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Arrow Just The Workouts ~JUNE 2021~*Everyone Welcomed!*

June 2021

This month I still have a few more Jari's I'd like to revisit and a couple new ones to try and will keep up the high rep/low weight theme. Also, I will not mention "Meditation" everyday as it will be assumed UNLESS it doesn't get done. Tired of typing the word, LOL. (Up to 258 days as of 5/31, which is unbelievable for me!)

31 - Yvette Fit #91 30 Min. Chest/Shoulder/Triceps & Abs Circuits; Cathe's ICE MM (Bi's) & Stretch
1 - 1.51 mile walk; Cathe ICE MM (Back); 3 sets of 15 reps of rear delt work and 3 sets of 15 reps of 39# pull downs; stretch; 1.5 hours Mow Max/Yard Work I used 12's, 15's, 20 + my 2# (ea.) wrist weights. This is all I could make myself do after an early morning hair appt. but it finished out my UB muscle groups from yesterday.
2 - Yvette Fit #105 60 Min, High Calorie Burn, Nonstop Step Boxing Workout; YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches/10 Min. Yoga For Relaxation & Recovery) A very FUN Yvette class! You will need lots of energy for this one. Even though this one has zero burpees, it does not interfere with the high intensity whatsoever! Fun k/b moves using the 2 riser step, although I used my BOSU instead and got an excellent workout. There was only one spot where I had to do the wide step choreo on the floor, but overall it worked great. (It was almost more challenging to me trying to keep my balance etc). Using wrist weights made this a fabulous upper body workout as well. Mady's stretch was another super one esp. for my back. She has a way to really make me feel relaxed when done! 488 cal burn
3 - Winsor Buns & Thighs; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility)
4 - Jari Love GER Lean Machine (Both w/o's=60 min.) Acquired this one again(?) or either for the first time - I don't remember! (I think I would've remembered that terrible w/u in which she goes in warp speed and with little or no cueing!!) The LM workout wasn't the best either (cueing or weight work) and I didn't really feel like I got a very good workout. The Body Rock Weights & Abs that is also on this disc was great (and now I know not to acquire the Body Rock workout since it's on this disc). I mostly matched Jari's weights but went heavier on a few (legs/chest/back/biceps) and with my 2# wrist weights - it was challenging with all the reps! That shoulder track was brutal with all the straight arm raise combinations but probably next time for the last segment (which is a repeat), I will change it up to work triceps since they are not directly worked in this. All the other muscle groups are covered as well as abs. I felt nicely worked out after that. 313 cal burn (which surprised me from a weight workout; 34 min. in the FB zone).
5 - Elliptical (20 Min. HiiT Audio Workout); Yvette Fit #100 30 Min. Triceps, Glider & Core Work; Five Parks Yoga (Longer Holds/Wrist Free Yoga=39 min.) Thought I would get in some extra tricep work in this week and love that she includes short weight workouts on her site. Three rounds of tricep weight work alternated with either glider or core work. I usually did 16 reps to Y's 12 reps with lighter weights. I wish she'd give us more time getting into position b/t the exercises, esp. since we're getting off the floor onto the bench a lot but is a good tricep & core fryer. Erin's class was pretty much wrist free - there were exercises on all fours toward the beginning but not many. Great one for balance too. This felt really awesome to stretch today. 476 cal burn
6 - Rest day Five Parks Yoga (Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude Class - 52 min.) I would have loved this class had I not had to modify a lot of the "4 limb poses" for my hand. Includes lots of good balance work.

7 - Cathe Live #278 PHA 2020 Live (44 min.); Yvette Fit #69 30 Minute Moderate Impact Kickboxing; Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches...) I was missing my Cathe Live girl! Love this PHA class and this one seemed easier today. It may have been due to using lighter weights than normal, though. Yvette's class was a perfect add-on - truly a low impact class and great when wanting a steady state cardio add-on or just a little more easier cardio. She does some bicep work at the 29 min. mark but I did pull-downs instead---I got PLENTY bicep work in Cathe's w/o! My arms were really feeling worked after both classes with my wrist weights. Mady's stretch felt so good to stretch it out! Bex, glad you tried this one...during the "Thread the Needle & Side Leg stretch" (in which leg is straight out to the side in kneeling position while doing thread the needle with the arm), I love to put a static stretch there to really stretch my torso and shoulder! I love that leg/arm combo and don't see that often in other stretches. <3 (Cathe does thread the needle in this position too, in Mobility, but not the leg out to the side...I'll have to start doing it this way now). 392 cal burn
8 - Heather Robertson Low Impact No Repeats HiiT workout (No Equipment); 1.5 hours Yard Work/Mow Max Heather's class was a good sweaty one but I was switching up the bodyweight exercises (esp. the one handed ones) a lot to accommodate my hand. I wasn't really feeling like a workout, so this was perfect.
9 - Jari Love GERipped & Chiseled (Upper Body only)=28 min.; Yvette Fit #118 70 Min. Legs/BOSU/Boxing Workout (minus 25 min./FW band segment 2x = 55 min. total); Stretch This is one of Jari's workouts that I really like but not sure I've ever done the UB premix. It was very much an arm burner {i.e. shoulder burner} with 5's & 8's (& I even used my LIGHTER wrist weights today, LOL), but I still felt like I needed more but wasn't willing to do her LB repetition dreaded workout, haha, so I thought I'd try 1/2 of Y's workout. I LOVED this workout!! A great metabolic leg workout using the BOSU but includes very little bodyweight exercises which my hand really appreciated! I used a 25# KB - she only does a few heavy leg exercises and I really loved that she includes a lot of unweighted variety for the legs. I used my wrist weights (lighter ones, thankfully), and really got a total body workout, esp. with Jari's burn-out session. At the 59 min. mark, she starts the FW band work and too late I realized I grabbed my medium latex band, so I did this segment 2 x; the 2nd time with my heavy fabric band above my knees. Killer that time! Favorited - a very fun one! 481 cal burn Side note: my hands are feeling better b/c I gave them a break from floor work! Wow, didn't realize how often I do bodyweight hands felt so much better after these classes than HR's w/o yesterday....or it could just be the heat of these 85*+ days are kicking in with the pain reduction. See ladies, THAT'S why I the heat! ;0) ETA: Jane, too funny we did the same Yvette today! It was such a GOOD one!
10 - 2.52 mile walk outside; Winsor Buns & Thighs; Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility)
11- Rest After my walk yesterday, I was hobbling around the house like my 90+ yr. old parents. I will be taking a few rest days as my body is screaming at me to do so....
12- YT 30 Min. Yin Yoga Relax & Restore w/ Travis; Michelle's Yin Yoga I loved this class w/ Travis! So relaxing and a yin class of his that my hips/knees actually appreciated! (No funky knee variations)
13- Rest

