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Old 03-30-21, 07:08 PM  
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Manley I prefer my working leg to be in front of my other leg. It feels more comfortable to me and a little easier. Because it feels easier, I always wondered if it was, in fact, easier than having the working leg in back.

I went for a walk at lunch today because it was sunny and pretty warm, but we're supposed to get snow later this week. I also did Ingrid Romero's Edge Booty upper body and plyo. Funny thing, there was no plyo moves in the workout. Odd. I'm not complaining though.

I think I'll check out Inner Dimensions now and do a 30 minute yoga workout.

Hope everyone has a great night!
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Old 03-30-21, 08:24 PM  
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So I decided to do a Two for Tuesday and finish out Anna’s March Challenge with her Full Body Killer HIIT. No equipment. No repeat. She chose her favorite moves from the past routines. This one definitely pushed me. Lots of burpee variations. And she finished with tuck jumps. Mine were getting lower and lower as the clock ticked down. Feeling accomplished!

Kim...the weather was beautiful. I spent lots of time outdoors with Winston before the rain returns.

Bee...wishing your husband a successful surgery. Keep us posted.

Cataddict...sorry to hear about the pain your husband is experiencing . Will he take any pain meds? I needed stronger ones for the first week and then Advil did the trick.

Manleym...thanks for the Kettlebell review. Looking forward to it. The kickboxing is one of the few I have already previously done too. Wasn’t my favorite either. . It was OK. I think she released a second one. I may try that routine. Or just do the optionals and a cycling workout. We’ll see.

I know Kat is planning on releasing a new advanced. Just not sure when. Did any of you try her two new express workouts?
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Old 03-31-21, 04:39 AM  
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Up early. Headed to NYC. Feeling energetic this morning so I decided to get my workout done. Week 1, Day 3 of the Heather Rotation. I remember seeing a post that Heather was stepping out of her comfort zone to try kickboxing routines. I think she only has 2 of them. They both use light hand weights to increase intensity. Simple kicks and jabs. I agree Manleym that there are other instructors better in this area. More intermediate level but does have a nice cardio effect. I actually only did one round as a warm-up then did the 10 minute low impact tabata, which was a great add on. I wanted to try a few of Caroline’s newer shorter releases. So I did the 15 minute wall sit challenge. I really liked this one! She does variations and adds a leg exercise between each one. My legs felt the burn. No rest in between. I finished with the 15 minute engaging abs and core workout using weights plus bodyweight. Excellent workout! Nice variety done at a slower pace to really feel it.
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Old 03-31-21, 08:45 AM  
Garrie A.
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Good morning from your MIA lone male Watulan! Just popping in to give a quick update on me.

First, earlier in the month my SO and I applied for a local apartment (available April 1). Unfortunately, two weeks later we saw that it was "sold." So we are back to square one. SO asked if I would be interested again in moving in with him. I am, but we will have to do some renovations on it before I do so (similarly to what my parents did to my deceased grandmother's home nearly five years ago). Currently we are saving up for those.

I'm still working at the bookstore and teaching fitness classes. Earlier in the week the governor announced that group fitness class size can be increased, but I don't know if we will be doing that or not. Also, we are supposed to hear back from the college sometime soon on possible reopening. (Don't know when yet.)

On my workout front, I've mostly done some Cathe and Firm for strength, mixed in with Peloton cycling for cardio (my new ). (I don't have the actual bike, just the Roku app and I use the Sunny bike I got last year.) This week I started a round of Body Beast (which I've wanted to try for a long time). I will be tweaking it so I can do at least one Peloton class per week and possibly do a second (lighter weight/higher rep or barre) lower body workout towards the end of the week. And fitting in more yoga and flexibility because I need it!

I'll continue to pop in whenever I can.

Waves all around!
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"Welcome the challenge; embrace it. Don't fear it."-Cathe

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Old 03-31-21, 07:57 PM  
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Hi Garrie, nice to hear from you. Super exciting about moving in with your SO. Good luck to you!

ChelePA was the NYC trip for your daughter's check up? I hope things are going well for her.

I decided to finally purchase a Jade yoga mat. I've looked longingly at them for forever and I purchased the limited edition saffron color. It came today. Yipee!! I LOVE the color and I love how grippy it is. OMG, it's great! It also doesn't migrate around my carpet as much as my other mats which is awesome. I did the Start Where You Are practice from Travis's Yoga Detox 30. I really liked it (I think my new saffron mat helped, haha). I found myself wishing for Travis to return to the instruction when it was Lauren's turn. I felt so calm and reassured when I heard his voice. I can't explain it properly, but I just trust his voice so much.

Hope everyone has a great night.
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Old 04-01-21, 08:46 AM  
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Kim...yes, it was a visit for my daughter. So far so good. Swelling mild around her nose and steri strips still in place to help with scarring above her lip. Breathing better these days. We have a return appointment in a few months as a follow-up. did your husband do with the surgery? Sending lots of healing vibes.

