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purpose of this forum

The Check-ins and Challenges forum developed as a motivational tool for VFers.

Checkins typically involve some sort of general or specific accounting of your weekly workouts to other checkin participants, as well as any disruptions from your planned exercise routine (illness, kids, work, etc.) and goals for the following week. The idea is to find others who share similar workout goals, activities or similar obstacles to exercise in order to support and motivate each other towards those goals. Weekly checkins are typically started on Sunday or Monday of each week.

Challenges are usually longer term committments with an end goal in mind. For example, The 2001 Workout Challenge has dozens of participants who decided in late December of 2000 or early Jan. 2001 how many workouts/workout days they hoped to do over the course of this year. Participants check in on the first of each month to report progress towards their goal. There are occasionally shorter term challenges like the Finishing Strong challenge designed to help participants get through the holiday season without skipping too many workouts.

Our weekly checkins usually include the Strength Checkin, Yogini checkin, Beginners Checkin, Cardio Cross Trainers checkin.

Less regular checkins have included Re-Starters, VF RoadRunners, the Student Checkin, Pregnant and Still Exercising and Postpartum/New Moms. Typically these checkins are started whenever someone needs or wants the motivation of hearing about others' goals, progress, workout schedules, etc. In these checkins VFers usually just post about how they are doing in general and any issues or questions they have, rather than detailing their workouts.

If you think you might be interested in joining a checkin, read the posts from the existing ones and see which one(s) are the best fit with your exercise preferences/goals/personality, etc. Then just jump right in and introduce yourself.

If you would like to start a new checkin that doesn't currently exist, post an inquiry in this forum to see who else might be interested. Checkins must be open to all interested parties. Sometimes you won't know if there is enough interest to support an active checkin until you try to start one. You'll find out pretty quickly if there is enough interest to support it at a given time. If a new checkin doesn't get going, you might try again at a later date.

Not everyone will be a challenges/checkins kind of person--many find them motivating and as a great way to get to know a smaller subset of VFers, but others find reporting their workouts a chore. I personally fall in the latter camp--I can't even manage to keep a workout log for myself!
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challenges, check-ins

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