After taking a few days off and trying to give my body some down time, I am now trying to pick some workouts to change things up a bit. Instead of cal burns & step counts, I am focusing more on how my body feels after each workout.
14- Elliptical (20 min. Audio HiiT Workout); Jari RTTC Elliptical workout was great as usual for some quick HiiT work. I can see why I waited so long to do this Jari again and not a good one when I wanted to take away the focus of cal burns! There is waaay too much carb & cal burn talk during this! It's easier since she & the narrator talk more than she works out(!) and could've been done so much sooner! (One good thing is that it doesn't seem so repetitive as some of her other workouts since she doesn't do as many of the same rep counts). The shoulder/step segment is the highlight of this workout but not a Jari I will be pulling out again for another few years....
15- Heather Robertson HiiT Barre Workout//Fusion Workout (28 min.); 15 Min Full Body Stretch/Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility, & Relaxation/Day 7 (Mady Morrison) This Heather was a good choice of doing something different (not a HiiT workout by any means and not a calorie burner by any means, but I was in the FB zone for 4/5 of my workout today, so that's something. I think I was sweating more from seeing HR in that hot sweater than from the exercises themselves! What was she thinking? However, this was filmed in the winter so maybe that's why!). The first circuit is all standing fusion barre work using a chair. The second circuit is all bodyweight core work, so it didn't feel so awfully "barre-ish" to me. Mady's stretch is just a classic mobility stretch & since it's so short, it's a good one to add on. I am feeling good afterward also...hip still noticeable and I had to modify some of the BW exercises for my hands but overall, the best I felt for a few days before the rest.
16- YT Olivia Lawson (40 min. No Jumping Full Body Conditioning Workout w/ DB's//Burn Fat & Tone At Home); YT Mady Morrison (10 min. Back Pain Relief Stretch...); Mow Max/Yard Work - 2 hours I loved Olivia's workout! UB & LB combination moves with 2 circuits with the :50/:10 format. The last circuit was well appreciated since we laid on the floor for the whole thing and did chest/tricep/core work! Not too tough but tough enough to get some awesome weight work in without all of Jari's thousands of reps, LOL.
17- YT Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Power Walk & Cardio Kickboxing @ Home/Fast Walking Workout/Optional Mini Weights); Winsor Buns & Thighs, Cathe Perfect 30 (Mobility) I really liked Olivia's workout which is all standing and uses 2-3# weights for every move. Today I used my weighted gloves for a change. Legs and arms (and core indirectly) are worked well. It was a goodie before PT and mobility work. Olivia is becoming a fast favorite!
18- Yvette Fit #113 (30 Min. All Out BOSU Aerobics); Heather Robertson (10 min. Standing Abs); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches....); Michelle's Yin Yoga I had done this Yvette before (love it!) so I knew it was very watered down for her...perfect for me right now. So fun with the BOSU and very little high impact (I made it all lower) and felt great to workout with her! Mady's stretch felt so awesome after both of these all-standing workouts. She is becoming a fast favorite, too, for stretching!
19- Jari Love Get Ripped & Chiseled; YT Mady Morrison (Stretching for Neck & Upper Back Pain Relief...); Mady Morrison (15 Min. Full Body Stretch...) My favorite older Jari! Just love this one...not much talk and LOTS of reps! I used 5's, 8's, 10's & 12 (pullovers) and I had my weighted wrist weights on to add 2# to each arm. Tough stuff! That chest segment--whoa! Mady's neck stretch is another goodie - esp. after lot of upper body reps. But I needed my whole body stretched too, so her full body stretch happened. I think I prefer her 10 min. Back Pain Relief stretch I did just is so good for the hips.
20- Rest day

