru the Imax 2 sections but no blasts.
"You're not going to get the butt you want sitting on the one you have!"
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Post Feeling Fit in February!

Cardio Total: 33.0 min/day (last month 35.0 min/day; PR = 55.4 May '20)
Strength Total: 8.3 min/day (last month 9.9 min/day; PR = 17.2 Aug '20)
Yoga/Meditation Total: 23.1 min/day (last month 27.8 min/day; PR = 47.7 Mar '20)

Word for the Year: Flourish

1 13 min dance party, Shaun T's Rockin' Body (House Your Body), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, QuickFix Core Vol. 3 (Yoga Flex)
2 18 min dance party, Body Groove HIIT 2 (Workout 3), QuickFix Core Vol. 3 (Kickbox Core), 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 32 min meditation
3 8 min dance party, Body Groove Classic Grooves (Country Hop), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, QuickFix Core Vol. 3 (Yoga Stability)
4 23 min dance party, Body Groove HIIT 2 (Workout 4), Do More Pilates Mat (Full Body), QuickFix Core Vol. 3 (Total Body Toning), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
5 10 min dance party, Shaun T.'s Rockin' Body (Hip Hop), QuickFix Core Vol. 3 (Total Abs), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
6 YogaDance class, 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 9 min meditation
7 Bellyfit Elements (Fire), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation
8 15 min dance party, Body Groove Classic Grooves (Swing Workout), Body Groove Delicious Dance (Pop Rocks), QuickFix Core Vol. 3 (Low and Funky), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
9 9 min dance party, Body Groove Live (Workout 1), Body Groove Delicious Dance (Pump It), Do More Pilates Mat (Lower Body Blast), 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 33 min meditation
10 7 min dance party, Body Groove Live (Workout 2), Body Groove Delicious Dance (Wiggle It), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
11 13 min dance party, Body Groove Live (Workout 3), Body Groove Delicious Dance (Out of This World), YBB Total Toning Basics incl. Yoga, 4 min PT, 12 min meditation
12 Body Groove Live (Workout 4), Body Groove Delicious Dance (Journey), Body Groove Funky Friday Class, 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
13 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 1), 10 min PT, 10 min posture exercises, 9 min meditation
14 Jessica Burn Fat and Have Fun (Stride and Step), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
15 13 min dance party, Disco Abs (I Will Survive Cardio), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Iron Yoga (Rejuvenation and Relaxation)
16 Soul Sweat (Quick Sweat), QuickFix Stability Ball Workout, 4 min PT, 10 min meditation
17 Disco Abs (Celebration Cardio), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Yoga Zone Fat Burning Yoga (Practice 1)
18 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 2), Body Groove Strong (Groovy Booty 1, 2, 3), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation
19 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 3), 4 min PT, 21 min meditation
20 4 min PT, 17 min meditation
22 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 4), 4 min PT, 12 min meditation, Body Groove Meditation (Relax and Release)
23 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 5), 4 min PT, 20 min meditation, Body Groove Meditation (Recharge and Restore)
24 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 6), 4 min PT, 9 min meditation, Body Groove Meditation (Slow Down)
25 Body Groove 7-Day Kickstart (Day 7), 4 min PT, 10 min meditation, Body Groove Meditation (Breath)
26 Leslie Mix and Match Walk Blasters (Light Walk, Dance Walk, Flexibility Walk), 4 min PT, 8 min meditation, Tara Lee Lunar Yoga (Breathing Practice)
27 Jessica 21-Day Plan (Stride, Stretch, and Relax), 4 min PT, 15 min meditation
28 4 min PT, 11 min meditation
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Just bumping us up - we're so quiet this month!!

Hope everyone is well and staying healthy. Good luck to us in February! Stay warm. Gonna get bitterly cold here for the next few days. Luckily, we've had very, very little snow this winter. Hope it continues!

Thinking of you Easterners with all the snow....stay dry!
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AnMrsDe Stay warm! We had a 3 day storm, but thankfully my area only got about an inch of snow. There was some coastal flooding and beach erosion but we really got a lot less than north and west of us. And at least the storm brought the temperatures up a bit here. I think the cold we had last week really added to my exhaustion. Iím a baby when it comes to the cold. No wonder your hands are bothering you! It looks like your hip is feeling better! I totally agree that Smokiní Upper Body is a classic.

Luv2WO Are the Barre3 workouts that youíre doing streaming or on dvd? I havenít been doing the streaming. I like that kind of fusion workout but when I want to do one I feel like a reach for a Barlates instead. Iím not even sure why. Maybe Iíll do one tomorrow.

Cher How is your sonís new job going? Does he WFH or have to go into the office ?

Bex Iím so impressed with how far youíve come since your surgery! Youíre really killing it!

Keep warm everyone! I know Iím dreaming of spring and planting some flowers.

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just the workouts

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