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Old 02-28-03, 07:59 AM  
Laura S.
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On my current kick, I've lost about 17 pounds. But, before that, I lost another 15-16 pounds, so together, it's 25 pounds or more.

The tapes that REALLY helped at the beginning were Kathy Smith's Step tape and Gilads Step Aerobics on Waikiki Beach and Not So Tough Aerobics (this one probably the most of any of them) and, last but not least, strength training. I started with the Firm Basics tape with Tracie Long.

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Old 02-28-03, 08:19 AM  
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Lightbulb Susan Powter Susan Powter Susan Powter


I lost a good amount of weight (i.e. 40 pounds) using the 45 minute Lean Strong and Healthy step video before knowing about VF and the world of other fitness video's and with out adhering to a ridiculous diet. This video is deceptively harder then it appears because you are encouraged to do it with proper form and resistance at a slower pace then most step videos so that you can engage various muscles. I was put off from it at first because I thought it would be too easy, but I was wrong. Susan is chatty in a coachful way, but I didn't find it distracting because of the intensity of the workout.

Best of Luck,
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Old 02-28-03, 08:27 PM  
Big Bones
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The FIRM Basics, and gradually the tougher ones. Adding weights to my workouts.
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Old 02-28-03, 08:59 PM  
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I can't say that one tape gave me the best results but I'd say that the Pure Strength series along with Intense Moves were really crucial to my 30 pound weight loss. I'd started working out about three months before I began counting calories. I didn't lose any weight but I'd gotten past that beginner level. I'd started with the Firm Body Sculpting System and Charlene Prickett's Low Impact High Intensity. I'd have to say that most of my weight loss is due to diet but I'd give IM and PS the credit for moving me from a low intermediate to a high intermediate/low advanced level. I think they played a big part in getting me to a point where my metabolism was higher so I could eat more and maintain my current weight.
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Old 02-28-03, 09:44 PM  
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Cathe's CTX

I lot 10% body fat - does that count? I went from 25 to 15%. I think I owe it all to Cathe's CTX - I would do at least one of the cardio sections every day - even on days when I did an hour full-body weights, I would tack on one of the CTX 30-min cardios to get that little fat burning in. I think it worked & continues to. Those CTX workouts have been my faves since they came out.
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Old 03-02-03, 05:16 AM  
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Location: Gardner, MA

Consistency is absolutely essential but below is my list:

The Firm Cardio
The Firm Strength
Denise Austin Power Kickboxing
Denise Austin Tone, Tighten Hit the Spot (DVD)
Kathy Smith's Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning
Kathy Smith's Personal Trainer (DVD) Sculpting Section
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Old 03-02-03, 10:34 AM  
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Tae Bo the Orginal series-Basic and Denise Austin's Hit the Spot- Abs(the WHOLE tape) we did all 7 days a week on holiday with my mum. got her doing them also in 2 weeks, we both lost 6lbs!
When I got bach home, it was Treadmill on a constant basis. with a few videos thrown in the mix. but i gotta say it was the Tread & Tae Bo that were the biggest factors that jumpstarted my weight loss.

hope this helps

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Old 03-02-03, 10:39 AM  
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I've lost just over 100, but I can't name any specific video that did it for me. Tje first year, I did a lot of walking, then running, lifting on the multigym, Yoga. The second year, I found VF and got into the FIRM a year ago, then added Cathe since summer. I credit strength training with helping me maintain my loss. I was at my strongest when I was doing S&H on a regular basis.

My motivator: a very large collection and an emphasis on cross-training.
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Old 03-02-03, 02:36 PM  
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not so much any particular video

as it was consistency, and doing the videos one loves is the easiest way to exercise consistently! So, keeping that in mind, some thoughts on videos that have made a real difference in my weight loss efforts (50 pounds and counting):

Kathy Kaehler's A New Dimension and KV's Your Personal Best both helped me transition from beginner workouts. The celebrities' contributions to the workout aren't so great, but the workouts themselves are solid circuit training, alternating strength and cardio segments. Both tapes helped me move beyond just moving at all (a la Richard Simmons or Leslie Sansone , who are both great people with whom to start out!) These two workouts helped me move into doing both weight training and cardio...

KV's Energy Sprint helped build my cardio endurance, so I could exercise for longer periods. I started out doing this tape on the floor, without a step.

Kari's United Steps taught me step, basically. I was lost with step choreo before I found this tape, and thanks to US, I was able to move on to Cathe. Kari is a fantastic teacher, has a natural talent for it, IMHO!

That said, I really like floor better than step, so any of Kari's Great Moves series or Christi's SJ or THC are great for people learning complex hi/lo choreo. Both Kari and Christi are great teachers, and if you hang in with them, you'll eventually be dancing in your living room. With them, exercise doesn't feel like a chore, but is just FUN! (Yeah! Endorphins!)

Cathe's MIS taught me good form for weight lifting, though I've had to modify a few of her holds to better suit my shoulders. It can be done with just dumbells, but you'll obviously have to modify without a step or a barbell. Solid strength building here!

Firm Super Body Sculpt is fantastic for strength days when you're time crunched. It's so well paced and scripted that I don't have to pause with the remote like I do most Firms.

KV's Pilates (Body Reform) series , especially the Abs and Back tape are great for "light" days when you're just not up to cardio or strength, but want to do something, anything, to stay in the groove.

That said, the Yoga Zone Beginner's series (especially Conditioning and Stress Release ) has helped me enormously when I felt overwhelmed and wanted to revert to overeating as a coping mechanism. I'd recommend these tapes or Crunch Candlelight Yoga to anyone looking to round out their weekly rotation. Relaxation is an important part of weight loss, too!
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Old 03-12-05, 06:19 AM  
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Tae Bo Cardio, Cardio Circuit 1 and 2 did it for me!!!!
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