21- KCM 30 MTF Amped Up Cardio (Workouts 1 & 2; no drills Premix=43 min.); KCM 30 MTF Home Gym Intervals (Workout 1, no c/d= 25 min.); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief...) It was a Kelly day today! LOVE AUC, don't know why I waited so long to do this one---such a good time! I love Kelly's energy in this one - she doesn't show that kind of energy in most of her other workouts. And another dust bunny in HGI...this time it seemed WAAAAYYYY more fun b/c I used my elliptical for the cardio intervals and instead of doing her weights as shown, I did core exercises. That is so much better for just seemed like her weight exercise choices were so hurried and slinging around the weights (or throwing the weights in the air!!...still can't believe THAT move)! So doing core work (mostly standing; few on the floor) worked great and needed to get some core work in anyway. The elliptical seemed to really fly by doing short interval times like that knowing I could get off the thing soon! (It equaled 1.20 miles and I had a really high total calorie burn--532, had to note it, haha!). Doing these two workouts have me thinking I want to incorporate more Kelly next month.//Side note: my body has been feeling better lately, so whatever I'm doing, I need to continue….(sans ice cream)!
22- Jari Love GER (Complete workout, sans Track 2 in Workout 2 = 65 min.); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief stretch) I really like this Jari too (despite her sometimes silly comments) but it does seem super long, so I skipped the 2nd track in Workout 2 since it was more step to step w/ bi work which I got plenty of in Workout 1. I used 5's mostly (+ my weighted wrist wts) but did use 8's for some back/leg work. I also used 10's for a finisher during the p/u/core track and did chest flyes, chest presses, pullovers, and laying triceps instead for the duration of the tracks. My arms are fried! I think there are other workouts that fry my triceps more (doing as is) - she really doesn't do a whole lot of reps for the triceps in this. I think she could've included more premixes also - it's just the complete workout, workout 1 or workout 2. She could've been a lot more creative there (as well as all her other workouts). But overall, if you want to do a LONGGG workout and really fry the muscles with (too) many reps, then you will love this one! Total workout time on this dvd is 79 min....that would have really been overkill for me! ETA: 2 hours yard work (no Mow Max --too dry but lots of pruning and watering).
23- YT Olivia Lawson (30 Min. Fat Blasting All Standing Cardio Kickboxing Workout @ Home//No Equipment); Heather Robertson (Yoga HiiT Fusion Workout//No Equipment, No Jumping = 37 min.); Mady's stretch; 30 min. of yard work @parents Olivia’s w/o is fabulous! Format is :40/:10 and some k/b moves (kicks included) and all done standing...some are repeated but didn't seem repetitive to me at all. Some are high impact, some low, & some really work the core, but I still could do it barefoot with my HR getting up often and I was super sweaty when done. I used 2# to work UB a little although surely didn't need to after Jari's rep-a-thon yesterday! {upper body is so sore!} Heather's workout was a goodie too! Format is :45/:15 intervals (no HiiT) and 2 rounds of the same exercises but there's quite a few different ones, so it didn't seem repetitive to me at all. Yoga type moves with core floor work (a few plank-type exercises but I used my BOSU and kneeling pad which worked great). It was so nice to do yoga type moves... I miss my yoga so much & I'm sure that's one of the reasons my body is having issues right now but these were great workout choices today!!
24- Cathe Pefect 30 (Mobility); Winsor Buns & Thighs; Michelle's Yin Yoga Painful hip...I don't think this dampness/rain is helping anything either. My hip gets to feeling good then 2 days it's painful, then a good day, etc... :/
25- Jari Love GR1000 #3 (Complete Workout = 65 min.); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief...) I really liked this newer workout of Jari's! There is a "just cardio" or "just weight" premix besides the "complete workout" option. The set is bright/airy but cramped---I thought they would hit their feet on the fireplace! It has the same format as her other Ripped 1000 workouts with cardio moves alternated with weight work. I used 3's, 5's, & 8's + my 2# weighted wrist weights. There are 4 sets of (same) cardio moves then 4 sets of (same) weight work for each track. It did, at times, seem repetitive but when I did cardio moves on my rebounder a lot, it didn't. (My hip is bothering me again to use the step). Little nit picks: too many bells! Every time one of the 4 sets is finished there's a bell! Then, why does Jari keep asking the backgrounder how many more sets to go?? I am so used to hearing bells in my YT workouts that I think "Oh, I'm done" or "Oh, onto another exercise". Nope not in this. And what is up with the little kick out after each knee raise? That was weird. With ALL that said, I did like it well enough to keep it. It's a good one to get in a lot of rebounding in place of the cardio or even hop on the elliptical for all the cardio (and work thru the recovery times) if it gets too repetitive. I really liked the ab track - Jill instructs and it's actually challenging! Usually Jari's ab tracks are pretty easy. I liked this set, fewer backgrounders, exercises, music (pretty good for a Jari) and all around "vibe" better than her other Ripped 1000's. Keeper! (For my purposes when printing out my logs, I want to make a note here of my cal burn: 407).//I have her GER 1000 Hardcore on my rotation for next week, but now that I did this one, I might not want to!
26- YT Olivia Lawson (30 min. Intense & Sweaty Indoor Walking Workout/Step & Burn @ Home); Five Parks Yoga (Core Awareness Yoga Class = 34 min.) I LOVED Olivia's workout! I was barefoot (she wears shoes) and is all standing (no equipment) with lots of arm movements. I did wear my light wrist weights and was super sweaty when done. These standing walking workouts are saving me with all my ailments this month!! Erin's class is filmed in Costa Rica (w/ lots of great foliage/insect sounds ) and another great one for wrist issues with very few body weight moves and fantastic core work with all the twists. Loved it!
27- Rest Day Five Parks Yoga (Recovery & Strength for Swimmers = 33 min.); YT Mady Morrison (Back Pain Relief Stretches); 1.5 hrs pulling weeds at DS’ condo A fantastic reminder of Erin's great stretch and Mady's is my absolute favorite short stretch to make me feel great!! (I wish her other workouts were in English instead of German....would love to try them out).

28- 1.5 hours Mow Max/Yard Work Trying to beat the rain (I did!), and going to run errands now then clean the house later, so it's highly doubtful I will get a "workout" in.
29- YT Mady Morrison (15 Min. Booty Burn/Best Home Workout for your Butt/No Squats/Day 5); Mady (Yoga Morning Routine… - in German=10min.); Mady (Yoga Flow… - in German=17 min.); Mady (Back Pain Relief Stretches=10 min.); Michelle's Yin Yoga (while playing Mady's Back Pain Relief Music <3) I had an early morning hair appt. then I didn't want to do anything it was a Mady stretch-a-thon! Her Booty Burn workout was a really good stretch for the legs/butt. It made my wonky hip feel better for sure. Those classes in German were very easy to follow along but I had to keep looking at the screen a helped that I did them from my laptop and didn't stream to TV. Feeling so stretched out right now! Love that Back Pain Relief music...almost put me to sleep...then loud thunder sounded from a pop-up shower. So much for that! :0)
30- KCM Home Gym Intervals (Elliptical/core work instead of weight work 1.20 miles); Heather's 10 Min. Standing Abs; Jari Love GER 1000 Hardcore (Weights only premix=35 min.); Extra stretching During Kelly's workout, I replaced the weight work with Heather's standing ab exercises....worked great! Heather on my laptop and Kelly on my TV screen, I just put Heather on pause when it was time to get back on Elliptical. Love this dvd now and I'm so glad I didn't trade it away (was thinking about it!). I really like Jari's workout just doing the weights - it really took the dread factor away not having to do the cardio. Maybe I'll get some use out of this dvd now! In place of the p/u track and Jari's ab track, I laid on my bench and did chest presses/flyes/pull-overs with 8's for sets of 30, 12, & 8 with no pulsing, just regular paced chest work. It was timed perfectly to be done after Jari's ab work; I skipped Laurie's ab work and started stretching. Felt great to get some cardio and weights (and abs!) in today!//Side Note: doing Jari these last 3 months sporadically, I've been noticing my slimming arms (which in turn has shown some definition), so it is nice to acknowledge her workouts are very effective not even doing them consistently! Also I've noticed using my blower during yard work seems lighter to hold this past week and good to know I didn't lose any strength with my lighter weights rotation. :0)(Still doing well with the no ice cream journey, miraculously even lost a couple pounds! I did buy some Icee treats at Aldi's yesterday which have very few calories. These are a nice replacement in the meantime). Still including meditation everyday...some days longer than others, but still being consistent.
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~ June ~

