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Old 04-04-21, 10:27 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Between the men’s game last night and the women’s championship game just now—This has been some awesome basketball!

Most definitely!! Woot!!
Linda-- Owning my wiggle!! Thanks, Misty Tripoli!!

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Old 04-05-21, 01:06 PM  
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Sorry to be MIA, Watulans!! Work and life have been kicking my bum lately. So let's see, what workouts have I been up to since I last posted...I've revisited some old faves along with new including Cathe STS Total Body, High Step Training, Michelle's Cardio Interval Burn, and Bob Harper's Pure Burn Super Strength (UG), plus lots and lots of Travis and Inner Dimension yoga! I'm SO JEALOUS of Kim's new yoga mat and ChelePA getting a new Cathe round mat. I need a new mat badly but it's not going to happen right now.

Two weekends ago, we had a horrific wind storm that literally sounded like a freight train. The next morning, it became quickly apparent the new roof we were hoping to hold off on for another year or three wasn't going to wait unless we wanted to invite potential disaster with the next bad rain or snow storm. Not. What. I. Need. Right. Now. But the peace of mind it will bring will be worth it, I suppose. That's going to happen next week. Greeeeaaaat.

Bee, I too keep looking for more/better descriptions of the ID classes but am not finding them yet.

Garrie, SO GOOD to hear from you, and exciting times for you with the SO and construction projects! Keep us posted on that. Very jealous of your potential home gym. You and Horusosiris will have to have us all over to work out with you!

Nathalie, lock down AGAIN? UG....hugs to you! Glad you Rabbit, Rabbited because I forgot totally!!

Kim, I've come to realize while I like Lauren, sometimes she talks to much for my liking which keeps me in my head and Travis is kind of more chill and has a lot of space in his instruction which keeps me in my body. There. I said it. You're not alone!

FN2 and Bee, glad your husbands are doing better and you as well!!

Manleym, I loved that Bend Don't Break practice too and YES that arm balance was HARD. I couldn't believe Travis could talk through that! I tried to do his YouTube live streamed practice from a few weeks ago (Twist and Stretch, I think?) but the stream was so choppy, it was really distracting to me and I couldn't get through it and had to switch to something else.

Horusosiris, I too was kind of missing Cathe Live and the talk isn't helping!!

KateTT, I just realized from the talk here, the flowers I thought were yellow tulips on the side of our house are actually daffodils. Huh!!! We do have red tulips too though. I would love to grow some beans and other veggies!! Dang! Did you do Discipline? That's a good one. Oh, wait, they're all good.

FOLV, hugs to you!!! Thanks for your PM

Okay, hope I didn't miss anyone and my apologies if I did, I'm a tad distracted these days. Hugs to all, and back to the grind! Stay fierce my lovely friends!
Another proud member of the Watula fan club!

Also apparently Fiercely NUTS?!!

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Old 04-05-21, 05:50 PM  
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Originally Posted by ChelePA View Post
Between the men’s game last night and the women’s championship game just now—This has been some awesome basketball!
Originally Posted by fanofladyvols View Post
Most definitely!! Woot!!
Ready for an awesome game tonight! Can't BELIEVE the Gonzaga/UCLA game! Did ya'll see Suggs!

Pulling for Baylor, but Gonzaga's Drew Timme is from our city, so I hope he has another great game tonight. Can't wait!
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Old 04-06-21, 09:03 AM  
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Really enjoying the Heather Rotation. Started week 2. It’s a nice variety with no dread factor. I really like the pace of the weight work too. I lift around the same or 2-5 pounds heavier for some of the exercises. I also like how she adds in a cardio move at the end of a circuit. The reviews prior to doing each routine are so helpful. I add in shorter cycling workouts to mix things up.

How are the husbands doing? Not sure if I missed an update.

I was hoping for a more exciting basketball game last night. Excellent tournaments for both men and women.

Garrie...we sound like we enjoy the same cycling instructors. I am not a fan of too much chatter. Cody was my first ride. Great music but lots of talking. I love that there is so much variety...with music, types of classes, length, etc.

Does anyone remember the Calgon take me away commercial? I am sure you are sick of my Winston was whimpering Thursday night. My husband checks on him and says he wet the bed. I am like Really? That hasn't happened in ages. Next thing I know he gets the hair dryer out to dry him off. It's 2 am. I'm half asleep but realize something seems off. I roll out of bed. Winston guzzles down water like I have never seen him. I'm thinking boy he was thirsty that's why he was crying. Ten minutes later, he vomits everywhere. I'm still not overly concerned. Thinking he just drank too fast. Long story short, he keeps wanting to guzzle down water but then vomiting each time. My first instinct was does he have diabetes? I monitor him through the night and realize he looks quite sick. The vet wants to know if he has swallowed anything...jerky, toy, rocks, bones, etc? Does an x-ray and says looks like something is in his stomach. She couldn't tell for sure what it could be. I'm like that doesn't seem possible but maybe we missed it. Long story short, we have 2 options...bring him home and monitor and if we need to go to the Vet ER, none locally are open. We would need to travel 90 minutes if the vomiting continues. I decide to bring him home. My husband and I both think maybe constipation is also upsetting his don't need the details on that one. He was ok through Friday night so I gave him pumpkin with his wet food. He has finally started going the bathroom regularly. I spoke with the vet's assistant yesterday asking if this could even possibly cause him to be that sick. Waiting to hear her thoughts. It's strange because nothing has changed with his diet, treats, etc. On top of this, I wear a retainer at night and when I took it out to get ready for the front tooth was chipped. Who knows how that even happened!!!!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter for those who celebrate. We were going to visit family and play corn hole outdoors but stayed home to monitor Winston. Fingers crossed he continues to be ok this week.
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Old 04-06-21, 11:26 AM  
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ChelePAoy, I agree with you about the Calgon take me away commercial! Poor little Winston. I'm sorry you've had to go through so much with him. And a chipped tooth out of nowhere?!

