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Old 06-21-21, 01:50 PM  
Vintage VFer
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Question So, have you thrown way your masks?

I went to the supermarket today and chose to still wear my mask. Even though I am fully vaccinated.
Why? Because my city has repeatedly been named as having one of the lowest vaccination rates in the county. And no vaccine has a 100% efficacy rate.

The store employees still wore masks and about half of the patrons. I noticed that most seniors are still wearing masks.

In CA, one still has to wear a mask to medical facilities.

I might have jury duty next week and the courts still mandate masks and social distancing. That's A-OK with me!

Do you still wear your mask sometimes?
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Old 06-21-21, 01:54 PM  
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: TarHeel country
I wear mine dependent on where I am.

In my town, most are still wearing them, so I do, too. I'm guessing it makes others more comfortable and I don't mind doing that.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a week camping in a beach area. I didn't see but a mask or two that whole week. Not in stores, restaurants, water parks, nothing. When in Rome...
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Old 06-21-21, 01:58 PM  
Join Date: Nov 2008

Just today I met with a group from my church without a mask, but we've all been vaccinated.

Yesterday I went to church without a mask, but my general sense is that most of our (elderly) congregation has been vaccinated.

Out in the rest of the world? Definitely masked up, even at the gasoline pump.

Vaccination rates here are ridiculously low.
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Old 06-21-21, 01:58 PM  
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Location: New Jersey
I still wear my mask.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:06 PM  
Join Date: Mar 2007
Yep, I wear mine - not when I walk the dog, but in stores, post office, gas station, etc. Iím having major surgery next month, so Iím happy to mask up.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:16 PM  
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Location: Northern Calif
I am still wearing them in indoor public places. I'm fully vaxxed but can still contract Covid and pass it to others, and there are plenty of variants.

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Old 06-21-21, 02:33 PM  
Join Date: Aug 2005
Still wearing masks in indoor public places and see many other still wearing them.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:43 PM  
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Ohio
It depends what I'm doing and how crowded I think it's going to be. Mostly I have not been wearing one if it's not required (I have been fully vaccinated), but the other day I went to a coffeehouse where they still had it required, so I wore one without hesitation. I always have a few in my purse for that very reason. Here I think it's still required in medical facilities and public transportation. Sometimes I still wear it at the grocery store if I'm going at a busy time. I went to Starbucks today and was thinking about wearing one but noticed they had plexiglass up everywhere, so I didn't (and I was only in and out, not sticking around).

I was extremely, EXTREMELY careful all during the time I wasn't yet vaccinated, and I never went anywhere I didn't absolutely have to. ALWAYS wore a mask if I did go out. But I admit I got almost agoraphobic about it and was depressed pretty much the entire period between March of 2020 and April of 2021 until I got vaccinated.

If we go back to wearing masks as a requirement again, I'll be happy to do it and do not plan to throw mine away. But I do admit I am hanging out with other vaccinated friends and family and going out to dinner and stuff and really enjoy the new feeling of normalcy.

7-day average new cases in my state are way down. Vaccinations are not where they should be but they're getting there.

I will have to work in person in the fall and my workplace is not requiring masks, so I figure I really need to get used to this, even though it does give me some anxiety. The science seems to say that breakthrough infections are very rare and that the severity of the illness if you get it while vaccinated is extremely low. I only have one acquaintance who got a breakthrough infection so far.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:48 PM  
Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: MI
I still have some in my car....but only wore them if forced.
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Old 06-21-21, 02:59 PM  
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Location: Ice Box of Pennsylvania
I wear mine whenever I go in public and don't plan on ceasing any time soon, even if they lift the mandate. I don't trust the vaccine (or the CDC, or politicians, etc...).
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