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Old 08-15-17, 07:22 AM  
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Like Rebecca I have plenty to do while waiting on the series to be released. Hamelin said this morning that HDM series and Yoga will be filmed in the next few days and released end of the week. Confirming bookings as well. I love the DMW series and am willing to wait because he out does himself every single class.

If Hamelin releases a class for free that is totally different than someone having a private link on their YT channel. Thighmatics is his best selling workout so why would he want it out there for free?

Just because he is remarketing his brand doesn't mean all the workouts previously purchased are obsolete. They are good to mix in with the new stuff for variety. There are a few in the group who only continue to do the older stuff bc that is what they enjoy and get results. I think the key to results of any genre is finding what you enjoy and being consistent.
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Old 08-15-17, 09:39 AM  
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It's always a good idea to email Hamelin's office with questions or concerns. They're very responsive. Even though the're in another time zone they always get back reasonably fast, considering they're 7 hours ahead of me.

About all the other workouts turning into a dusty and scratched IPhone 4, this is not new. I've been following Hamelin since he started with his free workouts on Vimeo (2009?), and I started doing HDM exclusively since late 2013. In that time he's released and "retired from shelves" many workouts. For instance, the series that got me started with Hamelin, the monthly webisodes, wasn't even listed in his new webshop when he released it. He did ten different webisodes, and none of those are for sale now. Are they useless? Not to me, I do the different cardios and some of the toning classes often.

Before that, he did three Transform sets with focus workouts for arms, abs and legs. I bet most of you guys didn't even hear from them until now.

The live classes started with what he calls Classic Toning (all mat and barre with some standing work), and when he changed to the classes with cardiotone or hi-lo plus some strength work Classic Toning didn't become obsolete.

Like Suzanne says, I only see Hamelin evolving and moving forward, not doing the same thing over and over. No matter how effective something can be, without upgrades and updates it's going to die down.

TAM posts the workouts for her streaming service every week, and when the week is up those are gone and the new ones are posted. Were the previous week's workouts bad or defective in any way? Nope, that's simply how her method works.
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