I hope better days are ahead.
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Old 04-06-21, 12:44 PM  
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Hi all!!! Time is flying! Where did March go?

Linda: I love Body Beast! Some don't care for Sagi, and there are a bunch of heavily muscled men in it, but I love it. The muscles and the workouts.
Turkish getups are a great challenge!

bee: I hope both you and hubby can get some rest! Yes I bet its just all the stress.

Nathalie: And to that I answer "squirrel!"

horusosiris: fun on the baseball game!! I hope it's not too early to open things but really glad they are!

Garrie: Butts & Guts is one of my all time favs. Now I think I'll just have to add that into my rotation this month. Well done on Beast!

manleym: Egad I really want to start Cathe Live again. But I really have to wait. $$$
I'm working through some of the Detox 30 but I've also found a few other great practices that I'm doing on ID. Good stuff!

Kim: Oooh more good ID practices. I'm making notes of all the Yoga you guys are doing! He has a Spring ayurveda class I might try today. Thanks for the tip on the Detox 30 class descriptions. That bugged me too.

Nathalie: I hope you will be able to get your shots soon. But there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!

Kittybug: Yes I did Discipline and it was very good!! I like Travis much more than Lauren but she's ok too.

ChelePA: Egad..hang in there girl!! When it rains it pours.

So backtracking..
Friday I did Cathe LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper + Lower. Putting both together is really excellent.
Yoga: YW365 Mountain Warrior. I love this one for a quick but great standing flow. All standing, no chatturangas or on the ground at all.

Mon: Michelle Dozois One on One Be Stronger Upper Body + Lower. Again two good strength workouts that work great back to back. Faster pace and slightly lighter weights.
Yoga: ID Detox 30 Messy Middle with Lauren. I liked this one better than I thought. Sounded like a core practice but not. It refers to when you get 'stuck in the middle' of something. More of a flow class but not too fast and not the usual flow poses.

Today was Michelle D and Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn. LOVE her cardio!! The ascent, climb, peak...great format and energy.

So this month will be a little Cathe, a little Michelle and some Group Rx Boot workouts.

I'm excited..I get my 2nd vaccine tomorrow afternoon. Hoping there will be no reaction as I have my workout plans you know.
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Old 04-06-21, 04:16 PM  
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Hi Watulans!

I've also been MIA just crazy busy. I never realized how time consuming it would be to not only drive DH to his various appointments, but also to take over his share of the marital division of labor! Plus I've been volunteering at the FEMA vaccination site more than planned since they need the help. We have several large locations open in the area as they have opened up eligibility, so the locations are all now competing for volunteers! I was an outside greeter last time, it was windy and in the 40s but was dressed properly so it wasn't a big deal. Everyone was nice and people were happy to get vaccinated and I'm glad I am able to do my part. I was hesitant until I was fully vaccinated but at the site many people were not due to not yet being eligible. So I expect I will be doing this quite a bit over the next 6 weeks.

DH is a little better. He removed the shin guard that was killing his ankle and that helped a lot. Not sure he was supposed to do that, but he's also walking around more than I think he should be but I can't stop him. He has a followup appointment at the doctor on Thursday so hopefully she will tell him he is healing properly. Still not sure how long he will be in the cast, and he is bored but it could have been so much worse.

Our oldest boy Tank has been sneezing and has had a bloody nose periodically and when they x-rayed his head for the dental treatment they saw a growth in the sinus cavity. Apparently it isn't something that can be treated, and our vet ---whose opinion we trust over years of his care for our guys---said they could do a biopsy to determine exactly what it is but since there really isn't a treatment for whatever it is it would be expensive for no real purpose. So we are worried and sad and hope to get more information at his follow up appointment tomorrow. He is acting normally for the most part except for the sneezing, and we don't know how long the growth may have been there since he hasn't been x-rayed before so we are just taking it day by day as best we can until we get more information. He turns 15 in May.

Throughout this, I've still been working out! I haven't done Hero 2 yet, as yesterday I started it then looked at it and said "nope." Instead I did Cathe Live #40 Bootcamp with Step. I hadn't done Cathe in a little bit, and when I did this it was like workout heaven for me. I just enjoy her style, her demeanor, and the workouts are tough.