~ Crunch: Fat Burning Pilates - Ellen Barrett

~ Scott - Balletone
~ Amanda -20 Minute Dance Workout | Cumbia, Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba and More

~ Lauren - Standing Pilates Workout for Seniors & Beginners || Gentle & Effective Full Body 25 minutes
~ Amy - Lean Muscle Upper Body Training - 20 Minute Resistance Band Workout

~ 3 mile walk
~ Mary Helen - waltz of the flowers abs

~ 2 mile walk
~ Ellen - PYL Pilates

~ 2 mile walk

~ Pahl B - Get FLAT ABS without crunches! ❌ Beginner-Friendly, Standing CORE STRENGTH

~ 1 mile walk
~ AHCV PEAK - 20 Minute Resistance Band Full Body Workout - Strength & Weight Loss
~ Sarah - Chair Yoga | Recharge & Reenergize

~ 2 mile run
~ Amy - arms and abs
~ Coach Kel - inner thighs
~ Sarah - chair yoga golden sunset

~ Leslie - walk 15 family walk
~ Ellen - sleek sculpt express

~ WAH - 3 miles

11- 13

~ Jo - Gospel Dance Party Workout
~ ACHV Peak - Resistance Band Full Body Workout - No Repeat

~ Jo - 10 mins toned arms

~ ACHV Peak - 20 Minute Resistance Band Full Body Workout

~ Leslies - body burn 2 miles

~ rest

~ 2.5 mile walk

20, 21 & 22
~ rest

~ 4 mile walk

~ Keoni - 30 min latin walk
~ Advanced Flexibility & Balance Denise 5.26.21

~ ACHV Peak - full body supersets
~ Intermediate Flexibility & Balance Penny 4.20.21

~ rest

~ Jari - Get ripped fat burning 30 minutes
~ Sarah - Chair Yoga | Boost Your Energy With Twists

~ TAM - meta abs

~ Leila - TA inspired arms workout
~ Jo - Rihanna vs Beyonce Dance Party Workout
~ Dr Mocor - 8 minute Trampoline Weekly Workout Jun#3 NO REST Pattern
~ Tracy Campoli - backfat workout

~ 2 mile run
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Last week of my KWX rotation!

31- KettleWorX: Core L2 Week 6 + DIY Stretch.
01- Unplanned rest day. Got a back muscle spasm while washing my hair Monday evening.
02- KettleWorX: Resistance L2 Week 6 + Audrey Krafft: Deep Full Body Stretch (YT).
03- SanFran Fitness: D1 Back to Basics on a Rebounder (as warm up 7 min.) + D16 Bounce Fit Toning Abs with Stability Ball on a Rebounder (26 min) + DIY Freestyle Rebounding (4 min.) to "Dembow" by Kafu Banton + DIY Freestyle Reggaeton Dance (3 min) to "Equis" by Nicky Jam & J. Balvin + Jessica Smith TV: Breathe Stretch & Relax (20 min.). I really enjoyed SanFran rebounding workouts, loved the use of the stability ball, finally the mini ball I got with my MET-Rx 180 set will get some use.
04- KettleWorX: Cardio L2 Week 6 + DIY Stretch. And done with my KWX workouts! I haven't completed a rotation in a long time, it feels great!
05- Rest. HBD 2 me!
06- Jazzercise: Burlesque + FéFit: Stretch Flow 1. I used my weighted bracelets and I almost regretted it, what a burn, I thought my arms were going to fall off! I am so glad they are not heavier!

Clubz 4 week rotation. Three clubz workouts a week + whatever I feel like doing in between.

07- Clubz: Cardio Phase 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber. I almost skipped my wo today, didn't feel like bringing any equipment up, so I grabbed my clubz, it was challenging! But, I'm glad I got it done.
08- Urban Rebounding: Resistance Bound + Si6: Slim & Limber.
09- Clubz: Recovery 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber. It wasn't a recovery workout, it was a workout with burpees and all! I liked it, and it was totally low impact.
10- Bosu MMA Fighter Fit: Beginner wo (20 min.) + DIY Foam Roll Stretch (15 min.). FF was ok for a light day workout, I would have enjoyed it more if he didn't keep asking "you like it, you love it"? And the backgrounders replied "we love it"! I thought it was ridiculous, and I am not easy bothered, I might do it again though as liked some of the exercises, and got a nice sweat going.
11- Clubz: Power Phase 1 + Si6: Slim & Limber. Power was good and tough! I have been sore in new places, even my forearms! My favorite part was segment 3, the exercises were fun to do, segment 1 was good, segment 3 was the hardest (I though my heart was going to get out of my chest!), I felt the burn all throughout, wow!
12- Rest. Tired and sore.
13- Rest.
14- Clubz: Cardio Phase 2 + Masala Bhangra: Bollywood Diva Style Bloc 1& 2 (20 min.) + FéFit: Stretch Flow 1.
15- Masala Bhangra: Bollywood Diva Style + Si6: Slim & Limber. BDS was fun and totally low impact, I liked the music.
16- SanFran Fitness: D2 Circulation Booster on a Rebounder (as warm up 7 min.) + Clubz: Recovery 1 & Abz City + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex. I thought to add a 10 min. Abs workout, well AC was 20 minutes long! I liked it, but I wasn't expecting it to be that long.
17- Urban Rebounding: Kick Bound + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex.
18- Unplanned rest day. Stomachache.
19- Rest.
20- Clubz: Power Phase 2 + Rejuvenation: Stretch & Flex.
21- Masala Bhangra: Bar Bhangra + FéFit: Stretch Flow 1. I BB! It was fun and different.
22- Clubz: Cardio Phase 3 + 20 Minute Leslie's Walk (YT) + CS: 1029 Deep Full Body Stretch. I liked CP3, nice set of exercises, I love swimmers as it felt so good for my shoulders, I even enjoyed the one leg burpees, I used my bosu of course.
23- Barlates Bosu Total Body Fusion: Bosu Cardio Sculpt (20 min.) + Bosu Abs (28 min.) + Bosu Stretch: My Own (12 min.). BCS & BA were a real challenge, I was dripping sweat and it not even was a hot day today! I was able to do BCS just fine, but for the Abs, I had to take a couple of breathers.
24- Active Recovery Day. Lot of walking at the Old Port with the family + 30 Minute of Pedal Boat + 5 Minute Bounce at home. First time doing Pedal Boat it was fun and a great exercise! My SO had to take a couple of breaks, so we stopped a few times, I was just fine and I could keep going, it actually felt great in my legs since they were a bit sore from my previous workouts, here is where I see that working out does pay off.
25- Clubz: Recovery 2 + SS: Cool It Off Express. I R2! It was fun and felt great in my muscles, great sweat and burn too, but totally low impact. I didn't remember I had CIOE I found it today while cleaning my bookshelf.
26- Clubz: Power Phase 3 + Si6: Slim & Limber. Today was a sweatfest!
27- Rest.
28- WW Ultimate Dance Party: Cardio Club. CC was a fun workout! I found a cheap used copy from eBay, thanks T2B for the recommendation!
29- Clubz: Cardio Phase 4 + Si6: Slim & Limber. It is so hooooot here I worked out in the evening, it was impossible to do it earlier.
30- WW Ultimate Dance Party: Cardio Club + Si6: Slim & Limber.
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June 2021~ Getting back to normal!