Cataddict...pain in better for your husband?

Garrie...I am loving the Peloton cycling classes. Do you have any favorite instructors?

Manleym...I usually cross my leg over when working inner thighs but I guess I am just following most instructors. I have tighter hips so it's a challenge for me. I prefer your method

I am continuing with the Heather Rotation. Day 4: Kettlebell HIIT Workout // Full Body HIIT Workout (36:30 minutes) + Optional 12 Minute HIIT // Upper Body Workout Using Kettlebells (13 minutes) + Quick Daily Stretching Routine (10:30 minutes)... For the Full Body, she used 15 pounds and for the upper body lifted 8 kg. I used basically the same weights, sometimes slightly heavier for upper body. She runs through a circuit in both then repeats it twice. I am not a fan of repetition but both moved quickly so time went by fast. I did a quick 10 minute recovery cycling class then followed up with the stretch. Simple and effective to end the workout.
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Old 04-01-21, 12:08 PM  
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Still having a fun week. Yesterday I did Cathe LITE PHA 2 Mix 2. That mix includes the bonus abs and stretch. I wanted to do this workout again as I've only done it once before. Cathe's PHA workouts are really a blast!

Yoga was ID Byron de Marse All Around Flow. Weee! I really like Byron's Yoga! He's one of my favs on

Today I did Michelle D's Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge Cardio Interval Burn Studio Version. Whew...long title...this was a download I bought a while back and for whatever reason, never got to it. Wow this was FUN!!!! The usual high energy Michelle but not killer impact and easy to modify if needed. I even caught on to her fairly simple choreography!

Probably more ID although Bryan Kest just uploaded some new stuff on his site too.

Linda: HA!! I just noticed you live in Modify City, State of Fierce! That's great!

bee: I've done a few of those Body Project least the free ones. They're a fun couple!

manleym: Hmmmm I wonder if I should actually do that as a job? I do love to garden.

Kim: So much good content on ID! Now not enough time in the day! I like Travis' voice too. Lauren's practices are ok too but Trav is my fav. Although I see lots of other instructors to try. Your Jade mat sounds fab!

ChelePA: I'll say "feeling accomplished"! Great workouts girl!

Garrie! Hi! Best of luck fixing up the house! If I worked at a bookstore I'd never have a paycheck left! LOVE to read!

Weeeeee!!! You go girls/guys! Love the can-do attitude here!
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Old 04-01-21, 06:41 PM  
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ChelePA that's a good report on your daughter..yay!

bee and cataddict keep us posted on your husband's!

Garrie Good to see you. And ooowee, Body Beast ...please share thoughts when you have time.

manleym I don't 'feel' the work in my inner thigh if my leg is in mine is bent behind the working leg.

kim sticking my fingers in my ears with your Jade mat love gushing because I want Cathe's round mat and I'm trying to be patient

Still swinging kettlebells, practicing my Turkish get ups and mobility. Lurving it

Sending hugs to lavna and horusosiris and kittybug and happy Friday wishes to anyone I might have missed!!
Linda-- Owning my wiggle!! Thanks, Misty Tripoli!!

Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

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Old 04-01-21, 10:13 PM  
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Hello Fierce Ones! Including Long Lost Garrie!! Yay!

Hubby is fine, though today has been a rough day. He seemed so great after the surgery, but I guess he was still on whatever they gave him at the hospital. When they finally called to check on him today, they did assure him that pain today is completely normal and today should be the worst. Honestly he hasn't slept much at all since he got home because yesterday he felt fine but last night and today it was too painful to sleep. Anyway, he should be much better tomorrow. I'm going to sleep in a different room tonight so that we don't bother each other. The dogs are very confused because they've been in with us a lot lately but we've kicked them out, too!

Inner thigh work..... I actually am ok doing it either day, but sometimes the way they bend the leg is something I cannot do. Ug, my wording. I am exhausted and hardly making sense...... I do try to do it in a way that I feel it more.

Oh Kim, that mat sounds wonderful! I'm going to look it up so I can be even more envious......

Garrie, congrats on the upcoming move and new stage with your SO. Even the most exciting move sometimes comes with its cousin "Stress", so I'll keep my fingers crossed for a smooth move and whatever construction needs to happen.

Yesterday before the surgery I did a Caroline kettlebell workout -- not the 45 minute one I wanted to because I was worried about time. Just a 30 minute one. I did a lot of mindless chores while I waited to hear that I could pick him up and I didn't eat much yesterday. Today I definitely made up for it -- nothing bad but I just kept eating!! This morning I was feeling pretty low energy so did a Body Project cardio for my warmup followed by Inhale yoga from youtube.

I see we never picked a Fun Friday workout. I think I need some Cathe, but I am too tired to think about it right now.
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Old 04-01-21, 10:40 PM  
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I lied. I did go look at what to do tomorrow. I think I'm going to do Cardio Slam. In case anyone is looking for inspiration......
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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watulan check-in

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