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Old 05-26-14, 12:47 AM
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Hey Missaulnier....The Callanetics Evo principle is to do the hold while doing the exercise, then right after doing a stretch exercise to release the target muscle (and the PF should release during that stretch period.) However, you might should go see someone who specializes in the PF and have them go over what you need, especially since it is getting worse. Did your OB-Gyn not refer you to PT? is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 05-26-14, 02:11 AM  
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The OB said my case was fairly mild and expected for someone my age w/2 pregnancies. She said my options were to 1. do nothing/continue exercising my pelvic floor and hope it improves 2. get a pessary 3. get surgery. Most MDs I've talked to offer very little in the way of resources outside of drugs and surgery. I am not incontinent to the point of requiring a referral to a urology specialist within my HMO. I'd probably have better luck seeking an independent practitioner who specializes in pelvic floor stuff.
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Old 05-26-14, 02:34 AM
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So sorry you're not getting more medical support you need. But should be able to find someone who can help in your area.

I meant to say in my post above that you might want to hold off on Callanetics Evo until you get checked out. What I described is the way its *supposed* to work but it doesn't always work that way (like with me for the past year.)

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Old 05-27-14, 07:59 PM  
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I'm not familiar with Callanetics so this might be something already in there, but the reading and research I did after my son was that squats are actually much better for the pelvic floor than kegels. Not just regular squats, but the deep ones. I think it was first mentioned by Katy Bowman? You could probably read more just by googling that and decide for yourself. I have been incorporating deep squats and find it has helped.
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