1. Nothing I had a lazy free for all nap kind of week. I went out after work with some coworkers. First time doing something like this since Covid.
2. Yvette Fit #104 High/Low Cardio and Metabolic Weight Workout + Penny Barnshaw 30 min Standing Arms and Abs I kind of forgot I had done this Yvette until I was a little way in. Definitely an easier one. I did this Penny with my husband after. The first half was upper body and the second standing Abs. For upper, I went one weight down from my husband, but for the standing Abs I went a little heavier. I was pretty happy with this because I haven’t been doing this kind of workout. 397 calories
3. Andressa Venancio 5000 steps in 30 minutes and 30 min low impact full body workout I had a little procedure done and I couldn’t do an intense workout but I wanted to do something. These were nice and mildly sweaty and I would try more of her YouTube workouts but So Many Ads. I just can’t do 4 ads in each 30 minute workout. 428 calories
4. Yvette Fit #113 30 min All out Bosu + Barlates Target 15 Full Body and Target 15 Ankle weights Yvette’s workout was a fun basic Bosu cardio that I paired with a couple of Linda’s 15 minute w/os. I am really out of Barlates shape! I thought Full Body was going to do me in!! Ankle weights wasn’t quite as hard but I forgot how fast Linda moves. It’s funny how hard these Barlates were and how much I was sweating but they’re not calorie burners. I have to remember how effective these are and not worry about the burn as much. These moves are in the same family as TA streaming but I have to say that Tracy moves with a lot more intention. 353 calories
5. Mixxtreme Mix I haven’t done this workout for exactly 18 months, pre-pandemic. Not a calorie burner by any means but it’s definitely challenging as it goes on. Lots of tough core and inner thigh work, especially the stability ball section. I had to modify a couple of the ab exercises to get through. 245 calories.
6. Yvette fit #112 Step/Bodyweight Back and Biceps Yvette is by herself in this one. She alternates a bodyweight exercise with a short step segment (3 risers) and the 8-12 reps of back or biceps. After the break she throws in a few core exercises. Good tough stuff! I used 15s for all the biceps except the Ws (12s) and went one weight down from Yvette on back. 441 calories
7. Rest I had an early (9 am) start at work today. I’ll have two of these a week so I’m planning on making one a rest day. I expected a low step day/ office day but I still got 12,000 steps at work.
8. Barlates Endurance 100 Up and Down Another pre-pandemic workout. I needed a shorter workout this morning, I felt rushed. It just feels nice to do whatever workout I want without feeling like I’m going to collapse (in a bad way).
9. Yvette Fit #118 70 min Legs/Bosu/Boxing workout So funny AnMrsDe I did this one this morning too!! Very fun Yvette that I will be returning to. I too used a 25lb kettlebell and my 20lb dumbbells. There’s really not too many weighted leg exercises, Yvette does cardio/unweighted legs until the break (39 min). The next 15 mins or so uses the weights with cardio and the last little bit is all firewalker. I didn’t wear my Fitbit today but I was definitely sweaty I was a little late getting downstairs and I thought I’d have to stop early but my husband waited for me to finish. We have to share the workout room now. I had a fantastic day with friends I haven’t seen in a few months. We had a great lunch and walked around shopping outside. Also my pizza oven finally came today! I’m so very excited, I ordered it 2 months ago and I’ve been waiting patiently. I’ll really need those Yvette workouts now.
10-19. I did a few peloton spin classes and some random pretty unmemorable stuff
20. Jillian Michaels Shred workout 1 Launch + 30 for 30 restore (pm) That JM body revolution thread inspired me to break out this unused streaming set that I picked up a while ago through Groupon. It’s a 30 minute, lighter weight workout, I used 5s and 8s. The warmup has jumping in it so I would consider doing a little extra warming up next time. I didn’t hate it, it kind of reminded me of JNL fusion even though the circuit structure is different. It was challenging even though I would say that no one exercise was super tough, there’s just no rest between exercises and the strength exercises are more metabolic exercises. There were pushups in each round too. I have a couple of early time starts each week so having a shorter in and out workout would be a nice option. My back has been tight for a couple of days but I’m feeling great since doing Lauren’s Restore practice.
21. Nothing Jury Duty
22. Peloton 6/20/21 Bradley 30 min 2000s ride and Hannah 20 min barre I really enjoyed Bradley’s ride, great play list and short intervals made it go by so fast. The barre workout was way too easy.
23. The Class 1/19 Jaycee Free trial. The class is simple cardio and floorwork with each exercise done for a whole song. The warm up was squats, there’s jumping jacks alternated with freestyle jumping, side lying clams, crunches, burpees, weird arm stuff etc. The hook is that it’s very primal and yoga like, a lot of new age yoga like talk. A little too much in this one but I do like drinking a little kool aid. It’s all very doable, modifications are encouraged. It actually left me sore the next day, especially my abs
24. Rest Early work day
25. The Class CJ 60 min
26. IDTV Level Up Strength
27. The Class Natalia 60 min
28. CDorner fitness Basic/Intermediate step #28 + IDTV Travis 30 min Yin Stars
29. Nothing I had an early hair appointment

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VF Supporter
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: TX Panhandle

