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DVD chaptering - Suzanne Deason : Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss [Gaiam]

This is for the Living Arts/Gaiam DVD of "Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss" with Suzanne Deason. As far as I know, the "Deluxe Edition," is the only DVD edition out there even though there are two different covers (depending on whether you got the DVD before they switched from putting LA on the covers to Gaiam). Same DVD.

Chaptering Info

Numbering indicates: title.chapter

1.2 thru 1.11 - Body & Breath Awareness (11:00)
1.12 thru 1.27 - Active Yoga Conditioning [standing] (21:30)
1.28 thru 1.35 - Balance & Relaxation [floor] (15:00)

On this DVD, there are many individual chapters, and I can't quite see the reason for that considering that most of them are 30-60 seconds long each. Still, that's not a big deal. 1.2, 1.12, and 1.28 are the beginnings, respectively of each of the sections, which can be done separately or together (they flow nicely together).


Great job on the menus! Italics are my explanation.

Main Menu
Combined Workout
Choose Workout Level
Workout Segments
Personal Instruction
DVD Credits

Notes: "Combined Workout" plays all 3 segments from the "combined" angle, which shows all 4 levels of demonstration at once. Nice if you desire more modification in some areas than in others. "Choose Workout" is if you want the camera to focus on just one person (who fits your desired level of modification for that day), choose this option). "Workout segments" is if you already know you don't want to do the whole workout, just a segment. You'll be prompted for modification level. However, don't feel like you're stuck with whichever level of modification you chose at the beginning. At any time during the workout, you can hit "change angle" (or something like that) button on your DVD remote to toggle back and forth between the different 5 angles.

Workout Segments Menu
All 4 people shown at once . . . camera moves among them.
Unmodified - Suzanne demonstrates
1/4 Modified
Marne demonstrates
1/2 Modified
Merrily demonstrates
Full Modified
Veronica demonstrates

Note: The more modified versions often use a strap or bricks.

(the menu of any one of the 5 choices above)
Body & Breath Awareness
Active Yoga Conditioning
Balance & Relaxation

This will bring you straight to whichever section you chose, and it will just continue into the next selection (rather than go back to the menu) when it's finished.
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