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Question XTrain question, please help!

Hi, I finally broke down and ordered XTrain from Cathe, one disc arrived loose into the case and got scratched, I previewed it and skipped so I contact them about that, and they will be sending a new copy, which is great!

The question is... I've finally got the time to preview the rest of the set, I've previewed 7 discs (apart of the one that got scratched in transit), and three of them got pixelated at some point and one have a little glitch, the discs are: Disc 2, both core workouts get pixelated; Disc 7, gets pixelated during the step portion of the workout; and Disc 8, gets pixelated and have a glitch during the conditioning workout; none of them stopped working, and I've wiped them clean with a lint free cloth, but, they still did the same thing, I'm concerned about it, is it normal? Do you have the same issue with your set? Should I contact them again about that? Also, is the image a bit blurry? I know it was released some years back, but still thought to ask.

Thanks for your replies in advanced. I did like the look of the workouts I've previewed, I also like the book that came with it, and wish Cathe would make fitness guides for each set instead of PDFs, I still have Tabatacize left to preview.

Also, for those of you in Canada, do you always get extra charges when ordering directly from Cathe? When Pre-Ordering? Just curious, this is the first time I order directly from her and the first time I get charged for DVDs, thanks.
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