1 Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge - Day 9 - 21 minutes; Caroline Jordan - Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis Pain - 15 minutes
2 Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge - Day 10 - 25 minutes (Moderate Cardio and Bodyweight Strength); Jessica Valant Pilates - Pilates for Beginners - 10 Minute Workout & Hip Pain Relief Exercises
3 Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge - Day 11 - 27 minutes (Moderate Strength); Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Pilates for Back Pain
4 Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge - Day 12 - 21 minutes (Standing Abs); Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Pilates for Legs & Glutes
5 Pahla B - Body Shaping Challenge - Day 13 - 25 minutes (Cardio with Weights); Jessica Valant Pilates - 10 Minute Quick Core Workout - Pilates for Abs at Home!
6 Jessica Valant Pilates - Gentle Pilates for Endometriosis - 20 minutes & Beginner Ab Workout - 11 minutes
7 Pahla B - June workout #1 - 25 minutes; Jessica Valant Pilates - Pilates for Everybody - 25 minutes
8 Pahla B - June workout #2 - 23 minutes; Mari Winsor - Shape Pilates for Pink Core Challenge - Hips, Thighs and Butt - 10 minutes
9 Pahla B - June workout #3 - 25 minutes
10 Pahla B - June workout #4 - 26 minutes; Move with Nicole - 25 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout for Beginners
11 Pahla B - June workout #5 - 23 minutes; Faithful Workouts - Strength 101 - 23 minutes
12 Pahla B - June workout #6 - 24 minutes
13 Pahla B - June workout #7 - 23 minutes; Faithful Workouts - Lower Body in Costa Rica - 17 minutes
14 Senior Shape - Upper Body Strength Workout with Dumbbells (Floor) - 24 minutes & 10 Minute Core & Abs - 10 minutes
15 Pahla B - May workout #1 - 24 minutes; 30 Days to Flat Abs - Level 2 Pilates - 11 minutes
16 Caroline Jordan - 10 Minute Neck Pain Free Abs Workout - 10 minutes
17 Jessica Valant Pilates - Full Body Workout for Women Over 50 - 25 minutes
18 Jessica Valant Pilates - Barre Pilates Full Body Workout - 40 minutes
19 Treadmill - 30 minute walk; Jessica Valant Pilates - Buff Bones - Relief for Neck and Shoulder Tightness - 20 minutes
20 Pahla B - April #2 Workout - 23 minutes & Walking Cooldown/stretch - 6 minutes; Preventiion 10 Minute Pilates - Lower Body - 13 minutes
21 Pahla B - April #1 Workout - 23 minutes; Prevention 10 Minute Pilates - Core Burn - 13 minutes
22 Pahla B - April #3 Workout - 23 minutes
23 Pahla B - April #4 Workout - 22 minutes
24 Pahla B - April #5 Workout - 24 minutes
25 Senior Shape - Obe Resistance Bands - Full Body Workout - 30 minutes
26 Rest Day
27 Senior Shape - Pilates Core & Butt on the Mat - 24 minutes
28 Rest Day
29 Jessica Smith - Walk Strong 1: Total Body Toning - 30 minutes
30 Rest Day

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Tammie M
Join Date: Nov 2001

1 - Kelly Coffey-Meyer Cardio Kick Step-Boxing - Horizontal Step Mix + Rodney Yee's A.M. Yoga for Your Week - Hip Openers
2 - Margaret Richard Home Improvement
3 - Amy Dixon Women's Health Ultimate Fat Burn! + Rodney Yee's A.M. Yoga for Your Week - Twists
6 - Gilad Power and Grace
7 - Kendall Hogan Crunch Fat Blaster: The Next Step + Rodney Yee Back Care Yoga - Exploration
8 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Cutting Edge - Workout 1
9 - Gilad 45/45 Split Routine - Cardio
10 - Gilad 45/45 Split Routine - Toning
11 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Transforming Workout - Cardio Interval
13 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Peak Performance - Workout 1
14 - Jessica Smith Women's Health: Train for Your Body Type - w/u & cardio & Amp It Up Kick-It &+ Amp It Up Power Flow & c/d + Rodney Yee Back Care Yoga - Strength and Flexibility
15 - Jessica Smith Women's Health: Train for Your Body Type - w/u & Upper Body & Lower Body & Abs and Core & Amp It Up Super Slow & c/d
16 - Michelle Dozois Crunch Fat Blaster: Step & Sweat + Rodney Yee Back Care Yoga - Restoration
17 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Functional Fitness - Workout 1
18 - Dancing with the Stars: Cardio Dance
20 - Marie Forleo Women's Health: The Wedding Workout
21 - Gin Miller Simply Step: Classic Moves
22 - Gilad Total Body Sculpt Plus: Cutting Edge - Workout 2
23 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Transforming Workout - Potpourri
24 - Shape Bikini Body Camp: Transforming Workout - Sculpt Plus + Shape Cardio Workout: Bikini Body All Year-Round - Long and Lean Bonus
25 - Shape Cardio Workout: Bikini Body All Year-Round
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Join Date: Nov 2015
Location: British Columbia

1. Practicing KBell form-stability and some novel moves 20 mins. Nearly 30 degrees here!
2. No w/o
3. Weight loss Walk w Livelyladies; quick KBell core work
4. No w/o
5. 20 min stress relief w/o w Livelyladies; muscle builder w BeFit Go
6. Outdoor late night Walk 70 mins; ball rolling massage
7. 1.5 mile walk w Livelyladies; deadlifts
8. Just a quick Qigong practice.
9. Late night Walk 55 mins; Calorie Walk w Livelyladies; one round of ab-focused Boxing Popsugar/DiPaulo workout
10. Cardio+Balance w Livelyladies; Cardio & sculpt w Jennifer Galardi Exercise Tv; baby weights shoulder work
11. No w/o
12. Ball rolling and stretching
13. Cardio endurance w Livelyladies; extra stretching
14. Outdoor Late night walk 75 mins; quick standing core
15. 2000 steps w/o w Livelyladies; stretching routine for rowers; ball rolling
16. Full body strength-sculpt w Hiit Ur Goals: quick Yoga for sore muscle recovery w Yoga w Christina; gardening/weeding
17. Nothing, just playing with the new hula hoop! It's too hot!
18. 1/2 of a Livelyladies 45/15 cardio w/o; back conditioning work on the swiss ball
19. Nothing but junk removal/moving from the basement and FIL's condo in this heat.
20. Plie squat fest
21. No w/o
22. No w/o
23. Power Walk w Livelyladies; triceps add-on
24. 12 mins of calf raises and lunge pulsing; quick mobility routine

