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Old 05-05-15, 11:28 AM  
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I notice a substantial difference when I switch to different forms of exercise. When I started doing more plyo, my legs started looking fantastic! Also, when I did more pushups, my arms were more defined. I guess I need more bodyweight type exercises than I thought.

I am another that does not build muscle easily. I wish . It seems that no matter where you turn, women are afraid to bulk but I could REALLY use some bulk and definition
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Old 05-05-15, 12:23 PM  
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I'm also curious about what you mean by looking the same.

I agree that genetics limit major changes, even as muscles can alter your shape. For example, I will literally never have long, willowy legs- even my leg bones are thick, & objectively my inseam in shorter than average for a female. But when I stopped lifting heavier weights & doing extreme workout, opting instead for TA & floor- type work, I did alter my silhouette, with my legs appearing longer without disproportionately bigger muscles ( for me, quads), & my waist appearing smaller without as much underlying muscle. My true skeletal frame is more apparent, instead of the muscles that I develop easily ( for me, quads). But if I measure my legs, of course they are the same length, though they give the illusion of being longer.

I've experimented by adding weights & increasing exercises to work the areas that I want to get bigger ( for me, the bum). I limit weights that work the quads, just the bum and hamstrings for me. For abs, I focus on straight-on upward abs, instead of the obliques on the side, as I prefer the look if a cinched waist. I work the pecs to keep the girls perky. So in brief, I only add weights or use more repetition to the areas I want bigger. This works for me right now because I have a good amount of natural muscle, & I'm working with my natural body shape type ( hourglass).

Just curious, what are your aesthetic goals?

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Old 05-05-15, 01:57 PM  
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I was thinking this same thing about myself recently. I switch things up, but not drastically. I basically stick to high rep/low weight/bodyweight stuff like barre, TA, tonique, and 10-15 min hiit sessions and moderate walking. My weight stays within 3-4 lb range. Overall I'm consistent with the general exercise genre and frequency. Also, my bodyfat is in the low 20s but I think I would have to drop into the teens to see more definition.

The older I get, the harder it is to make a noticeable change to my figure- it goes either way- if I stop working out completely, it would take a couple months to really notice negative changes, and if I increase intensity or totally change up the program, I would expect to notice in a few months.

These days, I'm working on finding the diet that compliments my exercise and helps me with my energy level.
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Old 05-05-15, 02:09 PM  
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I agree, through the years I don't feel like I see much change to my looks/body shape. When I first started working out I slimmed down considerably but then I think my body got used to the activity. As I get older I think it is harder to see changes and notice more of a tummy/love handles emerging.

I have never had an experience where I saw dramatic results, even after doing a P90X rotation or STS - the aesthetics were minimal although I'm sure I was physically stronger.

I'm not one to have drastic dietary constraints, so I am sure that is part of the equation.
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Old 05-05-15, 03:45 PM  
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Originally Posted by daisyduke View Post
I switch up my workouts after a few weeks. It doesn't matter what I seem to do my body still looks pretty similar. Heavy weights did make me a bit bigger but other than that it doesn't seem to matter if I do yoga and walk, firms, insanity, p90x, tracy anderson... I always look very similar.

My diet always remains the same. . I follow ww. I guess this is why? I refuse to eat egg whites and chicken for every meal.

is it similar for you?

Thanks in advance for chiming in.
I look very different if I do different rotations. I think one thing that makes a difference is sticking to a particular program and not switching out after a few weeks. Have you done a particular rotation for 2-3 months before moving to something very different? You might notice more varied results. I do think if you switch around a lot, you do stay the same - it's not necessarily a bad thing.

I can't lift super heavy or I look like a line backer.

I really slim down and drop weight if I do TA's more basic workouts, but I did her exclusively for 6 months and while I looked amazing, I think if I had to do her for six months now, I'd go running screaming into the hills.

I am doing a more cardio with circuits a couple of times a week right now and it's working well. I was doing a modified version to Cathe's April rotation with kickboxing and weights and I really did enjoy that and was seeing good results, then I broke my toe, and had to move to no impact, so I'm doing Studio Sweat On Demand. Haven't been doing it long enough to know how my body will react.
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Old 05-05-15, 03:54 PM  
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I don't think a few weeks is enough for changes. I think most people are going to be confined to what is possible for their body type and body fat levels are one of the biggest factors in how one looks. Of course the appearance of the arms would change if someone went from not working the arms much to consistently working them in a particular way. Or from doing just endurance to heavy lifting consistently over time. It likely takes more than a few weeks though. I have seen differences when I did rotations that were at least 3 months long--but even then it is a subtle difference.
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Old 05-05-15, 04:45 PM  
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I agree! My physique and shape do not change that much, depending on the workout that I'm doing.

I did Cathe for about 2-3 years, then moved to barre and did Ballet Body for 1.5 years, and have now been doing Tonique for about 1.5 years. My body, which is very lean and toned (but not "ripped"), has not changed all that much across these different methods. I have stayed lean and toned with ample muscle definition everywhere using all three of these methods, despite how different these methods are. My biceps might have been SLIGHTLY more defined when I was doing Cathe, but noticeable to no one but me. My butt is maybe slightly more rounded since doing Tonique, but, again, noticeable to no one but me. My legs and arms are toned to the same degree for my genetics/body type/etc., regardless of whether I am doing heavy weights, barre, or endurance-type workouts.

I will note, though, that my body and mind much prefer barre and Tonique to heavy weights. I'm much more flexible and less sore now that I don't do Cathe/heavy weights.

Oh, I also wanted to add that if you are already lean, athletic, and trim that "results" are not going to be as prominent as for someone who has weight to lose and/or is not athletic at all. I used to dance as a child/teenager, so even when I started working out, I was starting from a baseline of muscle/athleticism. Maybe it's the same for you.
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Old 05-05-15, 05:08 PM  
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Just to clarify.... I do whole rotations. I did the whole 60 day insanity rotation. A whole p90x rotation TWICE. A while cathe sts rotation. All of ta meta omni... through level 9. A whole slim series rotation more times than I can count. Body beast all 90 days. Plus many more.

As far as what I mean... I look the same. Short muscular. Not much leaner or longer or toned regardless of what rotation I dom
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Old 05-05-15, 05:17 PM  
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When i WA younger and COULD lose weight, I only became an exact replica only smaller version. I have trouble building muscle in my upper body and slimming my lower body and ABS.
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Old 05-05-15, 05:48 PM  
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I've been working out with videos for decades. I've only been doing rotations for about three years. I didn't notice any aesthetic changes in my body with any of the rotations (Deltafit, D2S, STS, RKS). The only rotation that ever got comments on my 'looks' was 7 Day Lean. Three people at work told me I looked 'slimmer'. And no one had ever commented before. I'm just sad that I can't motivate myself to do the rotation again.

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