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Old 05-01-21, 05:30 PM  
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Best thread ever! Love reading these posts!!!
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Erica H.
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Originally Posted by Leonana View Post
I can relate, I couldn't afford therapy either. And perhaps there are similar workbooks for eating disorders, I haven't searched for that. But my workbook was The Anxiety & Worry Workbook by David A. Clark and Aaron T. Beck.

TBH, I didn't do all the worksheets. There are a lot! Most of the time, I did each worksheet once. It's also hard to copy them out of the book. I did a google search for the worksheets, and did find images. Perhaps they can be printed.
Thank you! I just ordered the book from the library!

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Originally Posted by Gemini2874 View Post
Best thread ever! Love reading these posts!!!
I so agree! So much wisdom here, I absolutely love it!
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Originally Posted by Erica H. View Post
Thank you! I just ordered the book from the library!

You’re welcome! I hope it helps.
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Old 05-04-21, 11:17 AM  
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Thanks for this thread! I consider it one of the most encouraging VF threads for a while.

The clip in question is the one video currently on the front page of . Around 2:55, near the end, she says something like this, as I transcribe it:

One of the biggest mindset shifts we'll be focusing on during this program is away from the calorie burn of the workouts but rather on the contribution you are making to your body. It's not about what you're taking away from your body but what you're giving to it, and this applies to all aspects of our lives. What you feed yourself physically and mentally is so important.
I'm also wondering how this sort of "mindset shift" manifests in this program. Although I haven't been interested in buying the program for simple practical reasons (and hadn't viewed the video before reading this thread), I'm now even more interested in seeing what messages she'll be giving in this and future programs.

The program guide (PDF, free) actually begins with more open discussion of this idea. The discussion here doesn't fully match my preferences, but it's still remarkably different from what I would've expected years ago. (Even the name of the program is a kind of example of what I'm thinking. Years ago, I would've expected the "shift" to refer to "shifting fat" away from the body, "shifting" the proportional sizes of different body parts, or whatever.)

I find the idea and its companion ideas intriguing: they remind me of a variety of other developments in what and how people elsewhere are thinking (maybe Jessica has been influenced by some of the same people). If I could spend all day writing VF posts, I could even start multiple threads in different directions.

One direction in particular is that mainstream fitness-flavored products tend to concern "what you're taking away from your body"--not just "calorie burn" but also a whole complex of messages about deprivation, restriction, finding alleged faults with most of our bodies (such that we supposedly need to take those things away), "tearing down" instead of "building up" (in multiple senses), and the ideal of what I'll call a "minimized" body (especially for women). I find such messages utterly demotivating--not in any sense that I'd stop exercising but in a sense that I'm not motivated to use products that use those messages. I like exercise, but it really needs to find new publicists.
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body acceptance, jessica smith, lift and shift, mindset, results

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