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Old 11-18-19, 12:52 PM  
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I love the discussion here! So many good thoughts.
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Old 11-18-19, 12:57 PM  
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I love this information. All I want to add is that having a dvd to watch helps me do a work out. And at different times I want a different work out. Some people don't need that. Left on my own, I won't do any thing. But, at my age, there's really nothing new under the sun as far as workouts. I've seen it all before. And yes, it is an Industry to make money.
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Old 11-18-19, 02:31 PM  
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I think the fitness industry as a business is geared toward people that want change. Either they want to lose weight, gain muscle, be more flexible, etc.

Programs that focus on maintenance aren't as common as the "transform your body in 90 days" type of stuff. Which makes sense as a majority of the population doesn't exercise at all and are wanting to change their bodies in some way. That's the biggest target market.

I do believe that people of all ages and genders should be doing some form of strength training and some cardiovascular exercise. There should also be some component of flexibility/mobility training in there. If the weight training is enough to put adequate stress on the bones then you can avoid things like osteopenia and osteoporosis.

I have people of different ages, fitness levels and physique goals in my classes and I give different options for intensity and impact. But I always tell them to make sure they're challenging themselves with strength training. I think it's key to maintain function, strength and mobility and longevity.

Just my 2 cents
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Old 11-18-19, 02:54 PM  
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Thumbs up Great discussion

Originally Posted by tytbody View Post
I have come to the belief that fitness done regulary is the key, consistency. you only need to do 15 minutes of KB so why not other exercises.

I believe ˝ hour is more than enough 3 x a week....
Definitely agree with you Cheryl that consistency is the key. But what if I don't like kettlebell...that 15 min feels like an eternity.

Also, what if I'd rather spend more than 15 minutes exercising instead of some other activity? Most days for my inner peace I need more than 15. I love the fact I can workout with an instructor giving me what I need for 45 min or an hour, etc.

Then there are the days I only want 20 min etc. The exercise length for me is more than about results.
Also, I have to heavily modify for my back so a longer workout period works well for me at times.

Originally Posted by prettyinpink View Post
(But how many people are -regularly- doing any physical work anymore?)

.... But in daily life, hauling heavier things has become less frequent for me. If it was more of a regular occurrence, I probably wouldn’t need weights in my exercise program for the equivalent strength.
So for me, I used to haul around heavy bags of salt for the pool, carry my DC while doing housework, their crap while running to activities, and other upper heavy body work. So most of my workouts were leg based.

Now that daily life has finished and I have to find ways to replicate that because I intermittently want to be able to dig holes for trees, haul kitty litter and bags of dirt or move furniture.

I have found various methods of strength training that have helped me maintain that safely without injuring my back.

So maybe you and Jackie B are agreeing as I stand back and review your comments. At least as it plays out in my life to not be dedicated to one or the other because of long term functional fitness goals.

Originally Posted by primrosecat View Post
I love this information. All I want to add is that having a dvd to watch helps me do a work out. And at different times I want a different work out. Some people don't need that. Left on my own, I won't do any thing. But, at my age, there's really nothing new under the sun as far as workouts. I've seen it all before. And yes, it is an Industry to make money.
^^^^ So I keep doing different workouts and will keep looking for different workouts.

I understand being frustrated with the industry as it tries to convince me of the necessity of the next onslaught of workout methods. But I gotta say sometimes it takes something different to entice someone to get started.

I also have no problem with someone making a living off of keeping me active. There ARE other occupations that tick me off on how they earn a living...but being a fitness professional? That's pretty innocuous in the grand scheme of taking my money.
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Old 11-18-19, 03:30 PM  
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The fitness industry is a business. Like any other business, it needs to make money to survive. Also like any other business, it adapts and changes to continue to be "relevant" and therefore viable as a business. Marketing is a big part of that. I've learned to try to distill the messages and methods to arrive at the core of what is true and works for me beyond the hype of the "latest and greatest."

I enjoy the movement and challenging my body, for aesthetic reasons as well as reasons of health. I want to continue to be able to lift and move relatively heavy objects to remain fit and not be dependent on someone else to do these things for me. My body builds muscle pretty easily, and so far I've been able to handle things on my own. It's been important in the last several weeks since my DH had a bad side effect from a medical test that has left him temporarily unable to do a whole lot other than sit.

I can't see myself giving up weights as this method has allowed me to maintain strength. I agree with prettyinpink in that I can't see that only bodyweight training would be enough to do that for me. Maybe when I was in my forties but I'm now 63 and time is not on my side in terms of muscle atrophy.

I agree with JackieB in that fitness also comes from what one does in the kitchen. I do try to find balance and eat as healthily as I can, but I also want to iive and enjoy however much time I have left. In other words, I won't give up my Reese's peanut butter cups or M&Ms because they aren't "clean."
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