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Old 10-01-20, 03:16 PM  
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My first was definitely a Kathy Smith, either Power Step or Great Buns & Thighs Step.

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Old 10-01-20, 03:45 PM  
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I didn't try step until KCM's Cardio Blast... or maybe Gilad's step workouts came first for me. I can't remember.
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Old 10-01-20, 04:20 PM  
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I had two -- The Reebok Step one with Gin Miller (and then later the "Power Workout" [was that the title? Did it have a drummer [or am I just so old now that I'm wanting there to be one?]) and Cher's step workout with Keli Roberts (I think I could still recite the chit chat and tell you what songs were on it!). I rotated them for the better part of a year! I guess I had other things to occupy my interests in my early 20s....

We had a video store at mall near me so each time I went there I bought a new one when they started to produce more. And then came along the Collage catalog (but how did I even get a copy of that back then? I have absolutely no recollection!) and then that opened my eyes to Cathe and Kari Anderson. Then a gazillion more!
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Old 10-01-20, 04:35 PM  
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Originally Posted by Lori_Michigan View Post
And then came along the Collage catalog (but how did I even get a copy of that back then? I have absolutely no recollection!) and then that opened my eyes to Cathe and Kari Anderson. Then a gazillion more!
before i was fitness-market savvy, a co-worker gave me a bunch of her old Shape magazines, including a few Collage catalogs and The Firm advertisements. i think if you subscribed to Shape or any of their magazines, you got on the mailing list for Collage/The Firm.

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Old 10-01-20, 04:59 PM  
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Originally Posted by wendug View Post
i don't remember the title of the workout, but it was by Tamilee Webb. She alternated between step and abs/pushups. I think she was wearing a hat? Maybe one of the Buns of Steel workouts? Definitely from the 90s though.
Yesssss!!! Then the Buns of Steel Platinum series. Plus perhaps Gin Miller. And the Collage catalogue??? I used to study it like there was a test!! I have no idea how or why I got it either but Iím glad I did. Aahh the leg warmers....
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Old 10-01-20, 07:12 PM  
Erica H.
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My first step workouts were when I watched Caribbean Workout in 1996. I didn't have a step at the time, so I used the bottom step of the stairs in my house. Eventually, I bought a step and borrowed step workouts on VHS from the library - Cathe's Step Fit and Mega Step Blast!

ETA - it couldn't have been Step Fit from the library because it wasn't out yet. Maybe Step Max? I can't remember the titles!

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Old 10-01-20, 07:32 PM  
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Shortly after my 2nd DD was born (early 80’s) I joined aerobic studio in Boulder, CO called Jodi’s Sweat Shop and we did a lot of step workouts. Jodi would play records for us to work out to.

Am I remembering that incorrectly? Has step been around that long?
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Old 10-01-20, 09:01 PM  
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Mine was also Gin Miller's The Video from Step Reebok. I think it came with my purchase of the Step.

My roommate was an aerobic instructor and he got me into it, and then I started going to step classes at the gym. But I still loved Gin Miller because I knew all the moves.

Back when I was doing a lot of business travel and most hotels didn't have gyms, I used to take my Firm 10" high step apart, and pack it flat in my luggage with a screwdriver. I would put the high step together in my hotel room and do the routine. I had recorded the audio on my Walkman tape player, and I knew it so well that's all I needed.

I'm both proud of my dedication and embarassed at my nerdiness. But if anyone would understand, it's VFers.
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Old 10-01-20, 09:05 PM  
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Actual first step workout was at the gym in the early 80s. Complex routines were my favourite, designed by the instructor. Then the gym introduced Les Mills, which was nowhere near as much fun, just the music was better.

First home step workout was Cory Everson's Step In Time in 1998
My 'step' was the children's alphabet puzzle mats joined 3-in-a-row & stacked, then broad cotton tape wrapped around, catching on the puzzle knobs to hold it together. DH scoffed with "How long with this last?"

He bought me a Reebok step for Christmas 6 months later.
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Old 10-01-20, 09:18 PM  
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Cathe MIS in the 90's, and step is still my fav form of cardio!!!
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first workout, first workouts, step, step workouts

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