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Old 02-13-23, 05:41 PM  
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(So vague, I know).....but someone asked me for an SASE and I don't remember who/what because I had to clean out my PMs.

Anyway, send me another PM
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Old 02-18-23, 06:39 PM  
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Eoin Finn yoga dvds...

I have some Eoin Finn gently/never used DVDs I'm passing on. I'd prefer to send them all at once, so don't hesitate to ask for all of them, if you're interested. I have mailers. Just need Amazon gift card to cover postage.

GONE.. The Pursuit of Happy Hips
GONE.. Power Yoga for Happiness (2 dvds)
GONE.. Power Yoga for Happiness 2 (2 dvds)
GONE..Earth. Body. Yoga. (2 dvds)

Please include your zip code in your message, so I can get you a postage quote.

Yours in fitness and health.


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Old 02-20-23, 06:06 PM  
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pilates for free!

all three taken

postage -amazon gift certificate oe what have you

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Old 02-21-23, 12:39 AM  
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Media Mail SASE

Gone. See trade list
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Old 02-21-23, 04:58 PM  
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I have the following DVDs to share. Postage paid through Amazon GC is preferred. I usually send Media Mail unless otherwise requested.

Cathe Imax 2 + Cardio & Weights (Gone)
Cathe High Step Circuit (Gone)
Cathe Kickmax (Gone)
Rodney Yee Strength Building Yoga (Gone)
Addicted to Sweat Vol. 1 Dance
Skinny Bitch Bootcamp
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Old 02-21-23, 06:29 PM  
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Find Your Practice with Vytas from Udaya

REQUESTED...Here's another one... Does anyone remember when Udaya put out some yoga programs on a USB stick that would only play on a laptop or other computer via the operating system? In other words, you couldn't just put the USB in your TV and play it. I (and others) complained to Udaya about it. It wasn't user-friendly, in my opinion. (I long ago gave away the original set.)

Well, a long while back they finally sent me the set on DVDs -- in a box, with the booklet, poster, 6 DVDs nicely labeled. They are DVD-R. After all that, I never use this set, so I'm offering it up here for the cost of postage.

If you want it, send me a PM and your address and I'll calculate postage. I'll need an Amazon gift card to cover.

Yours in fitness and health.


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Old 02-24-23, 09:01 AM  
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all gone but I will be posting more, in a clear them out mood

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Old 02-26-23, 12:58 PM  
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stamps or check or paypal just for postage, I have mailers


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share the wealth

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