....... No workouts during this Heat wave without A-c and none to be found anywhere. Past two days it's been 43.8 degrees, that's 110.84 American. Not sure what it is inside as thermostat has been OL (overlimit) past three days. We're gonna get a day and a half relief towards end of week and then it's back up again. Having blood sugar issues, so doubtful be back to working out until the forecast sees some normal weather after July 16th, all fingers crossed! Hopefully we can find a A-c unit somewhere as we've done everything else possible to keep sun rays out of house. We are of course feeling fortunate to have a rental home.
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Location: Maryland, USA

1 - Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 1 - Met Con; Trifecta Pilates - Summer Series Day # 1 - Reformer on the Mat, outdoor walk
2 - Ellen - Fat Burning Fusion 2; outdoor walk
3 - CS 1203, Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 2 - Low Impact Cardio, Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series Day 1 - Pilates for beginners; outdoor walk (short)
4 - CS 1204, Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 3 - Walking w/ Weights, Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series Day 2 - Pilates for Back Pain
5 - CS 1205, Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 4 - Standing abs, Jessica Valent - Herniated Disc Routine Part 1; outdoor walk
6 - CS 1206, Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 5 - Body Weight Strength/Circuit, Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series Day 3 - Pilates for Lower Body; mall walk
7- CS 1207, Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 6 - Strength Training, Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series Day 4 - Core
8- CS 1208, Pahla B - June Playlist Day # 7 - Low Impact Cardio, Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series - Day 5 - Stretching
9- LWR - Summer HIIT Challenge Day # 1; Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series - Day 6 - Cardio Pilates, Sciatica Routine, indoor and outdoor walk
10 - Ellen - Arms and Abs; Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series - Day 7 - Upper Body Stretch, Piriformis Routine
11 - Gina B - 2000 Step Workout for Beginners, Jessica Valent - 10 in 10 Series - Day 8 - Power Pilates, Blogilates - Total Body Stretch
12 - Jenny Ford - 5 Day Jumpstart (all 5 in a row!); Yoga w/ Kassandra - 10 Min Morning Yoga Flow (w/ Taco - the cat)
13 - Ellen - Serene Strength; outdoor walk (a bit slow w/ doggie), Faithful Workouts - Power Stretch
14 - Gina B - Retro 80's Hits (dance walk); Blogilates - Beautiful Body Pilates, outdoor walk, Blogilates - 12 min to tone total body
15 - Faithful Workouts - Pazaz and Upper Body; Faithful Workouts - 10 Min Yoga; long-ish outdoor walk
16 - Jessica Valent - All Level HIIT; Caroline Jordan - Tight Psoas/SI Joint Routine; outdoor walk
17 - Moving Mango - Tropical Burn Pilates - Day 1 - Full Body, outdoor walk
18 - Jessica Valent - Sculpted Legs and Abs Barre workout, short outdoor walk
19- Ellen - Grace & Gusto; short outdoor walk
20 - Ellen - Serene Strength, Ellen - Pilates Mix, Yoga w/ Kassandra - 10 Min Morning Yoga to Wake up, outdoor walk
21 - Trifecta Pilates - June Chair Workout (40 min)
22 - Walk at Home - You Tube - 1 Mile Walk w/ Dr. Natalie, 1 Mile Sports Inspired Workout, Trifecta Pilates - 15 min Stability Ball Workout; outdoor walk (long)
23 - Lively Ladies - Low Impact Cardio & Balance; outdoor walk
24 - Trifecta Pilates -Standing w/ Chair, outdoor walk
25 -Ellen - Lengthen Strengthen and Breathe
26 - Ellen - Sleek Sculpt Express
27 - Ellen - Core Cardio, Senior Shape w/ Lauren - Pilates for Beginners and Seniors - Abs and Butt on the Mat
28- Faithful Workouts - Everything Workout; Morning Yoga
29 - Yoga w/ Kassandra - Rise and Shine Yoga
30 - Jessica Smith - 35 Min Cardio Flow - Feel Good Fusion DVD (the outdoor beach scene!)
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Location: The hot desert-aka AZ
Starting Caroline Girvan's Epic Heat with some cardio days thrown in. Also, I plan to incorporate going on an "evening stroll" on my treadmill. Nothing strenuous at all, but I figure I can get some steps in while I'm having screen time.

1. nothing
2. Leg Complexes; 30 min t/m stroll
3. Shoulders; 30 min t/m stroll
4. 30 min t/m stroll
5. 20 min t/m stroll (used as a warm up); LB; Full Body
6. Cycling Sophie Beginner 20 min ride; Chest and Tri's
7. Joe Alvarado EDM 35 min ride; 20 min t/m stroll
8. Legs; 30 min t/m stroll
9. Back and Bi's; 30 min t/m stroll
10. nothing
11. HIIT; 30 min t/m stroll
12. SSoD Ride for Time 20 min ride; Glutes
13. Spin with Lars #5 60 min ride
14. UB; 30 min t/m stroll
15. 30 min t/m stroll
16. 15 min t/m stroll used as w/up; LB Isolation and Plyometrics
17. Kaleigh Cohen Fitness #58 30 min ride
18. Full Body
19. TreadChic 40 min walk; Delts and Tri's
20. RI:ID Intervals 20 min ride; Legs
21. 30 min t/m stroll
22. Chest and Core
23. nothing
24. Full Body
25. nothing
26. SSoD Progression Intervals 20min ride as a w/up; Glutes
27. AngieFitnessTV 2 mile walk; UB
28. Joe Alvarado Uphill Battle 30 min ride; Legs
29. Complexes Full Body
30. SSoD Throwback Tracks 40 min ride
"It's time to burn off some ice cream"-Coach Sean

C25K graduate 10/10

CLX grad 12/09
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Shanghai, China
June 2021

Focus: Caroline, KBs, Yoga and Fun!

