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Old 05-05-21, 10:30 AM  
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Hugs to you BOTH, ChelePA and PennyK!

I will definitely look for a way to do this today
Linda-- Owning my wiggle!! Thanks, Misty Tripoli!!

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Old 05-05-21, 11:00 AM  
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Hi All!

We survived the bad weather the other night. 5 tornadoes but 4 of them were south of us and we didn’t really get anything bad – heavy rain and high winds, but it’s been worse. The sirens didn’t go off at our house but they did at my friends and she was in the bathtub wearing her bike helmet! I’m sure she looked like a sight but I would have done the same! I’ve been too close and seen the destruction in person, so I’m always on high alert when storms are a brewin’.

Cataddict, HA on your visions of a tremendous crop of green beans! Keep us posted and I hope they are spectacular! Glad your DH is being diligent about doing his exercises using the band. Hopefully he’ll be progressing soon. I agree about Amazon being hard to know if the reviews are real or not. I think like everyone else has mentioned, I will order the dvds and bands from Cathe. How was Hair Max? I would love nice, curly hair but mine is straight as a board. Or used to me. As I’ve gotten older it has become more wavy and actually has a little body. One of those old lady moments of, “Oh, that’s new and wasn’t there/like that before.”

Kim I hope your trail goes as well as it can. I’ve never been selected as a juror so I don’t know what it’s like, but hope it’s over for you soon. And hope you can get all of your workouts in. I don’t like it when life interrupts my workout schedule.

Nathalie, sorry to hear your hairdresser has cancer. I’m in the same situation of needing to find someone too. I haven’t had mine cut in 7 months since I don't have a regular hairdresser. That is on my to-do list. Hope you find someone soon and that you like him/her.

ChelePA thank you so much for sharing that part of your story with us! I am in tears with your daughter’s response and am so touched by what your family does to remember your daughter. I can’t even begin to imagine what you went through. Your family is turning this tragedy and tremendous loss into something good, and using it for the better. I am grateful for this group and will look for a way to show a random act of kindness in her memory.

Monday I did Ripped With HiiT – HiiT Circuit Upper Body + 100 unweighted walking lunges total. I think I posted that earlier but just wanted to say again how much I LOVE this workout! Just seems perfect!

Yesterday I did Rev’d Up Rumble Scrambled #4, which had the Abs mixed in. I didn’t like the abs mixed in as well as I do with circuit type workouts. The abs were inserted between the combs and drills/blasts. So you’ve just finished a combo, go to the floor for abs, and back up for drill/blast. I know that sounds ok, like what’s wrong with that, but I just felt like the workout lost momentum since it was a kickbox workout. I thought it messed up the flow, if that makes sense. I would do the abs at the end of the workout instead of having them inserted within the workout, but that’s just me. Then I did 100 more unweighted walking lunges so I’ve done my 200 for the week! YAY! I finished them with a Youtube 10 Min Lower Body Stretch After Workout For Glutes & Quads SofaBar Fitness, which felt great after those lunges. I did not do weighted lunges because I want to keep good form, I know there are other tough workouts coming and I want to be able to workout the rest of this week. Might entertain the thought of adding weights next week or might not.

Waves to FOLV, Bee, Kittybug, KateTT, Horusosiris and anyone else!
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Old 05-05-21, 11:28 AM  
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Chele, I'm so sorry for your loss. You honor her in a very special way. I was very touched by your younger daughter's action--so sweet. {{HUGS}} to all of you.
How fierce will you be today? VFer KateTT

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Old 05-05-21, 01:04 PM  
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Hey All. I have had trouble posting -- no error -- my window just goes poof after I type a bunch. Quite annoying.

I'm loosely doing the rotation. I did LITE Total Metabolic Body Saturday or Sunday, some yoga, then Monday I did RWH Upper Body Circuit -- I don't think I've done that very often. I enjoyed it. I did the premix with abs interspersed. It was a lot of up and down that way. Yesterday I was back to yoga, I think, and then today I did X10 -- it is not my favorite, either! I did step, low impact, and cardio blast. I think that's the most I've ever done of that one! Followed by some beginner yoga with my son.

It's been a tough week. Our family friend and neighbor died unexpectedly Friday night. I think it was probably a heart attack because he went quickly according to his housemate. We have taken in the dog for now -- so four dogs here. His dog was a litter mate of our dog. The housemate thinks he wants to do a shared thing with us, but he has cancer and will be having some treatments in the next few weeks so it was all a bit much for him. So far the dog seems to fit in here pretty well though she goes after our chickens when they free range (the other dogs have been trained not to) and the cat does not like her.

I'm going to keep this brief to see if I can actually post. I haven't even read today's posts but I've been keeping up with your adventures best I can. Stay fierce!
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Old 05-05-21, 01:10 PM  
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Oh Chele, I obviously hadn't read your post. I will share that I am grateful for having known our neighbor. He was a very grumpy old man, but he was a good person, and so smart about engines and equipment. His dog that we've taken in somehow resembles him. I cannot look at her without thinking of Keith.

I like your random acts of kindness gesture. I am definitely going to work that into my day. Hugs to you.
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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Old 05-05-21, 05:55 PM  
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It's Wednesday, Watulans!

Yesterday I got a wild hair and decided to do Maximum Intensity Cardio. Wow, for something done over two decades ago, that was slave-driving nonstop grueling! I don't think I've ever done it in its entirety before, to be honest. I recall the high/low and parts of the step section but not all of it, so...? Hope Cathe heals fully and soon!

Today I did Travis' Purify practice from Detox 30. Oh. My. It started out so gentle and slow and ramped up to 'holy mother of bears' to where it had me whimpering before the end and cursing Travis! I don't know how he talked during that! But I loved it, of course.