I've been doing the Heather rotation and have done Days 1 through 4. I liked Day 1 and 2, and after 3 and 4 I am bailing as I realize she isn't really my cup of tea for a rotation. As someone mentioned, the cardio kickboxing didn't have much variety and since it was intended to be cardio the beat of the music should match the moves, at least IMHO. They didn't. I couldn't do the stretch she did on her knees sitting on her feet (I've never been able to do that---just not how my body works) and since she offered no alternative the stretch didn't work for me. And the voice. **sigh** Both the kickbox and tabata were too intermediate for me. So I figured it was an off day (after all, I'm not in love with every single workout that an instructor puts out) and did Day 4 the next day. I would have preferred max 2 times for repetition, not three, so that kind of put me off. And it was NOT HiiT. It was a circuit but not that intense. I guess it's a pet peeve of mine that every single instructor calls their workouts "extreme" or "killer" or "HiiT" as a marketing tool and they don't meet that description. This was a kettlebell circuit, and I would do it again only twice through the circuit and blot out the HiiT description in my head somehow. I ran out of time so I didn't do the other two "optional" workouts on that day. I will do more Heather workouts, but plan to take a break from her and do some other things.

Catching up on next post!!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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I'm baaaack!!

Garrie, glad you checked in! You have a lot going on for sure! Even thinking about a move fills me with dread, but we've settled in for a number of years in the same place and accumulated way too much "stuff." Yes, Butts and Guts never gets easier!!

Chele, good for you for following up with the vet on Winston's treatment. It does sound like something positive came out of your contact. I'm so sorry he's got another issue that's still unresolved! Poor little guy and poor you! And now a chipped tooth on top of everything else. I am glad to hear good news about your daughter and her healing process and I'm sure it made you feel better with all that's been going on.

Kate, just when we thought it was safe to plant, nope, the cold came back. One of our meteorologists is from Minnesota and said on the air that when he moved back briefly a few years back he planted way too early and lost everything. You can't plant until late May? Here we got back into the 40s again and now overnight it gets into the 50s. I had bought flowers and herbs to plant so I am schlepping them on to the sunny deck during the day and back in the garage every night until it's consistently warm enough to keep them outside. It's a pain but I don't want to lose them all.

bee, hope all is still going well with your husband and his recovery.

manley, I also prefer to put my working leg in front but I tend to do whatever the instructor is doing.

Kim, I have never heard of an orange and olive salad--interesting. I guess it makes sense since citrus pairs well with olives, but as I'm not a fan of olives so I don't think I'll be making this one.

Nathalie, I do the Perfect 30 extended stretch quite a bit. It's much better than the 3 minute deals that are the norm at the end of the workout (if there's anything at all).

horusosiris, okay I had a flashback when you mentioned Shea stadium. Aren't the Mets in Citi Field now? I went to Shea years ago to see the Mets play my beloved Pirates. It was fun, particularly since my team won. Some guy sitting behind me in the stands gave me a Mr. Met doll! I also worked with a girl whose dad was a huge Mets fan and named her "Shea" after the stadium although it was pronounced "shee ah." I'm not sure how I would feel about being named after a baseball stadium, but there you have it.

FN1, sounds like you've been busy busy like several of us! At least we are checking in when we can. I'm going to try to step it up a bit so I don't forget the comments I want to make when I read the posts! I have debated about the Cathe yoga mat but honestly I'm trying not to accumulate more things that add to what I already have in the house. I may cave eventually, but for now I am staying strong.

Waves to all---Moby out for now!
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Cataddict...I completely understand your husband’s frustration. I found the boot uncomfortable and it caused issues in other areas of my body. Hoping Thursday shows some quick healing. And same for your kitty. Glad he seems to be ok besides the sneezing. I’m sure that gives you some relief. Hard to watch them in distress. As for the Heather rotation, I knew the cardio was going to be less intense since 2L4G only does higher impact on her rebounder these days. She always lifts much heavier than I do for most routines. But choosing the right weight is definitely challenging me and getting my heart rate up. This rotation has been a nice change of pace. Last month, Anna rarely used weights, which I prefer. Haha. Her routines, however, were all very similar so I’m liking the variety. I agree with you that I don’t like repetition. Two sets would have been enough for me in that workout. I will fast forward in the future. I usually add a cycling class, anywhere from 10-30 minutes, to get more intense cardio but still no impact. Everyone uses the HIIT label these days especially on YouTube. I’ve learned to ignore it. It is annoying when trying to pick a workout based on its title.

I’m thinking after this Heather rotation of doing Cathe’s April Updated Rock Bottoms. Looks really good and I am missing her.
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Originally Posted by Mickey12 View Post
ChelePAoy, I agree with you about the Calgon take me away commercial! Poor little Winston. I'm sorry you've had to go through so much with him. And a chipped tooth out of nowhere?!

I hope better days are ahead.
Thanks Kim. Tooth fixed. Hoping it holds
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watulan check-in

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