1 - Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 Min Warmup Upper Body Routine, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Day 36 - Back & Biceps, Caroline Girvan's 10 Min Stellar Abs, Barlates FREE Upper Body Stretch. I did this 2 months ago before I decided to take a break from EPIC and rehab my shoulder, so I decided to use the same weights and see how my level had changed. I think the answer is - maybe a sometimes a little fewer reps, but more or less about the same. I'll put that in the 'win' category. I'm stronger on the abs workout, that's a real boost.
2 - Rest.
3 - Rest. At 6pm came down with a really bad ocular migraine, so went home and lay down to rest my eyes. Of course I fell asleep and ended up sleeping through to the morning.
4 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
5 - Bike ride (75 mins total).
6 - Mr & Mrs Muscle 5 min Warm UP Workout Lower Body & Glutes + Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warm up, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Day 37 Bulgarian Lunges, Mady Morrison Back Pain Relief | 10 Min Yoga for Relaxation and Recovery. Talked myself onto the mat and even through I struggled, I'm glad I did. Thanks to AnMrsDe for the stretch recommendation - it's well-sequenced and very relaxing.
7 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Taking new medication that's making me very sleepy in the evenings. Need to plan around it to keep going.
8 - Bike ride (1 hour total), [/B]Mr & Mrs Muscle Upper Body Warmup 5 min + Caroline Girvan’s 5 Min HIIT Warm up, Caroline Girvan's EPIC Day 38 Upper Body, Growingannas HIIT It Harder Day 14 - 10 Min Neck & Shoulder Stretch. Finally did a Caroline upper body workout after 2 months of babying my shoulder. I previewed and saw it was a LOT of pushups, so I firmly kept my ego in check and did what worked for me. Lots of modifications, more than the usual number of pauses, but I did it and felt great afterwards. I've definitely lost strength for some moves, but it's a journey and I'm back on the path.
9 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Travis Elliot's 30 min Yin Yoga Pre Bedtime. Getting onto the mat after 10pm, Travis had just dropped this new practice and it seemed perfect. Very relaxing and meditative. When I finished I didn't think I 'done' anything but then I walked up the stairs and felt the ease in my hips. Nice.
10 - Rest. Another difficult day at work, couldn't summon the energy.
11 - Travis Eliot's 60 min Power Yoga Bend Don't Break. This felt different from Travis' usual power yoga practices, in a good way. It had a lot of bending & twists, some cardio to warm things up, and fantastic stretches. I enjoyed the different flows and would do it again.
12 - Bike ride (1.5 hours total).
13 - Mr & Mrs Muscle Full Body Warmup Exercises at Home 5 min + Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warm up, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 39 Full Body Workout Trisets, Cathe's STS Extended Stretch. I enoyed Caroline's Trisets format - felt like it thoroughly worked every muscle group without killing any part.
14 - Mr & Mrs Muscle Full Body Warmup 5 min + Caroline Girvan’s 5 Min HIIT Warm up, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 40 Burrrn HIIT, Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Unbroken Abs, Tara Stiles’ Ultimate Stretch Yoga Routine. Really enjoyed today's EPIC HIIT. I was able to hit every move hard, and had sweaty fun. In particular, the balance moves gave me a sense of progress. On the other hand, this unbroken abs workout doesn't seem to get any easier. Every time I feel I'm getting fitter, Caroline shows me how much further I can go.
15 - Rest.
16 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warm up, Bret Conteras' BC Glute Activation Circuit, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 41 Hamstring & Glute Isolation, Caroline Girvan’s 5 Min Plank Challenge Follow Along, Jan Chuan Fitness How to Stretch after Leg Day. I feel like I hit on a great combination of workouts today. The BC Glute activation was short but just enough, and Caroline's plank challenge paired well with a LB workout that engaged a lot of core stabilization, but mostly from the lower back. Felt energized and empowered afterwards.
17 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
18 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warm up, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 42 Shoulders & Core, Short Circuit with Marsha 5 Mins to Better Abs Core Workout on the Bosu. Went cautiously into this workout because I still worry about my left shoulder, but it was just fine. Feeling strong.
19 - Mr&Mrs Muscle 5 Min Full Body Warmup Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Full Body Warm up, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 43 Quads & Lower Abs, Growingannanas Full Body Stretch for Flexibility & Relaxation. Caroline said this one would light up the quads and abs, and she wasn't kidding! I'm excited about the final stretch of EPIC, and people around me are noticing the difference....
20 - Barlates Feel Good Series Cardio Sculpt, Heather Robertson’s Relaxing Full Body Stretch. I've been meaning to try more Barlates, and something called "Feel Good' was definitely what by body was seeking. I got a light sweat and appreciated the flowing movements, but I didn't love it. Will have to try more and see if it grows on me. Still felt like I needed a bit more stretch so added Heather's which was a lot of standard yoga stretches. I felt good afterwards. Glad I didn’t push myself to do Caroline.
21 - Bike ride (1 hour total). In spite of viewing yesterday as an 'easy' workout, some of my muscles could feel it the next day. Not DOMS, just a general feeling of 'I did something'. Goes to show, different styles work you in different ways.
22 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Mr&Mrs Muscle 5 Minute Upper Body Warmup, Mr&Mrs Muscle 5 Min Lower Body & Glutes Warmup, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 44 Full Body Dumbbell Advanced Complex. Definitely a test of grip strength, but otherwise just a solid FB metabolic workout. I might have pushed my shoulder a little more than was wise, but I think I got away with it.
23 - Bike ride (1 hour & 15 mins total), Travis Eliot's Yoga 30for30 Gentle Practice. Too many breakfast meetings this week, I needed to get a little earlier night.
24 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Extra long work day today.
25 - Bike ride (1 hour total). Another long work day.
26 - Rest. Wanted to work out but ended up going to sleep very early.
27 - Caroline Girvan’s 10 Min Cardio & HIIT Warm up, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 45 EMOM, Travis Eliot's Yoga 30for30 Flow & Stretch. Finally screwed up my courage to take on Caroline's infamous EMOM. Thanks to the chatter about how tough it was, I modified the number of reps from the start, so was able to make it all the way through without dropping further. I don't lift as much as Caroline, I don't do as many burpees as Caroline. But I'm doing my workouts. Only 5 more to go!
28 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
29 - Bike ride (1 hour total), Mr&Mrs Muscle Upper Body Warmup 5 Mins, Mr&Mrs Muscle Abs & Core Warmup 5 Mins, Caroline Girvan’s EPIC Day 46 Abs and Pushups, Mr&Mrs Muscle Upper Body Stretch, Mr&Mrs Muscle Back & Core Stretch. So I did that. I modified the pushups in every way imaginable. I can't believe that the abs section seemed like a relief! But I did it, I'm putting in the work to get stronger, I didn't injure myself. I am EPIC.
30 - Bike ride (1 hour total).
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just the workouts

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