Bee, I'm so sorry about your neighbor! Keep us posted on the pup.

Yikes, Manleym, glad you're safe. I grew up in tornado land and know all too well that feeling of doom and the sickly green sky, ug!

Nathalie and ChelePA, so hair gal had some physical issues back last fall and had to bow out temporarily from working. I got passed onto a different/new hair gal that I simply fell in LOVE with. Now the previous gal is back but I've stayed with the newer one...and thankfully, I see her on days the other doesn't work, so it hasn't been terribly awkward yet!

Kim, I have the dreaded jury duty next month, first time in this state, and I am NOT looking forward to it. Way too financially hard to be self-employed and deal with that too!

Waves to all....busy busy busy again and gotta run! Stay fierce!
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Old 05-06-21, 07:19 AM  
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Hellooooo Watulans! Quick post before I leave for jury duty. Yesterday I did Catheís Ripped with Hiit Low Impact Hiit workout one. Good stuff for 28 minutes. Not terribly brutal.

Today I chose X10, the X38 premix of low impact and step. I love the color of Catheís purple shoes. So fun! The workout was hard for me but I have to thank you guys for pushing me to do more Cathe workouts than I would if I didnít have your inspiration. I donít mind the sound alike lyric music. I actually like it a lot because the songs are fun and peppy and have a good beat. A lot of the time I canít understand the lyrics in songs anyway so I wouldnít know if they were singing the wrong words.

Have a great day everyone.
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Old 05-06-21, 10:27 AM  
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Yesterday I isolated the lunges and the BBW workouts. I have no desire to use them after another workout, lol. Tracie Long and Lauren warmed me up and then I used CS afterwards. I used kettlebells whenever possible and mobility. I did the lunges as tactical walking lunges by switching my Kettlebell between hands which kept it fun and breaking them up into groups of 50. It took alot of Demi lovato to get me motivated after the lunges but then I was powering through nicely. I went up five pounds in my deadlift weight which was super cool !

Put your gloves on and hit me with a high five, Watulans!!
Linda-- Owning my wiggle!! Thanks, Misty Tripoli!!

Don't just work hard, work smart....Pat Head Summitt

Never give up on your body!-- Miranda Esmonde-White

Word for 2021: Resilience
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Old 05-06-21, 11:29 AM  
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Hi you guys!! Oh dear I'm so sorry to hear about all the losses and bad news!!! Just about the time you think it's safe to go back into the water..........
HUGE HUGS to you all, losses or drama or not....I miss hugs.

So..I'll try to catch up with me then I'll go back and read more posts.

I have been doing P90X for the last two weeks. In order to be brief, here's what I've been doing this week:
Mon: I felt very sick to my stomach early Mon morning. I'll spare you the gory details, but it was enough that I didn't feel like working out. I did work though.
I also did some Udaya Yoga with Anna Orbison, Detox & Destress. I was looking for a detoxing practice since my tummy had some kind of bug in it. I felt much better by evening.

Tues: P90x Shoulders & Arms. As Tony says, the glamour muscles. And my favorite to work. As my usual, I went as heavy as I could and did 12-15 reps. These are fun. Not killer hard and even entertaining.
More Udaya Yoga and Jeff Beaudoin's Zyre Phat Habit. Got tough. Dr Jeff is one of my favs but his practices can also get pretty tough.

Wed: P90 Masters Plyo Legs. This is the oldest Tony workout I have (from the Masters Series) but it is fantastic! Totally bodyweight only but fries the legs anyway. And fun again. Tony is a hoot.
Yoga was from my Power Yoga Teacher Training. We have to learn and memorize what Bryan calls the Brahma Flow. So I also actually did the WHOLE !@#! 90 minutes of it!! Whew! Actually very basic but of course Bryan loves to cook the legs and butt.

Today I did both P90x Kenpo X + P90x CardioX. These are definitely not very hard even with weighted gloves and increasing the intensity. So that's why I did both. Still fun though.

I may just do P90X Stretch for my Yoga today. Still pondering.

I hope you all stay well. Sorry to be so MIA... I just have been swamped at work. Even working from home keeps me way busy.

Do your BEST and Forget the Rrrrest! Tony Horton

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Old 05-06-21, 12:11 PM  
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Hello Fierce Ones,
Sorry to hear a couple of you have jury duty! Kim, sounds like yours is federal grand jury? When I was in my 20's I was on a jury for ten weeks (two was deliberations) and I always thought that should excuse me for the rest of my life, but the courts think differently. Anyway, good luck -- it is definitely a life disruption that you just can't ignore.

I liked the purple shoes in X10, too! And it also slayed me! Linda, I liked your idea of breaking up the lunges, so I did attempt that yesterday. Also 50 at a time. The last group of 50 I only got to 30 or so and the dogs needed some attention and then I forgot all about them! (the lunges, that is!)

Today I did PHA 3 and then went for a walk with a friend. I never noticed the bonus abs on that disc. They look sort of interesting -- I might give them a go. Does anyone have a thumbs up or down for it?

Oh, I did my pre-order. I honestly went back and forth on it a bunch since I'm not much of a band fan, but I am intrigued and knew I would have huge FOMO. I sort of justified it as a mother's day present.

Seems like we may permanently have a fourth dog. Mostly not a problem until we have to evacuate for fire. Hopefully that won't happen but it's a very real possibility so we're not sure what to do about that.

Sorry to hear about the hairdresser's with health problems. I always had that in my mind for my hairdresser -- they have to be around so many chemicals all day long. Tough! I do love that feel of the just done hair!!

manleym, yikes, yes, I'm glad you're ok! Scary!

Hope everyone is well and having a nice day..... waves all around!!
I am @summitbee on instagram.
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watulan check-in

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