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Old 02-01-23, 01:22 AM  
Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Australia
Every day in February - the year is moving - so are WE! Join us, we'd love it!!

Welcome to the "Every Day Check-In"

Lately, we've been an awesome foursome but we all love it when newcomers pop in, and even better when they stay.
If you've been hunting for a checkin (a new one, another one, your first one....) - give us a try!

We don't focus on any kind of workouts, just daily activity. Something is always better than nothing - there's no pressure to lift or sweat in particular. The focus is to do something related to exercise EVERY DAY.

Anything goes - a simple list of what you've done for the day/week (drive-by posts) through to daily essays that include workouts, life, loves, laughs, and venting are ALL OK.

  • WERD = Well-earned rest day (when your body says to pause, listen)
  • TERD = Totally expected rest day (planned rest, life events, ....)
  • TURD = Totally unexpected rest day (emphasis on singular, but stuff happens yknow?)
  • HERD of TURDS. Usually declared after the 3rd TURD in a row. Physical and mental health are always better with daily movement - be good to yourself and shift that herd!
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